hanukkah giftsHanukkah is every child's favorite festival. It has everything: a captivating story about powerful heroes, delicious sugary treats, flickering candlelight - and eight nights of presents!

There is an ancient custom to give Hanukkah gelt (Yiddish for money) to children to celebrate the holiday. The theory goes that when the Jews won their freedom from the invading Hellenist armies, they were able to manufacture their own coins again. This physical symbol of independence was gladly given to children when teaching them the meaning of the holiday.

Gelt turned into gifts during the 1900s when Christmas became heavily commercialized across the United States. The two winter holidays fall close together, and while their religious significance is obviously different, their commercial interests have become somewhat aligned, leading Jewish children to expect a Christmas-style avalanche of gifts. Hanukkah may even have the upper hand - some families give their children a gift on all eight nights of the holiday!

Hanukkah may be a great opportunity to give your kids the latest must-have toys and electronics, but we think it can be even better. With the Maccabees' triumph resonating in their minds, Hanukkah is a one-off chance to shop for amazing Jewish and Israeli gifts and make sure your kids are proud of their heritage. That's why we've compiled a list of eight Jewish gift ideas for kids for Hanukkah - you're sure to find something your children and grandchildren will love!

Hanukkah Menorahs

Kids Hanukkah MenorahCreate a hands-on approach to the holiday by giving your kid their first Hanukkah menorah! They'll love being able to join in with the ancient candle-lighting custom with their very own hanukkiah. Colorful, kid-friendly designs like this simple aluminum bar menorah and our collection of Lily Art aluminum Hanukkah menorahs will both excite your child and look gorgeous in your home all year round.
♥️ We love this hand-painted Noah's Ark puzzle Hanukkah menorah from the super-popular Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel - when the candles aren't burning, the kids can play. Don't forget your Hanukkah candles!


Yair Emanuel Painted Wooden DreidelKnown as a sevivon in Hebrew, dreidels originate from the Hanukkah story where they provided cover for the Rabbis who were illegally teaching Torah to Jewish children under Greek occupation. Today, a great range of dreidels are available, from gorgeous, decorative spinners that your kids will want to use every day to sturdier wooden dreidels, ideal for younger children.
♥️ We love this dreidels multipack with pretty Jerusalem designs, created by Israeli design house Yealat Chen. It includes three spinning tops - perfect for less fighting and more fun! Find the game rules here.

Games and Crafts

Gaya Art of Thinking Wood Puzzle Star of DavidIf you're trying to prise your kids away from their screens, don't miss our fantastic selection of high-quality wooden puzzles and games from Gaya. Their intelligent games have got the art of thinking down to a tee, and their simpler designs like this Noah's Ark Zoo Puzzle are a great way to challenge kids' minds! We also have an exciting range of do-it-yourself crafts for kids your little ones will love: they can build the Temple or create Jewish mosaic designs you can proudly display.
♥️ We love this Hanukkah roulette strategy game from Gaya, and this Hanukkah oil lamp mosaic kit - it's an amazing seasonal craft project.

Aleph-Bet Gifts

Charity Box TrainIf your little ones are getting to grips with the Hebrew alphabet, Hanukkah is a great opportunity to encourage their new-found skills (and so is this brilliant wood aleph-bet puzzle shaped like a menorah!). We offer a fun range of aleph-bet gifts that will take pride of place in your little one's bedroom, adding a splash of Israeli color and design while helping them learn their Hebrew ABCs.
♥️ We love this brightly colored Hebrew letters clock designed by Barbara Shaw, and this aleph-bet train backpack which is perfect for school!

Interactive and Educational Gifts

Children's SiddurIf you want to use your Hanukkah gifts for something a little more educational, you'll love our selection of Jewish children's books, which includes prayer books like this Koren children's siddur. We also offer a fantastic range of children's music CDs: tracks of Hebrew Hanukkah songs will make an exciting and appropriate gift to celebrate the Festival of Light.
♥️ We love the Illustrated Children's Siddur from Israel's premier Jewish publishing house, Koren, and this amazing set of two DVDs filled with the best Hebrew kids holiday and seasonal songs.

IDF Gifts

IDF souvenir plush toy teddyThe IDF is the pride of Israel, and supporting our troops is a wonderful way to teach your kids about the importance of our Defense Forces. Our selection of IDF gifts includes a great range of kid-friendly gifts, including the classic IDF bracelet and informative books and posters for kids who really love the army!
♥️ We love this IDF camouflage cap for kids - it's designed to fit smaller heads and let your little ones show everyone that they stand with Israel!

Kid's T-Shirts

Israeli Children's T-Shirts Barbara ShawNew clothes are always a good idea, and we think you'll love our great range of exclusive children's t-shirts from some of the most innovative designers in the country! We're especially proud to present a fantastic range of Barbara Shaw children's t-shirts - the quirky Australian designer's signature humor is evident in her bright clothing designs.
♥️ We love this unique children sculptures t-shirt from the Israel-museum depicting its iconic artwork, and this adorable smiling camel kid's t-shirt!

Children's Jewelry

silver star of david necklace jewish jewelryIf your little ones are convinced that they're not so little anymore, Hanukkah is a fantastic time to treat them to their very first pieces of Jewish jewelry. A Star of David necklace is a classic Jewish gift that your child is sure to wear with pride wherever they go - and a silver menorah necklace is possibly the single most perfect Hanukkah gift we can think of!
♥️ We love this beautifully colored silver heart necklace from Jaffa-based designer Adina Plastelina, and this gorgeous Jewish charm bracelet featuring silver plated charms on a vibrant silk cord from Or Jewelry.

Looking for something extra special for the special little people in your life? Don't miss our fantastic range of adorable plush toys, including camels, goats, and teddies in Israel t-shirts!