Sydney-born Barbara Shaw's unique sense of humor shines through her gorgeous range of exciting homeware. She combines traditional concepts with bright colors and modern designs, creating a collection of vibrant, quirky and completely original line of practical artwork that will both look perfect in your home and make you smile!


The Passover holiday's restrictions against leavened products (chametz) mean that many Jewish families have all the supplies needed for a complete second kitchen stashed away somewhere! Their limited use doesn't mean your Pesach supplies shouldn't be as tasteful and exciting as your 'regular' kitchen: with Barbara Shaw's stunning Passover range, they could be even nicer! This collection includes aprons, Seder plates, mugs, dishtowels and matza baskets and covers, and features Barbara's statement Passover print design.

A quirky trivet that exudes Passover



Barbara Shaw's quirky clocks are guaranteed to make you smile every time you check the time! Featuring bright colors and statement designs printed on a glossy laminate, these fantastic clocks are among the most original, exciting items in Barbara's range.

There is always time for coffee


These aprons are probably the most definitive line in the Barbara Shaw range. With a huge choice of designs for both men and women of all ages, these brightly colored aprons features a collection of witticisms, Hebrew puns, Yiddish phrases and even tried and tested recipes! One of these fantastic aprons is a great way to show how much you appreciate the chef in your life!

Jewish mothers know best!



Barbara Shaw's line of exciting tableware includes an eclectic combination of trivets, coasters and serving dishes decorated with bold prints, Yiddish expressions and Hebrew phrases. We also carry a huge collection of mugs, featuring everything from the sweet phrase 'בוקר טוב יפה שלי' (good morning my beautiful) to cynical and funny Yiddish phrases.

Give out words of wisdom with cute Yiddish Proverb coasters


Tote Bags

If you're looking for a cooler way to carry, check out Barbara Shaw's unique range of tote bags! Each of these designs is completely original, yet easily recognizable as a Barbara Shaw design.

At least you'll look good schlepping your groceries



Barbara Shaw's funky homeware items include cushions, dishtowels, hand towels and vases. All of these products feature Barbara's unique, eclectic designs and prints, and will make exciting gifts for friends or give charming touches of bright color to your own home!

The most delicious fruit for the sweetest dreams

With her trademark colorfully quirky patterns, humorous designs and varied styles, Barbara Shaw's gorgeous product range is sure to won a place in your heart and your home!