A Mezuzah is a beautiful and special Jewish ritual object used to mark the doorposts of Jewish homes, with two purposes: to remind those entering and leaving of the Divine commandments and the relationship between God and the Jewish people, and to identify one's dwelling as a Jewish household.

Mezuzahs are comprised of two components: an outer mezuzah case - often beautifully decorated, in a range of possible materials and designs - with a klaf or parchment scroll inside. The mezuzah scroll text, written by a sofer or professional Jewish scribe, contains an excerpt from the Book of Deuteronomy that commands the Jews to hang these words on the doorposts of their homes.

We carry a large range of gorgeous mezuzah cases from Israel, sometimes with a scroll already included and other times with an option to add a scroll in the appropriate size at an additional cost, following either the Ashkenazi and Sephardi traditions. And to help you narrow down from the many choices, we've put together our Top 10 Mezuzahs below!

Read more about the tradition of the mezuzah here, and see our guide to kosher mezuzah scrolls so you can decide which type is the right for you. Happy shopping!


1. Handmade Tree of Life Ceramic Mezuzah

Handcrafted by the Tel Aviv-based family-run studio Art in Clay, this designer ceramic mezuzah features a beautiful Tree of Life design with intricate roots and a prominent Hebrew letter Shin, representing one of God's Divine names. A gorgeous work of art full of Biblical meaning, it's the must-have Jewish home adornment that you'll love passing by every time!







2. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Mezuzah Case with Filigree Design

Add a beautiful touch of Israeli art and craftsmanship to your doorposts with this luxurious silver mezuzah case! Handcrafted from sterling silver by acclaimed silversmith Shoham Simchi in his Jerusalem-area workshop, it features an intricate, traditional filigree design along with a beautifully polished Hebrew letter Shin. This stunning mezuzah will upgrade your décor while imbuing your home with Jewish tradition and faith.






3. Marc Chagall Ten Commandments Mezuzah Case

Grab this limited-edition piece of art in the form of a 24k gold-plated mezuzah case before it's too late! It features a lithograph print adaptation of a painting by the famous 20th-century artist Marc Chagall, titled "I am the Lord thy God" and featuring the Children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments. It's also a piece of Israeli history - 5748 copies were produced in the Hebrew year 5748 (1988) in honor of the 40th anniversary of Israel's independence. Each mezuzah case bears a replica of Marc Chagall's signature, and comes with an official certificate of authenticity and deluxe gift case.





4. Anodized Aluminum Stack Design Mezuzah (Choice of Colors)

If your style is more sleek and contemporary, this minimalistic stack design mezuzah from Israeli artist Adi Sidler is a must-have! It comes in a choice of three different sizes - with options of kosher mezuzah scrolls to match each size - and an array of vibrant colors, so you can truly match your style and décor!












5. Jerusalem Stone Three-Tone Western Wall Mezuzah Case

This unique, colorful mezuzah case features Jerusalem Stone that has been laser-cut with a Western Wall design and the Hebrew letter Shin to represent Shaddai, one of the mystical names of God - so it's sure to inspire your faith and remind you of Jerusalem’s most iconic landmark every time you pass it! It's available in two different sizes and will be a meaningful piece of the Land of Israel, whether for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one.






6. Dorit Judaica Mezuzah Case with Pomegranates & Swarovski Crystals

For a wonderful blend of Jewish tradition with contemporary Israeli art, you can't go wrong with this beautiful mezuzah case from religious designer Dorit Judaica. It features a masterful steel-cut design made up of a Hebrew Shin and pomegranates that are adorned with bright red Swarovski crystals. This lovely design makes a wonderful gift for a housewarming, wedding, or any other special occasion.






7. Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Mezuzah (Choice of Colors)

This lovely (and budget-friendly!) Jerusalem design mezuzah case from acclaimed Israeli artist Yair Emanuel will help you observe the commandment of mezuzah while connecting to the Holy City. It's made of anodized aluminum in an array of gorgeous colors to suit your personal style, and features a striking metal cutout of a Jerusalem scene. Pick your favorite or mix and match different color versions to adorn every doorpost in your home in style!









8. Handmade Dog Design Aluminum Mezuzah Case

If you're looking for a fun splash of contemporary décor and bold colors - or have a dog lover in your life or a child in need of a mezuzah for their room - you don't want to miss this adorable dog mezuzah from Tel Aviv modern artist Ofek Wertman! There's no better way to combine your love of furry friends and modern art with fulfilling the Jewish tradition of mezuzah.

And if you're more of a cat person, we also have a delightful cat mezuzah here.








9. Danon Western Wall Mezuzah Case

Coming from one of Israel's best Judaica design studios, Danon, is this breathtaking Jerusalem-themed mezuzah. Expertly made from silver-plated pewter, it features an allover Western Wall motif and a striking engraving of Jerusalem's Old City along the bottom, with a beautiful Hebrew letter Shin and a sparkling blue Swarovski crystal on top. This wonderful homage to the Holy City and the Land of Israel is sure to wow anyone who comes through the door!






10. Yair Emanuel Pomegranate & Floral Mezuzah (Choice of Colors)

Another fun, meaningful, and affordable mezuzah option from famous Jerusalem designer Yair Emanuel is this eye-catching metal cutout mezuzah case. Available in four different bold color options, it features an intricate pomegranate and floral design with a Hebrew Shin letter in classic script, and comes with double-sided mounting tape for ease in affixing it to your doorpost.






Don't forget a kosher mezuzah parchment scroll to go with your mezuzah case, available here!

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