Ancient Coin JewelryOne of the most common discoveries in Israel is finding an ancient coin during excavations. The coins found range throughout Israeli history, with some even from Temple times. Israeli artists have taken advantage of these incredible finds by creating ancient coin jewelry, with each piece featuring a replica of the most common coins found. While our selection is limited by the types of coins, the different jewelry options are incredible, whether you want a necklace or cufflinks, rings or a charm, there are options for all in silver and gold. Check out the different jewelers that create ancient coin jewelry incorporating their own personal style into each and every piece to make it something extra special.


Shofar JewelryShofar's coin jewelry isn't really ancient but rather from the beginning of modern Israel's story. Before the New Israeli Shekel came into play, there was the Lira, and Shofars has turned the coins from this monetary period into unique pieces of jewelry by featuring a cut out design. Some of the coin decorations have been used throughout history like this lion might be familiar on the 5 Lirot coin or David's Harp on the 25 Agorot coin. This coin has just the words "one Lira coin" as the rest is blank space. Shofars' Israeli coin collection is something different and something special.

❤︎ We love this half-Lira coin with the menorah.

Rafael Jewelry

Rafael JewelryRafael Jewelry incorporates real coins into their pieces, and each piece then comes with a certificate of authenticity. These coins are turned into cufflinks, rings, and necklaces, with beautiful decorative aspects that keep the focus on the coin. Some of the coins used are a little more rare than the rest like this Freedom of Zion one from the Great Revolt or like this Constantine era necklace in a hammered frame. There are also coins like the famous Constantine coin featuring his profile on necklaces, rings and cufflinks that will not disappoint.

❤︎ We love this King Agrippa ring and this coin surrounded by a gold Jerusalem.

Marina Jewelry

Marina JewelryMarina Jewelry is known around the world for her incredible and quality jewelry. Marina Jewelry takes ancient coins and uses their prints to create beautiful charms and necklaces, featuring some of the most popular coins like this Widow's Mite coin on a necklace. She also uses a coin from Bar Kochva's famous revolt in many of her pieces, which is incredibly meaningful as the front represents the entrance into the Temple. There is also a replica of a medallion from the Temple times that would look great as a necklace or charm.

❤︎ We love this Bar Kochva coin necklace and this ancient half-shekel coin charm.

Ben Jewelry

Ben Jewelry Ben Jewelry is one of Israel's finest jewelers, creating pieces out of 14K gold and with excellent craftsmanship. Many of theses coins actually happen to be Roman coins, featuring the faces of various Roman leaders like Empress Julia Domna and Vespasian or just coins from the time period like this one from Constantine's rule. Of course there are Jewish coins too, like this one from the Herodian dynasty that looks as though there is a menorah on it. All of these are absolutely beautiful and would be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection. 

❤︎ We love this David's Harp and this Hadrian coin decorated with a ruby.