Celebrating reaching the age of Bat Mitzva is one of the most important and exciting milestones in a Jewish girl's life, and our range of stunning bat mitzvah gifts from the Land of Israel is sure to offer you a great choice of gifts to mark her special day! And for your shopping inspiration, we've picked out the top 12 made-in-Israel bat mitzvah gifts below.

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1. Hebrew/English Koren Shalem Siddur

Becoming bat mitzvah is the perfect time for a Jewish teen to get her own siddur or prayer book, and Koren Jerusalem's acclaimed "Shalem" siddur is one of the most trusted and easiest to use versions around. Available with a choice of vibrantly colored covers, it has all the standard prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, and festivals. This edition is appropriate for any level of familiarity with Jewish prayer, and your lucky recipient will love Koren's signature easy-to-read font and layout as well as the modern English translations, helpful instructions, and insightful commentary by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z"l.








2. 14K Gold Classic Hebrew Name Necklace

Designed and custom-made in the Holy City of Jerusalem, this stylish name pendant necklace will be an iconic and one-of-a-kind gift to help a lucky bat mitzvah girl connect to and show off her Jewish identify for years to come. It's available in either white or yellow 14K gold, with a choice of thickness and chain length, to suit any personal style. Choose any name or nickname to be written in our chic, classic Hebrew script - and we can even translate any English name to Hebrew for you!








3. Yair Emanuel Anodized Aluminum Shabbat Candlesticks

One of the most special and well-known women's mitzvot is lighting Shabbat and holiday candles. Any bat mitzvah girl entering Jewish adulthood will appreciate her very own candlesticks to start marking this ritual in her own way. For a modern design that your teen will love, you can't go wrong with these anodized aluminum Shabbat candlesticks from famous Israeli designer Yair Emanuel. With an elegantly tapered shape, brushed metal finish, and choice of vibrant colors, this beautiful bat mitzvah gift will be a cherished piece of Judaica and a stylish piece of home décor.







4. Tree of Life Embroidered Polysilk Tallit Set

If the bat mitzvah traditions in your community include wearing a tallit while reading from the Torah or leading prayers, this gorgeous Tree of Life tallit by Yair Emanuel will make the perfect gift for your bat mitzvah girl! Made from a beautiful polysilk blend, it features a colorful Tree of Life embroidery, and comes with a matching tallit bag and kippah. Along its collar are the Hebrew words of Proverbs 3:18, Eitz Chaim Hi LeMachazikim Ba VeTomcheiha Meushar (It is a tree of life for those who grasp it and its supporters are happy), embroidered in gleaming gold thread.








5. Hebrew/English Koren Jerusalem Bible with Thumb Tabs

There's no more classic Jewish gift than a Tanach or Hebrew Bible, and any child marking her bat mitzvah will treasure this magnificent Bible from renowned Israeli religious publisher Koren Jerusalem. One of the most highly regarded Hebrew-English Bibles ever published, it features a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, an easy-to-read Hebrew font, convenient thumb tabs, and an array of helpful annotations, maps, charts, and illustrations to engage any teen or adult reader. An outstanding gift to last a lifetime of Jewish education!





6. 14K Gold Interlocking Star of David Pendant Necklace

The Star of David is the most recognizable symbol of the Jewish people, and a pendant necklace featuring this special motif is a meaningful bat mitzvah gift that will encourage your young loved one to be proud of her Jewish identity. Crafted from 14K gold right in the Land of Israel, this interlocking Star of David pendant with a modern finish will be a stylish addition to any casual or formal wardrobe and is sure to be cherished for years to come.






7. Danon Pomegranate Travel Candlesticks

Help your teen always have a way of lighting Shabbat candles wherever she goes - whether at home, on trips and vacations, at camp, or eventually in college - with this convenient, foldable Shabbat candlestick set! Crafted from silver-plated pewter by renowned Israeli design studio Danon, this pomegranate-shaped set is decorated with an elegant floral design and accented with genuine Swarovski stones in your choice of red or blue color. The foldable pomegranate opens up into two candleholders and comes with two tealight candles. Beautiful, convenient, and practical, this set will lighten up the bat mitzvah girl's Shabbat wherever she goes!








8. Priestly Blessing Gift Box with Hebrew Name Necklace

Make your young teen's bat mitzvah as special as can be with this custom gold Hebrew name necklace, which comes in a stylish gift box along with a beautiful gift card. The card can be customized with your own personal message on top, while the bottom is inscribed with the Priestly Blessing - a beautiful and traditional wish for protection for the young woman entering adulthood.





9. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Hamsa Wall Hanging - Hearts (Large)

Help your young loved one connect to ancient Jewish history and the roots of Jewish tradition with this detailed, hamsa filled with colorful hearts. Made from recyclable laser-cut metal pieces that easily fit onto any wall, this beautiful piece of art is perfect for any bat mitzvah girl's wall. This stunning, Jewish, and eye-catching gift will be a favorite for any Jewish teen!






10. Anodized Aluminum Pomegranates Tzedakah Box

Another must-have from prominent Jerusalem artist Yair Emanuel is this stylish and meaningful metal pomegranate tzedakah box. Becoming bat mitzvah is a great time for a child to start setting aside some of her own money for charity (tzedakah) - and this convenient and attractive tzedakah box will help her do just that, while connecting to Jewish values and commandments! The box features the Hebrew word Tzedakah and a beautiful pomegranate metal cut-out, and comes in a choice of vibrant colors to suit your teen's style.





11. Designer Shabbat & Havdalah Travel Set with Pomegranate Design

No matter where she goes, make sure your bat mitzvah girl will always be ready to bring in and take out shabbat! This beautiful travel set by Yair Emanuel contains a stainless steel kiddush cup with a matching saucer, two shabbat candleholders with intricate metal cutouts, and a chic havdalah set that opens up into a candlestick and spice holder. All items are feature stunning pomegranate designs and stylish silhouettes that Yair Emanuel is known for, making for a gift that is as gorgeous as it is practical and meaningful.





12. Judaica WebStore Gift Card

If you're still stumped as to the perfect gift for your bat mitzvah girl, you can never go wrong with a Judaica WebStore online gift card! Valid for use anywhere in our store, it's available in any amount of your choosing (minimum $20), with an option to add a personalized message. So give the lucky teen celebrating her entry into Jewish adulthood the opportunity to pick out her own Judaica, book, piece of Jewish art, jewelry, or any one of our vast array of Israeli-made items.





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