Anodized Aluminum MezuzahsMezuzahs are something that serve as a Jewish welcome mat, as everyone sees it and acknowledges it when entering the home. Anodized aluminum mezuzahs have become increasingly popular because of their bold and bright colors and unique shapes. Some of the top Israeli artists have used this metal as their main material when it comes to mezuzahs, giving it a modern look that can not be beat. These designs are anything but ordinary and deserve a spot on your doorposts, whether it be the front door or any other room. Don't forget your to get a scroll that will fit in your new anodize aluminum mezuzah case!

Adi Sidler

Adi Sidler MezuzahsAdi Sidler uses anodized aluminum for almost all his Judaica pieces and they are incredible. Many of his mezuzahs are a very minimalistic design, but have hidden accents that are a fun surprise. Each style mezuzah is available in a variety of gorgeous colors and engravings like this Shema mezuzah and this lines mezuzah.  Others feature on the letter "Shin" which is commonly found on mezuzahs, like this stacked mezuzah. Adi Sidler is also known for his car mezuzahs that come in fun prints and some even say "success on the way" which is really appropriate for a car.

❤︎ We love this hidden "Shin" mezuzah and this Hamsa car mezuzah.


Agayof MezuzahsAgayof is one of Israel's top Judaica companies, creating luxurious Judaica and mezuzahs. Some styles are in a traditional rectangular shape with the Star of David, wheat, and if you are a doctor, there is one with that features a snake and staff design. Agayof also has beautiful cylindrical mezuzahs with Shema Yisrael and is available in a variety of colors. For something really modern, check out this mezuzah that branches off into the Hebrew letter "Shin". Agayof mezuzahs are sleek, contemporary and are a gorgeous statement piece.

❤︎ We love this small triangle mezuzah and this Veahavta mezuzah.

Caesarea Arts

Caesarea Arts MezuzahsFor a really different look for any doorpost, take a look at all of Caesarea Arts' amazing mezuzahs. One of the classic and popular designs comes in a variety of colors like purple, blue and even adorned with a pomegranate which looks like a crown. Many of their mezuzahs come in a rounded design and some with beautiful etchings of Jerusalem and the writings of the mezuzah scroll, which is also available as a colorful set of eight.  One can't help but smile at these vibrant mezuzahs that bring positive vibes into any room.

❤︎ We love this rainbow mezuzah and this laser cut mezuzah for a sneak peak of the scroll.

Nadav Art

Nadav Art Mezuzahs

The future is here with Nadav Art's mezuzahs. Many of these precious mezuzahs come in a unique trapeze shape in a variety of sizes and colors, so all you need to do is find your favorite color in your favorite design like this one. Others feature a rainbow of colors that fit perfectly in the smaller size but the larger size features even more colors that look like a sunset. Some of Nadav Art's anodized aluminum mezuzahs come in a traditional look like this hammered look mezuzah that are perfect for a minimalistic look in a heavily decorated room. Nadav Art has a stunning selection of mezuzahs that make a great gift.

❤︎ We love this blue trapeze mezuzah and this pyramid mezuzah.

Shraga Landesman

Shraga Landesman MezuzahsBring nature indoors with Shraga Landesman's nature inspired mezuzahs. These mezuzahs feature laser cut outs for a minimal design of wheat and pomegranates of the Seven Species or flowers and palm trees that have that Israel feel to them. Most of these mezuzahs are in a triangular shape so they standout on the doorpost they are placed on and give a bit of depth into such a small area. If you really love being outside, Shraga Landesman's mezuzahs are the way to go!

❤︎ We love this Mah Tovu mezuzah and this flat Shalom mezuzah.