Passover is a time of renewal as nature begins to blossom and we celebrate the freedom of the Jewish people after the Exodus. Barbara Shaw for Passover is one of the best ways to celebrate this happy time! All done in Shaw's classic quirky style, her Passover line includes some of the most fun and colorful designs. From Judaica to tableware and almost everything in between, you can add a bit of color and modernity to the ancient Seder tradition. Take your Seder to the next level with something everyone will enjoy with anything from Barbara Shaw's Passover line.

Afikoman and Matzah Covers

Afikoman and Matzah Covers are something often times made as children, but over the years it is easy to see the wear in tear in them. While nostalgia is important, there are new traditions to be made and they can be done with covers from Barbara Shaw. Kids will love hiding or finding, depending on your tradition, the colorful Afikoman bag, as the matching matzah cover sits proudly on the table as part of the Seder. From traditional, like this antique font cover, to modern, there are plenty of Afikoman and Matzah covers to choose from.

❤︎ We love this mosaic set and this fun illustrated set.


Aprons are useful when there is so much to prepare for. If you live outside of Israel, there are two Seders that require endless amounts of cooking, so why not make it a bit more fun with a holiday themed apron! The patterns available feature the Mah Nishtana and matzah, and an Egyptian themed print that looks like hieroglyphics. No matter which way you choose, these aprons are a way to get into the holiday mood and stay clean while doing all your Passover cooking.

❤︎ We love this brick red hieroglyphics apron.

Matzah Trays

Passover is also known as the "Holiday of Crumbs" due to matzah's crumbly texture, but you can keep the mess centralized with any of Barbara Shaw's Matzah Trays. Some are tins with a lid, allowing you to keep matzah in there for the whole week long holiday, while others are perfect for passing around the table and fold flat for easy storage afterwards. A great gift if you are going away for Passover, these bold trays will always be useful. Already have a matzah tray? Get another and use it as a festive napkin holder, fruit basket, or anything else!

❤︎ We love this "Found the Matzah" tin 

Seder Plates

Seder Plates are the literal centerpiece of the Passover Seder table. They represent what once was during the Passover celebration, and help tell the story of Exodus. These non-traditional Seder plates are absolutely gorgeous but keep in mind that there are no bowls attached as do traditional plates. Some of the fun themes include spring time and matzah, but all are colorful! The benefit of this is that you can use it as a serving piece instead! Barbara Shaw's Seder plates are one of a kind and will always look lovely on your Passover table.

❤︎ We love this Bold Words Seder plate and this Sand, Sea and Sycamore Seder Plate.


Everyone has their table traditions when it comes to the Seder- the things that must be put out, the dishes to be used, and other fun things that happen at the table itself. Barbara Shaw's tableware is the new tradition for your table, with fun matzah trivets, Egypt inspired patterns, mugs, and placemats of the 10 Plagues. Keep to the Passover spirit with tableware that helps tell the story and keep your guest entertained throughout the long Passover Seder night.

❤︎ We love this matzah trivet and these Passover themed towels.