CeMMent DesignOne of the more eccentric Judaica designers is the amazing ceMMent Design. Rather than using traditional materials like silver, gold, and anodized aluminum to make their Judaica, ceMMent actually uses metal and cement for all their creations! Cement is thought to be this industrial and even rather not so elegant, so ceMMent decided to take this "ugly" material and turn it into something marvelous, giving thanks to underrated material as seen in their name. ceMMent focuses on a minimalistic and contemporary look for all their Judaica and wall decor because sometimes, less really is more. Discover some of ceMMent's finest works from their Jaffa studio and see how cement Judaica is the unique look you have been searching for.


ceMMent CandlesticksCandlesticks are found in every Jewish home, as they are the way the woman of the house welcomes in Shabbat and most Jewish holidays. A good pair of candlesticks is important, but as a piece of Judaica, they tend to take up a lot of room. For something simple but still elegant, ceMMent Design candlesticks are right to the point and come in a creative asymmetrical design. Made from cement, these Shabbat candlesticks are available in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) as well as in two different colors; gray and white. The simplistic design still allows the candlesticks to glow on their own, or bring the focus onto the candles if you choose to light colorful Shabbat candles.

❤︎  We Love these large white candlesticks and these mini gray ones.


ceMMent HamsaHamsas are a popular symbol of Judaism, often thought of as an amulet for good luck and keeping the Evil Eye at bay. These Hamsas are made from concrete and are available in a number of colors like blue and white highlighted in white, and turquoise, black, and blue outlined in white. Each Hamsa is handmade making each one a little different from the next, giving you a truely one of a kind product for you home. The different Hamsas feature those with a small eye made of a colored stone bead and those colored with an epoxy, giving a shine along the rough cement outline. These minimalistic Hamsas will blend in seamlessly with your decor.

❤︎  We Love this Hamsa with a stone bead.

Hanukkah Menorah

ceMMent Hanukkah MenorahsEvery Hanukkah, depending on your tradition, the man of the house or everyone in the household, pulls out their Hanukkah menorah to light for eight nights as we remember the miracle of Hanukkah. ceMMent Design Hanukkah Menorahs are perfect for those who do not have a lot of space to give up but still need to light. From the DIY menorah that you can design the pattern yourself or the simple metal menorah with a folded design, these are perfect for students, kids or really anyone! Easy to store and enjoyable to use, these menorahs will always shine bright.

❤︎  We Love this folded metal menorah.


CeMMent MezuzahsMezuzahs are the marker of which home is a Jewish home, as it generally makes an appearance on the front door of every Jewish home. The ceMMEnt mezuzahs are extraordinary, and are perfect for any doorway. The minimalistic design is available as a solid concrete with a minimalistic Shin and a triangular shaped mezuzah or a metal mezuzah case with a cut-out Shin or a colorful mezuzah with an epoxy fill or painted Shin inlays for a real pop of color. A mezuzah is something that many feel needs to be a part of the room's ambiance, and these incredibly unique mezuzahs will pair nicely in any room, simply by matching it by color.

❤︎  We Love this black mezuzah with a colorful Shin.