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Chilik Frank. Purim in Jerusalem (2011)

Chilik Frank. Purim in Jerusalem (2011)

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Brand: Israeli & Jewish Music

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$24.00 $17.99



Number of CD(s) in package: 1

The popular and talented young Hassidic clarinetist Chilik (Yechiel) Frank is joined here by a full band and chorus to give us all the "Jerusalem Purim Party" experience that you would otherwise have to travel all the way to Mea Shearim to get!

The four medleys totaling almost an hour of music cover traditional Jewish celebratory melodies from many different Hassidic courts, as well as a few more contemporary compositions.

The enclosed Hebrew-language booklet includes the historical background of each and every song.

Medley 1:

1.  Layehudim - Skolen

2.  Layehudim - Yossi Green/Mordechai Ben David

3.  Teshuatam - Carlebach

4.  Chayav Inish Lebesumei - Traditional

5.  Layehudim - Carlebach

6.  Lehodia - Breslev

Medley 2:

7.  Hatzileini Meklipat Amalek - Traditional

8.  Shoshanat Ya'akov - Breslev

9.  Venahafoch Hu - Karlin

10. Vayehi Bimei Ahashverosh - Chabad

11. Shoshanat Ya'akov - Traditional

12. Nigun Simcha - Skveira

13. Nigun Purim - Karlin

Medley 3:

14. Klezmer Niggun for Purim

15. Teshuatam - Vizhnitz

16. Ni'ei Shezuritzi Halaftch - Chabad

17. Nigun Simcha - Chabad

18. Saiz Doch Altz Havel Havelim - Chabad

19. Rabeinu Shag - Breslev

20. Nigun Toldos Aharon / Vizhnitz

Medley 4:

21. Veyavo Amalek - Breslev

22. Nigun Simcha - Chabad

23. Nigun Simcha - Karlin

24. Uman Uman Rosh Hashana - Breslev

25. Amiti Kati Mar - Karlin

26. Becha Batchu Avoteinu - Breslev

27. A Gite Yor - Toldos Aharon

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