Armenian CeramicsArmenian Ceramic has been handmade for hundreds of years in Armenia and was first brought to Israel in 1919 by the British to repair the ceramic tiles in the Dome of the Rock. The Armenian arts stayed in Jerusalem in the Armenian Quarter of the Old City and continued to make beautiful ceramic pieces. The Judaica Web Store is proud to carry these timeless pieces of Armenian Ceramic. Tiles, plates, bowls, wall hangings, home decor, Judaica and more are done in the classic style featuring flowers in primary colors as well intricate and unique designs in blue or featuring the Old City of Jerusalem. Armenian Ceramic is a great way to decorate your home with a Middle Eastern flair as well as being a great gift.

Serving Dishes

Serving DishesEveryone always needs serving dishes! Although the food is generally the centerpiece of the dinner table, Armenian Ceramic serving dishes will steal the show. Stunning bowls, trays and plates done in the traditional motif is everything you need to dress up your table with. Armenian Ceramic is strong enough to withstand serving hot dishes but also look good serving cold and room temperature food items too. Don't miss out on picking your new favorite serving dish!

❤︎ We love this bouquet bowl and this large blue flowers bowl.

Home Decor

Home DecorIt is the small things that make all the difference. Adding a little Armenian Ceramic home decor into your home brings the ambiance of the Old City into your everyday life. The ever popular ceramic pomegranate is available in hand-painted Armenian style as well as Blessing of the Home tiles, hamsas, clocks and jewelry boxes. A few of the home decor pieces are to resemble ancient mosaics found in Israel! Even the most simple of things are made into masterpieces with Armenian Ceramic.

❤︎ We love the Shalom Y'All sign and the floral pomegranate.


CandlesticksArmenian Ceramic candlesticks are next level when it comes to bringing in Shabbat. Not only will you be able to use something made in Israel for Shabbat, but it brings in the spirit of Jerusalem. A beautiful Bat Mitzvah gift, these candlesticks are age appropriate and the hand-painted flowers and striking geometric design will always bring a smile to your face. Judaica made from Armenian Ceramic is meaningful and beautiful.

❤︎ We love the Armenian Ceramic candlestick set.

Havdalah Set

Havdallah SetHavdalah sets made from the fabulous Armenian Ceramics are incredibly popular. Havdalah is the ritual prayer said over wine with a multi-wicked candle and sweet smelling spices that ends Shabbat with. This means it requires a couple of items to hold the candle and spices, as well as a fancy cup for wine- which is beautifully done with colorful Armenian Ceramic. You could use just about anything, but anything done in relation to Shabbat should have a sort of elegance to it. This Armenian Ceramic Havdalah set is beautiful and makes it a little easier to say good bye to our day of rest.

❤︎ We love the 5 piece Havdalah set.