Clear Matte Mezuzah with Laser-cut Aluminum Applique. Caesarea Arts

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Brand: Caesaria Art

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Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-3C_large.jpg Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-1C_large.jpg Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-2C_large.jpg Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-4C_large.jpg Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-5C_large.jpg Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-8C_large.jpg Clear-Matte-Mezuzah-with-Laser-cut-Aluminum-Applique-Caesarea-Arts-CA-ARTECH-C_large.jpg

Anodized Aluminum, Crystal

Size: 6" x 2" / 14 cm  X 4 cm

This delicate mezuzah is an exquisite work of art. It features an ultra clear matte finished crystal and colorful laser-cut aluminum appliqué, while the traditional name of G-d used on Mezuzah cases for centuries adorns the front in a contemporary script. Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor placement.  

A beautiful blending of tradition and modern art that will transform the iconic symbol of Jewish tradition into a stylish decoration for the entrance way of any home, room or office. 

Available in different color options.

Please note: Mezuzah scroll is available with the Mezuzah case at an additional price.

Caesarea Arts is a unique studio environment run by a husband and wife team in the historic and beautiful Israeli Mediterranean coastal town of Caesarea. Together they design and create some of the most unique and modern Judaica, home decor, and jewelry pieces being produced anywhere in the world.

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