Ben Jewelry has an extensive history in jewelry making, to the point where Ben Sadya's ancestors were appointed to design and create jewelry for the Royal Court in Yemin. Sadya himself learnt from his father, where he perfected the Yemenite craft of filigree, and often uses it in his jewelry. This luxury jewelry collection is handmade with 14k and 18k gold and 925 sterling silver in different finishes and decorated with Roman Glass, diamonds, and other precious stones. A piece of quality jewelry is incredibly meaningful to give and wonderful to own, even for daily wear.

Roman Glass

Roman Glass is found throughout Israel because of the Roman Empire's extensive history in Israel. The large sandy beaches allowed for the Romans to create lots of gorgeous blue and yellow glass which has since been found throughout Israel's endless excavations and archeological digs. Roman glass adds the perfect amount of color to any necklace, and Ben Jewelry has made so many beautiful pieces like these textured earrings. Ben Jewelry has also made many pendents and earrings featuring Jewish symbols in a variety of ways with this beautiful Star of David pendent and contemporary Hamsa pendent.

❤︎  We love this King David harp and this filigree Hamsa.


Scripture jewelry is incredibly spiritual as it includes different blessings and prayers such as Shema Yisrael, Ani Ledodi, and the Priestly Blessing. These jewelry pieces come in an extensive variety of styles ranging from minimalistic to extravagant with precious gems like this diamond bracelet.  Many of the rings in this section include the favorite spinning ring, featuring different blessings and prayers. Each piece has been handmade to perfection and is a wonderful addition to your Jewish jewelry collection, as they also feature traditional Jewish symbols.

❤︎  We love this Shema Yisrael mezuzah pendent and this spinning Ani Ledodi wedding ring.

Star of David

The Star of David is one of Judaism's most popular symbols, and is Hebrew is called a Magen David- Shield of David. With 120+ designs, no two are the same. From flat like this classic cut to a 3D look, each one is incredibly unique and a great piece of jewelry for both men and women. This classic look can be worn everyday as they symbol itself is rather simple but some of the more delicate designs can be worn as a statement piece for a special occasion. Ben Jewelry uses hearts, doves, the Hebrew letter Shin, and the word Chai as part of one of the triangles for a one of a kind look.

❤︎  We love this cube pendent and this classic Star of David pendent.


Chai is the Hebrew word for "life" and has the numerical equivalence of 18, which is why it is considered to be Judaism's lucky number. Chai jewelry is incredibly popular for men in Israel, but Ben Jewelry creates stunning options for men and women, creating magnificent earrings, pendants, rings, and bracelets with incredible style. The Western Wall, Roman Glass, hammered and textured finishes are just some of the favorite looks in this selection of gold Chai jewelry.

❤︎  We love this Western Wall motif pendent and these Chai earrings.

Jewish Rings

Jewish rings have your favorite Jewish symbols and quotes on it, as well as textured designs, and come in absolutely stunning styles for men and women. From bold to simple, these rings include some of the most popular styles, like this woven Star of David ring, on the Judaica WebStore and include relatively simple designs that can be used as a Jewish wedding ring from Israel. The majority of these rings are stunning designer rings with diamonds and rubies that are truely an exquisite piece of luxury jewelry that anyone would be lucky to have.

❤︎  We love this Hamsa stamp ring and this heart Star of David ring.