What better way to bring Jewish tradition into your or a loved one's home than with a beautiful piece of Jewish-themed home décor from some of Israel's best artists? These meaningful gifts include timeless and artistic pieces of Judaica, vibrant depictions of Jerusalem, and art that incorporates traditional blessings, Biblical themes, or Jewish symbolism.

Jewish home items make for stunning New Year's, housewarming, or wedding gifts that will continue to bring joy and Jewish pride to the lucky recipients for years to come! To help you narrow down from our vast selection of Jewish home décor, we've compiled our top 13 favorite pieces below.


1. Colorful Jerusalem Hand Painted Metal Wall Hanging

Add a burst of color and meaning to your home or office décor with this beautiful hand painted wall hanging from the Jerusalem studio of famous Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Made from metal, this vibrant work of art boasts an elaborate multicolored depiction of the Jerusalem skyline and is inscribed with the poignant Hebrew words of Psalms 137: "Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim Tishkach Yemini" (If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem May My Right Hand Wither).






2. Yair Emanuel Pomegranate Tree Hanukkah Menorah

This elegant menorah shaped like a pomegranate tree seamlessly blends traditional and modern influences and comes from renowned Israeli Judaica designer Yair Emanuel. Add one of several options of traditional Israeli-made candles or our pre-filled oil cups, and you'll have a stunning Hanukkah menorah for your table or windowsill - not just an eye-catching piece of Judaica but a beautiful decoration for every day of the year!







3. Dorit Judaica Home Blessing Wall Hanging

This striking, minimalist wall hanging is made out of stainless steel and features a short but poignant Hebrew home blessing: "BaBayit Zeh Tishreh Ahava Bracha Shefa Parnassa Simcha Shalom" ("In this house shall dwell love, blessing, plenty, livelihood, joy, and peace"). Made by prominent Israeli artist Dorit Judaica, this piece is sure to stand out in any room and bring a touch of both traditional faith and stylish contemporary design.







4. David Gerstein "Peace Upon Israel" Hamsa Sculpture

Adorn your home with a touch of contemporary Israeli art and layers of Jewish imagery with this magnificent, colorful sculpture from acclaimed Israeli artist David Gerstein. The piece is shaped like a Hamsa hand and features the Hebrew words "Shalom al Israel" ("Peace upon Israel") along with an array of symbolic Jewish motifs: the Western Wall, Star of David, shabbat candlesticks, menorah, Ten Commandments tablets, dove, wine cup, a pomegranate, and more.






5. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Laser Cut Bowl

Another gorgeous, must-have piece from Israeli favorite Yair Emanuel is this colorful, hand-painted serving bowl featuring a laser-cut Jerusalem scene. Perfect for both holiday and everyday use and available in a choice of two different sizes, it will remind your loved ones and guests of Jerusalem wherever you are with its vibrant, detailed design!







6. Jordana Klein Large Glass Challah Tray

This elegant glass challah tray from Jerusalemite artist Jordana Klein will add warmth to every shabbat in your home, and makes for a festive gift for any occasion. It features a candlestick and challah design set against an array of beautiful, vibrant colors. You can even add a special stand at an extra cost, to display it as a gorgeous, contemporary work of art when not being used to cut and serve challah.







7. Sterling Silver Filigree Shabbat Candlesticks With Klezmer Musicians

Masterfully hand-crafted from sterling silver by Jerusalem-area artisan Shoham Simchi, these stunning filigree design shabbat candlesticks combine traditional Yemenite craftsmanship with an Eastern European Hasidic design in a musical klezmer motif. These gorgeous, intricate pieces are sure to be a treasured family keepsake for years to come!







8. Marc Chagall Ten Commandments Mezuzah Case

Grab this limited-edition piece of art in the form of a 24k gold-plated mezuzah case before it's too late! It features a lithograph print adaptation of a painting by the famous 20th-century artist Marc Chagall, titled "I am the Lord thy God" and featuring the Children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments. It's also a piece of Israeli history - 5748 copies were produced in the Hebrew year 5748 (1988) in honor of the 40th anniversary of Israel's independence. Each mezuzah case comes with an official certificate of authenticity, and a mezuzah parchment scroll is also available at an additional cost.






9. Priestly Blessing Hands Sculpture

This stunning silver-plated and gold-accented sculpture features two hands outstretched in the traditional form of reciting the Priestly Blessing. The palms are decorated with the first two verses of the blessing itself (from the Book of Numbers 6:24-26), while the bottom is adorned with a depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem. Connect with powerful Biblical tradition and the legacy of Jerusalem with this unique and meaningful work of art from the Land of Israel!






10. Red Jerusalem Stone 10 Commandments Sculpture

Get a Biblical gift and an actual piece of the Land of Israel with this Ten Commandments tablets sculpture, made out of gorgeous red Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Judean hills. The statuette is shaped like the two tablets of the Biblical Ten Commandments and etched with golden Hebrew letters representing the commandments. It's available in a choice of sizes and comes with a stone back allowing it to stand with ease, so it can be beautifully displayed anywhere in the home or office.

Read more about Jerusalem Stone and where it comes from here!





11. Martin Holt Jewish Humor Wall Clock

Add a fun piece of Jewish art and humor to your home décor, with this wooden wall clock imprinted with Israeli artist Martin Holt's colorful portrayal of Moses splitting the waters of a swimming pool lane in order to allow a Hasidic athlete to run instead of swim to the other side. Both beautifully detailed and humorous, this piece will show off your Jewish pride and enliven your home for many years to come!






12. Silver and Gold Fiddler on the Roof Miniature

This stunning silver-plated Fiddler on the Roof sculpture showcases a gold-accented fiddler playing his instrument as he sits cross-legged on the roof of a house. The intricate design beautifully blends tradition with contemporary style, and the miniature comes with a felt bottom in order to prevent scratching any surface that it is placed on. Show off your sense of style and your love of tradition with this special work of art from the Land of Israel!






13. Handmade Ceramic Tree of Life Plaque Wall Hanging

This limited-edition, colorful ceramic plaque has been handcrafted by the artists at Tel Aviv family-run studio Art in Clay, and features a beautiful Tree of Life design. Bring this poignant Biblical symbol of life and creation into your home, while supporting artists from the Land of Israel! The plaque comes with its own stand or can be hung on a wall, so you can show off your Biblical roots and Jewish pride however you like.

Read more about the Tree of Life and its meaning here!





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