The Hebrew word Chai is one of the more popular jewelry styles, especially for men, and for such a short word, it has a lot of meaning. Chai means life, and not only as in one's personal life, but also the life of the nation of Israel, as seen with Am Yisrael Chai.  Chai jewelry has over 100 different styles that most commonly include necklaces and pendents but you'll also find beautiful bracelets and earrings in this selection. Enjoy shopping for your new piece of Chai jewelry!



Diamond Chai necklaces are very special and are a luxurious piece of jewelry. They add some class to a rather ordinary word and the options are absolutely wonderful. Some offer a pop of color with blue enamel, others are beautifully outlined in gold, and some have a more contemporary look where the letters overlap. There are plenty of different fonts to choose from, whether you like something more traditional like a Torah font or something a bit more modern, the choice of a beautiful diamond Chai necklace is up to you.

❤︎ We love this blocky print gold Chai and this simplistic one in white gold.

Eilat Stone

Israel's national stone happens to be found in the southern region of Israel around the most southern city of Eilat. During the times of King Solomon, he established copper mines in the area, but little did King Solomon know that the minerals from the copper would also create this beautiful green-blue stone, often found with hints of red. Eilat Stone with a gold setting allow the natural coloring to pop and look absolutely elegant. If you have a snake-chain charm bracelet, you can also add a little Chai charm on for a truely Israeli piece of jewelry.

❤︎ We love this mezuzah shaped pendent and iconic Eilat Stone Chai necklace in sterling silver.

14K & 18K Gold

For a classic Chai look, we recommend going for gold! Styles range from minimalistic and using negative space, to decked out with precious stones and historic Roman glass. Some incorporate other Jewish symbols such as Hamsas and the Star of David, and others use different decorative techniques like a brushed look or Filigree. There are nearly 100 options of yellow and white 14K and 18K gold, you're bound to find a look you love. 

❤︎ We love this classic Chai look and these Chai earrings.


With "Am Yisrael Chai" being the incredibly popular saying it is, it is then only fitting that Jerusalem themed Chai jewelry would exist, as Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people's homeland. Here you will find Chai jewelry that looks as though it belongs as part of the Kotel with a Jerusalem stone pattern on a Star of David or with the word "Jerusalem" elegantly written over the Hebrew letter 'Chet'. Each Jerusalem Chai necklace will remind you that Jerusalem, and the Jewish people, will continue to live on for eternity.

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem Stone pendent and this pendent with a Western Wall motif.

Roman Glass

Incorporate a piece of Israeli history into your daily wear with these Chai and Roman Glass jewelry. Beautiful earrings, Star of David pendents sit among the wonderful styles in this selection. You will also find unique modern designs among the classics, but none will disappoint. Roman Glass comes with a blue or yellow base, and you can find both types here as Israeli designers have truurned them into something truely special.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate necklace and this filigree style pendent.