Dorit Judaica Large Menorah Pattern & Crystal Stone Wooden Dreidel

Designed in Israel
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This Hanukkah, put a new spin on playing dreidel by adding a touch of designer craftsmanship, with this large, colorful menorah-patterned dreidel from Dorit Judaica:

  • Made from wood and decorated with crystal stones and aluminum accessories, this dreidel is decorated with an array of colorful Menorah designs as well as the traditional Hebrew phrase "A great miracle happened here."
  • An original work by one of Israel's top Judaica artists.
  • Both practical and decorative, this dreidel is sure to turn heads, whether it's in the middles of an impressive spin, or resting regally on your mantelpiece!

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Wood & Aluminum

Diameter: 3.5" / 9 cm

This dreidel comes with a stylish aluminum base to serve as a decorative piece of artwork the rest of the time.

An array of lively colored menorahs are interspersed with gleaming crystal stones, combined with aluminum accessories in this strikingly original dreidel design. The words, Nes Gadol Hayah Poh (A Great Miracle Happened Here) take the center stage. The uniquely large surface will ensure a whir of delight as it spins, while its elegant design will assure it a prominent place on your mantelpiece, or the mantelpiece of someone you know who appreciates original work!

Dorit is the founder of Dorit Judaica. She's a religious woman, with a singular passion for Jewish art. Her faith helps her create vivid pieces that are pleasing to the senses. She specializes in integrating Jewish texts into her colorful work. You'll notice that Dorit employs her remarkable creativity in all her designs. She is a seventh-generation Israeli, and lives in Petach Tikva with her husband and four kids.

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