Deluxe Purim Gift Tray - Mishloach Manot (Mehadrin)

Deluxe Purim Gift Tray - Mishloach Manot (Mehadrin)


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Kosher Dairy under the supervision of Bada"tz HaEida HaHareidit Jerusalem.

A beautiful decorative tray filled with all the sweetest Purim treats don't forget to share with the kids!  The useful tray will remain as a keepsake long after the yummy food has been eaten!  It can be used as a fruit bowl, breakfast tray, TV dinner tray, or to store papers or knick knacks.


1 Decorative tray

1 package Elite chocolate fingers filled with milk cream

1 bag Shush peanut flavored snack 65 g

1 bag Doritos puffed corn snacks 55g

1 bag baked Cheetos snack

1 bag of marshmallows - 100 g

1 bag of toffee candies - 42 g

More than 12 assorted mini chocolate and snack bars and treats, such as:

Kif Kef chocolate mini-bars

Mekupelet chocolate mini-bars

Tuv Taam chocolate bars

Individual size chocolate wafers

Pesek Zman chocolate mini-bars

chocolate and cream coated biscuits