In Judaism, a girl becomes a Bat Mitzva when she turns 12. Traditionally, this means she leaves childhood and instead becomes a fully-fledged Jewish adult, responsible for her own actions and decisions. Becoming bat mitzva is an exciting milestone in a girl's life, and is a time to celebrate with family and friends! Celebrations can range from intimate family dinners to enormous, lavish parties for hundreds of guests. Get her the best bat mitzvah gift that will help her take on her new Jewish responsibility and tradition.


There are many mitzvot unique to women that a girl takes on when she becomes bat mitzvah.  One of those is the time-honored tradition of lighting Shabbat candles. Many girls start lighting their own candles when they reach this special milestone, so a beautiful pair of Shabbat candlesticks would make a meaningful bat mitzva gift! There are plenty of traditional, elegant, and colorful options the bat mitzva girl would love and use for a life time.  For an extra-special addition, check out the Safed Candle Factory's selection of world famous hand-dipped candles.

There are plenty of colorful and age appropriate candlesticks to gift!

Tzedaka Boxes

One of the most important concepts in Judaism is 'tikkun olam' - fixing the world.  One aspect of 'tikkun olam' is giving tzedaka, charity, to those in need.  In Judaism it is said that what you give to others, you will get back- an encouraging way to look at giving to charity.  A beautiful tzedaka box might help motivate the bat mitzva girl in helping others. We carry a large selection of stunning and colorful tzedaka boxes that she'll be excited to use.


We should always run to preform mitzvas- and this is one bat mitzva gift that will do just that


Another important mitzva that a Bat Mitzva now has responsibility over is her own prayer and Jewish learning.  It is not always easy to learn in Hebrew but we carry an array of prayer books and Bibles with English translation and commentary, to influence her learning.  These are the perfect bat mitzva gifts for a serious young lady who is passionate about her Jewish identity and learning more in depth about her heritage.

There are a few books that are specifically for women that are inspiring to young girls


A delicate piece of jewelry is always a welcome gift, and a stunning piece of sparkling 'grown-up' jewelry is sure to delight a girl on the cusp of adulthood! There are detailed and unique Jewish jewelry with elegant pendants in the shape of the Star of David, Chai and Hamsas.  Any of these is a beautiful tribute to the significance of this Jewish milestone, and heart-shaped jewelry is a great way to combine feminine elegance with youthful prettiness on her bat mitzvah. One of Adi's outstanding watches would also be a classy gift to mark this special occasion. She'll need something special to keep her new treasures in, so don't forget to check out our beautiful jewelry boxes!

She'll enjoy feeling like an adult with elegant jewelry

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Our array of gorgeous Dead Sea products make beautiful gifts for girls who appreciate a little bit of luxury and enjoy being pampered! Our range of bath salts are simply need to be poured into warm bathwater to release their delicate fragrance and mineral goodness, and these gift sets feature a range of delicious products to deliver the most luxurious post-party experience a Bat Mitzva girl could wish for!

She can even have a spa day with her friends with an AHAVA gift set!


Reaching Bat Mitzva is a significant milestone in a Jewish girl's life, and our range of stunning items is sure to offer you a great choice of gifts to mark her special day!