Passover is a joyous time of year — not only do we celebrate the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery, but we gather with friends and family and welcome the beginning of spring together. Stocking up on items from renowned Israeli designer Barbara Shaw's Passover line is one of the best ways to celebrate this occasion!

All done in Shaw's vibrant and quirky style, you can add a bit of color and modernity to the ancient Seder tradition with her tableware, accessories and gifts. Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, there is something for everyone in Shaw's dynamic collection of Passover items.

Afikoman and Matzah Covers

While your kids or grandchildren may have made your family's matzah cover and afikoman bags in Hebrew school, the wear and tear becomes more visible every year. Embrace something new with one of the many pieces from Barbara Shaw's collection, such as this handmade word cloud afikoman and matzah bag set or this contemporary paisley matzah cover. If you're seeking something more traditional, this unique set was inspired by the Prague Haggadah of 1505.

❤︎ We love this mosaic set and this fun illustrated set.


If you live outside of Israel, there are two Seders that require endless amounts of planning, cleaning and cooking. This Keep Calm and Seder On apron will keep you motivated! If you're more the type to sing along while you cook, check out these Mah Nishtanah inspired aprons, available in a bold red and against a matzah pattern. Regardless of what you choose, Barbara Shaw's aprons will both keep you clean and get you into a festive mood.

❤︎ We love this brick red hieroglyphics apron.

Matzah Trays

Passover is also known as the "Holiday of Crumbs" due to matzah's messy tendencies. Barbara Shaw's Matzah Trays ensure your table stays neat and vibrant all at once. Tins with a lid are especially handy for storing your matzah throughout the eight-day holiday, while others are perfect for passing around the table and fold flat for easy storage afterwards. Already have a matzah tray? Get another and use it as a festive napkin holder, fruit basket, or anything else!

❤︎ We love this "Found the Matzah" tin 

Seder Plates

Seder plates are the literal centerpiece of the table on Passover, offering a wonderful opportunity to bring some color and style to your Seder. This bright blue porcelain Seder plate features a collage of illustrations relevant to the holiday. Some of Shaw's other one-of-a-kind Seder plates include this green botanical motif and this unique matzah-themed plate.

❤︎ We love this Bold Words Seder plate and this Sand, Sea and Sycamore Seder Plate.


Everyone has their own table traditions when it comes to the Seder — the heirlooms we put out, the dishes to be used, and other fun traditions we bring back to life every year. Barbara Shaw's tableware is the new tradition for your table, with this "We survived Pharaoh, we'll survive this!" trivetmugs, and this placemat inspired by the 10 Plagues. Keep to the Passover spirit with tableware that helps tell the story and keep your guest entertained throughout the long Passover Seder night.

❤︎ We love this matzah trivet and these Passover themed towels.