If you're looking for a stand-out piece of jewelry to give as a memorable gift, or some quirky home decor to brighten your home, Adina Plastelina's unique style could be exactly what you need. Based in the antiquated port city of Jaffa, Adina Plastelina uses the ancient "millefiori" technique to create exciting kaleidoscopic jewelry and vibrant pieces of art. This technique uses brightly colored polymer clay, which is hand-crafted into distinctive millefiori patterns and finished with a glossy enamel coating for a lasting, glass-like sheen. This unique material is then set into characteristic sterling silver or gold-plated frames, creating a stunning range of original and striking pieces. Adina Plastelina's work is beautiful, charming and surprisingly affordable; this buying guide will show you different ways you can buy and enjoy these gorgeous pieces:

  • Jewelry: Adina Plastelina's exquisite jewelry range includes several original pieces designed especially for men and a selection of pieces that would make wonderful, seasonal holiday gifts. Many of these pieces use traditional hearts or Jewish shapes such as Stars of David and Hamsas; others are based on unusual shapes found in the natural world and reinterpreted as breathtaking pieces of wearable art. Featuring elegant silver or glowing gold-plated settings,the pieces in this range are special enough to be worn casually during the day or as unique adornments to formal evening wear.
  • Mezuzah Cases: A mezuzah is a tiny scroll of parchment which has been inscribed with the words of the ancient prayer Shema Yisrael. The scroll is then placed into a case and hung on doorposts in Jewish homes as a sign of God's protection: these cases are often ornate and beautiful, signifying the mezuzah's importance. Adina Plastelina offers a range of mezuzah cases featuring the brand's signature delicate millefiori pattern.These mezuzah cases are available in a range of vibrant colors and designs, and would make a beautiful 'new home' gift for people who appreciate charming originality.
  • Hamsa Wall Hangings: Hamsas are an ancient symbol for protection against the evil eye, and are used as talismans for fortune, happiness and success. This range of intricately crafted Hamsas feature bold designs and elegant metalwork, and Adina Plastelina's trademark millefiori design. The reverse side of each Hamsa has the traditional 'Prayer for the Home' in English. These wonderfully. explosively bright wall Hamsas make a stunning addition to any room, and would make wonderful presents for people moving into a new home.
  • Pens: Adina Plastelina's unique brand has expanded beyond jewelry and Judaica and into writing implements. Available either as fountain pens or ballpoints, these top quality pens from renowned German label Kaweco are made all the more noteworthy and exceptional by the addition of Adina Plastelina's statement millefiori designs.


Adina Plastelina combines ancient techniques and wisdom with modern materials and sleek, current design to create exclusive pieces that are both classic and contemporary. The brand's statement use of fantastic colors and stylized forms make for exceptional, unparalleled beauty and a distinct timelessness that will always be welcomed and appreciated.