Eyal Golan. The Heart on the Table (HaLev Al HaShulchan) (2013)

Eyal Golan. The Heart on the Table (HaLev Al HaShulchan) (2013)


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Eyal Golan is one of the most successful Mizrahi singers in Israel and his soaring popularity amongst Israelis and world music enthusiasts alike is reflected in the fact that, except for his debut album, all of Golan's studio albums have gone platinum. His newest album, Ha Lev Al HaShulchan, is another powerful expression of the unique talent that quickly lead Golan to the top of his genre, combining classic Mediterranean songs, romantic ballads, creative covers (such as "Aspara" by Julio Iglesias) and even an electronic version, together with DJ Ofer Nissim, of the popular Yemenite song "Eshel." 
1.  He Lo At 

2. Status Meohav 

3.  Kol HaHalomot 

4.  Ga'aguim

5.  K'She At Einech

6.  Chazak Mimeni 
7.  HaLev Al HaShulhan 
8.  Okeyanus 
9.  Aten Lecha 
10. Ein Emet B'Mazalot 
11. Al Tomri 
12. Menagenet Et Chayai 
13. HaEitz She Ba'Gan 
14. Israel 
15. At 
16. Rak Techaichi
17. Bonus: Eshal - Offer Nissim feat Eyal Golan