Hanukkah 2024 will begin at sundown on Wednesday, December 25, and it's never too early to start shopping for your little ones! While different families have their own customs regarding gift-giving during the Festival of Lights, we have a variety of Hanukkah gifts from Israel spanning every budget and style.

Whether you're looking for a fun, interactive game or a meaningful piece of jewelry through which to pass on your Jewish heritage to your children or grandchildren, we have dozens of Hanukkah gifts for kids of all ages. Here are 15 of our favorites to provide some inspiration as you shop!

1. Children's Train Hanukkah Menorah Gift Set

Designed by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel in his Jerusalem studio, this colorful train doubles as a beautiful toy and a functional Hanukkah menorah! Crafted from anodized aluminum, the menorah's candleholders sit atop two train cars, while the shamash (helper candle) is nestled higher on the engine car. A laminated holiday blessing pamphlet in Hebrew and English is included, and you can add handmade Hanukkah candles from Israel at a discounted price to really make your child's holiday festive and bright!

2. Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut DIY Kit

If your kid is a history buff or loves puzzles, this Second Temple DIY kit is sure to be a hit this Hanukkah. Made from 267 laser-cut, eco-friendly wooden pieces that easily fit together, this kit becomes an intricate and accurate model of the Second Temple that stood in Jerusalem. The kit comes with detailed building instructions, as well as a booklet explaining the historical and religious background of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

3. 24K Gold-Plated Silver Hebrew Name Necklace

What could be a more meaningful way for your child or grandchild to connect with their Jewish heritage than with this beautiful, stylish necklace of their Hebrew name? Choose any name in our modern, classic script, with several chain length options - we can even translate any English name to Hebrew script for you. This gold-plated piece, custom-made right in Israel, is sure to be a stunning keepsake!

4. Happy Hanukkah Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

Help your child express their Hanukkah joy at home, school, or synagogue with this fun dreidel kids' t-shirt designed in Israel! With a choice of colors and unisex youth sizes, this unbeatable holiday tee features a happy, spinning dreidel along with the words "Happy Hanukkah." You'll love the high-quality materials and positive message, while your little one will have a new way to make Hanukkah feel special.

5. Happy Hanuk-Corn Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

Another festive holiday t-shirt option, and with a bit more fabulous flair, is this lovely "Happy Hanuk-corn" unicorn tee. Every young unicorn fan will love this beautiful depiction of the mystical animal wishing a happy holiday along with a lit menorah, printed on high-quality cotton with several color options available. This tee is sure to become a favorite wardrobe item for Hanukkah 2024!

6. 14K Gold Interlocking Star of David Pendant Necklace

The Star of David is the most recognizable symbol of the Jewish people, and a pendant necklace featuring this special motif is a meaningful way to encourage your child to connect with their Jewish identity. Crafted from 14K gold in the Holy City of Jerusalem, this interlocking Star of David pendant with a modern finish is a Hanukkah gift that will be treasured by the lucky recipient well beyond the 2024 holiday season.

7. The Western Wall Jigsaw Puzzle

Give your child or grandchild a hands-on connection to the Land of Israel this Hanukkah, with this Western Wall jigsaw puzzle! Choose from two different size options and gift the kid, teen, or kid-at-heart in your family hours of fun, as they put together a stunning image of the iconic Western Wall (aka the Kotel) in Jerusalem. The finished product also makes for a stunning piece of home decor with a semi-glossy, sleek finish.

8. Sterling Silver Star of David Pendant Necklace

This classic, bestselling sterling silver Star of David necklace makes the perfect Hanukkah gift for all ages and genders. Made by Israeli designer Marina Jewelry, it features an interlocking shape and sleek finish, and comes in a choice of chain lengths. So give your young loved one something special that they'll treasure forever!

9. Multicolored Modern Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

If you have a child or teen ready for their very own grown-up piece of Hanukkah Judaica, this classy yet colorful menorah from Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio is your go-to! It's made from silver-plated metal and comes in several options featuring vibrant colors along its curved branches. Add our beautiful, handcrafted Hanukkah candles made in the Galilee in northern Israel, and your child will be ready for the most festive holiday ever!

10. Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Tzedakah Box 

Teach your young loved ones the Jewish value of tzedakah (charity), with their very own traditional tzedakah box! Designed right in the Holy City by Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, this beautiful wooden box features a hand-painted, colorful Jerusalem scene with a lacquered finish. A beautiful way to remember the Land of Israel and the less fortunate this holiday season, with a gift directly from Israel.

11. 3-D DIY Wooden Hanukkah Menorah

Your kids or grandkids will love learning about and getting ready for Hanukkah while building their very own wooden model of a traditional Hanukkah menorah. Easy enough for all ages while fun for the whole family, the set is made from laser-cut wood and can be painted or drawn on, allowing your child to express their creativity and personal style. You'll be proud to support local Israeli company Touch Wood Design, while your young loved ones will have an interactive and meaningful Hanukkah 2024.

12. Stand with Israel Wooden Dreidel DIY Kit

Give the gift of hands-on fun and meaningful Israeli patriotism this Hanukkah season, with this special DIY "Stand with Israel" flag dreidel from Israeli socially conscious company Touch Wood Design. It's made from recyclable laser-cut wood pieces that easily come together to form a dreidel, which is adorned with an Israeli flag design, the words "Stand with Israel," and the Hebrew letters Nun, Gimel, Hey, and Peh to represent the classic holiday phrase Nes Gadol Haya Po - "a great miracle happened here." An unbeatable way for the whole family to express their love for the Land of Israel!

13. DIY Kids Hanukkah Menorah Craft Set

The young artists in your family will love expressing themselves with this fun, made-in-Israel DIY cardboard menorah craft! The set will allow your kids to build their own large menorah made out of a sturdy cardboard template, and decorate it with the included high-quality colorful markers. It makes for a great family activity, plus a safe and fun way to learn about the Hanukkah miracle and take part in holiday traditions!

14. Teddy Bear with Israeli Flag Sweater

Soft and cuddly and designed by Israeli artists, this is the perfect stuffed animal for your young loved one to connect with their Jewish pride and love of the Land of Israel. The teddy bear wears a sweater embroidered with an Israeli flag, and has a blue Star of David on its foot. It's great for a child of any age and sure to become a beloved keepsake.

15.  Children's Train Hanukkah Menorah Gift Set (Choice of Colors)

Rounding out our list is a superb Hanukkah gift set featuring the work of Jerusalem artist Yair Emanuel. It includes a chic menorah shaped like a cylindrical train engine, with a hammered metal finish and candleholders in a choice of color options, along with Israeli-made Hanukkah candles, a cute wooden dreidel, and a Hanukkah blessing pamphlet with all the classic holiday blessings and songs in Hebrew and English. Pass on your Hanukkah traditions and the spirit of the Festival of Lights to younger generations with this fun, child-friendly design straight from the Land of Israel!

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