Armenian Ceramics have been handcrafted in Jerusalem by the city's Armenian community for over a century. After seeking refuge in the city during World War I, many Armenian artists remained in Jerusalem and continued to produce captivating ceramic pieces with their iconic blue coloring, floral patterns, and Jerusalem designs.

At Judaica Web Store, we carry a magnificent selection of these timeless pieces. From tiles to plates, bowls to wall hangings, and from home decor to exceptional Judaica pieces, our remarkable range of Armenian Ceramics make great gifts for special occasions. If you're looking for a stunning piece of Middle Eastern décor or a gift for someone special but aren't sure what to buy, we've put together this list of 10 Best Armenian Ceramics to help you out!

And to learn more about the history of this famous craft and how it became an integral part of the fabric of Jerusalem, check out our Armenian Ceramics blog post.



1. Armenian Ceramic House Blessing Plate Armenian Ceramic

If you're shopping for a stylish and entirely unique housewarming gift, check out this beautiful Armenian Ceramic house blessing. Hand-painted by the skilled Armenian artisans of Jerusalem, this circular plate displays a blessing for the home in English and is encircled by a classic floral pattern and blue border.

The same design with the text in Hebrew is also available here.





2. Armenian Ceramic Shabbat Candlesticks Set

Give the sanctity of Shabbat a distinctly Middle Eastern flavor with this awesome Armenian Ceramic Shabbat Candlesticks Set. The sensational set includes two delightfully decorated candlesticks and a terrific tray, with the option of adding a matching Kiddush Cup. All pieces contained in the set are exquisitely adorned with a traditional Armenian Ceramic floral pattern in beautiful blue and bold colors. Whether for yourself or a gift for someone else, this set will be treasured for years to come!





3. Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set

Separate between the holy and the everyday in a unique Jerusalem style with this fabulous Armenian Ceramic Havdalah set. Including a plate, wine cup, spice box, and candleholder, each piece of this magnificent set is decorated with a classic Armenian Ceramic floral design and prominently incorporates bold blue shades. The center of the tray is adorned with a striking Star of David motif, combining Jewish symbolism with the best of talented Armenian craftsmanship. Brought to you from the heart of Jerusalem, this set is a terrific gift for a housewarming, wedding, or any other special occasion.




4. Armenian Ceramic Kiddush Cup

Add a splash of bold color to your Shabbat dining table with this beautiful Armenian Ceramic Kiddush Cup from Jerusalem! Displaying the words of the blessing over wine in Hebrew, this elegant cup is decorated with a characteristic Armenian floral design and is rimmed by a deep blue edge. To make this kiddush cup a set, a majestically matching saucer can be added at an additional cost.






5. Armenian Ceramic Jerusalem Plate

Add a striking piece of Jerusalem to your home décor with this exquisite Armenian Ceramic plate. Encircled in a bold blue border that is the hallmark of Armenian Ceramic pieces, this phenomenal plate shows a colorful, hand-painted depiction of Jerusalem's Old City complete with its ancient domes, towers, and walls. The word "Jerusalem" beautifully adorns the bottom of the illustration. Ideal as a housewarming or wedding gift, this plate is the perfect way to bring the craftsmanship of the Land of Israel straight into your home!





6. Olive Wood & Armenian Ceramic "Shalom" Jewelry Box

On the lookout for a truly unique gift for a special lady in your life? This fabulous fusion of hand-carved olive wood and Armenian Ceramic is the one for you! Made of genuine olive wood from the Land of Israel, this enchanting jewelry box displays an inspiring Armenian Ceramic design on its lid. The Hebrew word for peace, "shalom", is displayed in both Hebrew and English letters and is surrounded by a classic Armenian floral design. Both stylish and practical, this beautiful box is a must-have!




7. Armenian Ceramic Jerusalem Coffee Mug

Start every morning with a spectacular view of Jerusalem! This handmade, alluring Armenian Ceramic coffee mug beautifully depicts ancient Jerusalem, complete with its iconic domes, in vibrant colors that are the trademark of Armenian Ceramic designs. A flawless example of masterful craftsmanship from Israel, this mug is a great gift for a birthday, Father's Day, or any other special occasion.






8. Armenian Ceramic Seder Plate With Floral and Grapes Design

With Passover just around the corner, this spectacular Armenian Ceramic Seder plate is the perfect way to make this year's Seder extra special (and stylish too!). Decorated by hand with a beautiful floral grape design, the word "Pesach" ("Passover") is written in the center of the plate and is surrounded by six individual places for the special symbols of the Seder plate. The plate is elegantly bordered by a ring of beautiful blue in the traditional Armenian ceramic style. Practical, stylish, and brought to you straight from Jerusalem, this Passover Seder plate is a must-have addition to your holiday table!




9. Armenian Ceramic Seder Plate With Jerusalem Design

If you want to make Jerusalem the focal theme of your Passover Seder, then this sensational Armenian Ceramic Seder plate is the one for you! Hand-painted by the skilled artisans of Jerusalem's Old City, the center of this remarkable plate displays the word  Pesach, "Passover" in Hebrew, as well as set places for the six special symbolic foods of the Seder plate. The background of the plate is beautifully adorned with a colorful depiction of ancient Jerusalem and sits inside a bold blue border in the classic Armenian ceramic style. Whether for yourself or a gift for someone you love, this Seder plate will make Passover memorable for many years to come!




10. Armenian Ceramic Classic Matzah Plate with Floral Motif

Matzah is an integral part of the Passover Seder and this Armenian Ceramic Matzah Plate is the perfect way to serve your matzah in style! Exceptionally handcrafted and painted, this matzah plate has two side handles for convenient use and is decorated with a traditional Armenian ceramic floral pattern as well as a vivid blue border. The word Matzah, in both Hebrew and English, is displayed in the center of the plate. Both beautiful and practical, this matzah plate is a great gift for a holiday, a wedding, housewarming, or any other special occasion!

And for an outstanding Armenian Ceramic serving tray that can be used all year round, check out this eye-catching work of art!




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