Brit Mila Pillow-Chair of Elijah

Designed in Israel
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Take your brit milah ceremony to the next level with this gorgeous Elijah the Prophet pillow:

  • Designed with satin in a beautiful diamond pattern, revealing a pillow-chair emblem for Elijah the Prophet.
  • Reads, “This is the chair of Elijah the Prophet and may he be remembered for good,” and “In a good sign this boy comes to us”.
  • Elegant and comfortable, this pillow will make a prime addition to your family’s celebration! 

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Size: 70 cm x 50 cm /  27.5" X 19.6"

A Brit Milah pillow is where the baby boy lays during the ceremony. This delightful pillow features an elegant diamond pattern with edges bordered with lace. The embroidered silver Hebrew text reads Siman Tov Ben Ba Lanu meaning "A good sign, a son has come to us," as well as a chair with the Hebrew text reading, "This is the chair of Elijah the prophet may he remembered for good." (It is believed Elijah is present at every Jewish boy's Bris.)

A beautiful piece for an incredibly memorable moment and a wonderful gift idea for parents of a newborn son or soon to be!

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