Nearly every Jewish holiday celebrates and commemorate Jerusalem in some way. On Yom Kippur, the Jewish people do so by remembering the Temple during Musaf by singing Mareh Kohen and ending the service by saying L'Shana Haba'ah B'Yerushalayim -- Next year in Jerusalem!

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to celebrate your connection to the Holy City. Here at Judaica Webstore, we carry hundreds of products designed by local Israeli creatives who have found artistic inspiration in Jerusalem's architecture, history, and sites. We have compiled some of the unique ways you can keep a piece of Jerusalem with you at all times, year-round.

Jerusalem Jewelry

In addition to beauty and quality, the best thing about our collection of Jerusalem Jewelry from Israel is that our products possess a measure of authenticity that similar trinkets from other parts of the world certainly don’t. Wear a piece of Jerusalem no matter where in the world you are, like this Sterling Silver Jerusalem Hamsa Pendant with Roman Glass or this thrilling 14K Gold Remember Jerusalem Pendant!





Jerusalem Temple Gifts

It’s difficult to mourn for something you’ve never seen or touched, but thanks to our range of spectacular Jerusalem Temple Gifts, finding the motivation to yearn for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple will be easier than ever. Designed to bring ancient Jewish history to life, people of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy our wide selection of gifts, such as this educational Golden Temple Do-It-Yourself Model Kit, this 3D Temple puzzle, or this gorgeous Silver and Roman Glass Jerusalem Temple Necklace.





Jerusalem Stone Gifts

Used for thousands of years in architecture and décor, the history of Jerusalem Stone is tied to the Land of Israel itself. Authentic Jerusalem Stone Gifts are a perfect way to bring a literal piece of Jerusalem into your home, no matter where you are. Valued for its fantastic versatility and its stunning diversity of natural colors, start your search for exquisite Jerusalem Stone Art with captivating products such as these amazing Jerusalem Stone Shabbat Candlesticks or this impressive Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah Case!




Western Wall Art

As all that remains of the Second Holy Temple, the Western Wall has long been considered Judaism’s holiest place of worship. Make sure you can always enjoy its splendor from the comfort of your own home with stunning Western Wall Art! Explore our incredible collection of artistic depictions of the Western Wall like this gorgeous Limited Edition Serigraph or this delicate Paper Cut Wall Hanging!





Jerusalem Home Décor

Whether you're looking for clocks, wall-hangings, or Judaica that can be used both for rituals and to beautify your home, Israeli artists have created a variety of Jerusalem Home Décor that features motifs reminiscent of the Holy City. This silver Hamsa-shaped clock features Jerusalem's iconic architecture, as do these bold Lion of Judah bookends from the Israel Museum. If you're looking for something more religiously inspired, Dorit Judaica's silver cut-out features the famous Psalms line "if I forget thee, O' Jerusalem, let my right hand forget itself."




Jerusalem Clothing

What better way to show your love of Jerusalem than to wear it wherever you go? We have a variety of cotton t-shirts and polos inspired by the Holy City, many of which are available in several colors and sizes. Our favorites include this Jerusalem Lion t-shirt and this polo featuring the city's iconic emblem, but make sure to take a look for yourself to find the shirt that is the best fit.