Dorit Reuveni. The 3 CD Collection (Adam Tzover Zichronot) (2013)

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Number of CD(s) in package: 3 

Dorit Reuveni, one of Israel's most successful singers since the beginning of the early 1970's, treats us now to her new 3 CD collection (67 songs), including all of her familiar songs performed in the their eloquently original style. The first disc includes all of her hits from  the 1970's, the second disc spans from the 1980's to the present, while the third disc is composed of beautiful, rare songs from her home, including songs in Spanish and other creative gems. Includes songs such as:
HaYom HaYom 
Mesaviv LaMedura 
Yesh Prachim
HaAretz Sheli
Ani Eshtagea
Adam Tzover Zichronot 
Ha Ish Min HaBeka 
Rakevet Haemek 
LeKol Echad Yerushalayim 
Eich La'avor et HaChaim 
Kach Et Col She Elokim Noten 
Shir Le'Drom America 
Kmo Tzipor Al HaTil
and many more......
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