There is no more timeless gift than jewelry, and Jewish jewelry is the classic way of passing on pride in one’s heritage from generation to generation.

Our store carries a variety of jewelry pieces made especially for kids, masterfully crafted by Israeli designers and adorned with Jewish symbols like the Star of David, Hamsa, menorah, or Chai, and even personalized Hebrew name necklaces. To help you select the right one for your young loved one, we’ve handpicked our top 15 kids' jewelry pieces that are both stylish and bursting with meaning.

For their birthday, a special milestone or holiday, or just because, your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or younger sibling will be thrilled to show off their Jewish heritage with one of these gorgeous jewelry pieces from Israel!


1. 14K Gold Interlocking Star of David Pendant Necklace

The Star of David is the most recognizable symbol of the Jewish people, and a pendant necklace featuring this special motif is a meaningful way to encourage your child to be proud of their Jewish identity. Crafted from 14K gold, this interlocking Star of David pendant with a modern finish makes a beautiful gift that will be treasured by the lucky recipient well beyond this holiday season.

Read more about the Star of David and its history and meaning here!





2. 14K Gold and Opal Hamsa Pendant Necklace

This adorable, eye-catching 14K yellow gold pendant by Rafael Jewelry is shaped like a Hamsa, the traditional Jewish symbol of Divine protection, and features a gleaming, polished finish. It's set in the middle with a radiant opal stone, reminiscent of an eye design in order to ward off the "evil eye." Show your little one your love and your wish for Divine protection over them with this special, meaningful piece!






3. 14K Gold Round Shema Yisrael Pendant Necklace

Crafted from 14K gold by expert Israeli artisans, this round pendant features the classic Jewish expression of faith (from Deuteronomy 6:4), "Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad" (Hear O Israel Our Lord Is God Our Lord Is One) in stylish Hebrew lettering. This luxurious yet spiritual piece makes a great gift for a birthday, bat mitzvah, graduation, or any other special occasion.







4. 14K Gold Chai Pendant Necklace

This chic pendant necklace from Ben Jewelers is shaped like the traditional Chai symbol and boasts an elegant polished finish in your choice of white or yellow 14K gold. One of the most popular Jewish symbols, Chai, meaning "life," is composed of two Hebrew letters and signifies our desire for a long and fruitful life - a perfect good luck charm for a child or teen!








5. 14K Gold Diamond Star of David Pendant Necklace with Blue Enamel

This exquisite 3D Star of David necklace is perfect for a teen who’s ready for a more “grown-up” piece bursting with Jewish pride without compromising on splendor or style. Featuring a large 14K yellow or white gold Star of David and another smaller star inside, the pendant is decorated with dazzling diamonds, bold blue enamel, and intricate details including a "Jerusalem" inscription on the back. Skillfully crafted by Israel’s renowned luxury jewelry studio Anbinder, this stunning pendant necklace is truly one of a kind.






6. 14K Gold Blue Enamel Star of David Necklace with Diamonds

Another eye-catching piece from Anbinder that's sure to wow any Jewish teen is this beautiful 14K gold Star of David pendant necklace, adorned with blue enamel and 6 genuine diamonds in each corner. This timeless yet stylish design will make an unforgettable gift for a birthday, bat mitzvah, holiday, or special occasion. Choose from white or yellow gold options, and watch your daughter, granddaughter, or niece treasure it for a lifetime!








7. 24K Gold-Plated Hebrew Modern Script Name Necklace

What could be a more meaningful way for your child or grandchild to connect with their Jewish heritage than with this beautiful, stylish 24k gold-plated necklace of their Hebrew name? Choose any name in our modern, classic script, with several chain length options - we can even translate any English name to Hebrew script for you. This chic, classy piece, custom-made in Jerusalem, is sure to be a stunning keepsake!






8. Sterling Silver Classic Hebrew Name Necklace

For a more traditional look, this sterling silver name necklace features a classic Hebrew block font, available in your choice of thickness and several chain lengths. This completely personalized, custom-made piece from the Land of Israel is available in any name of your choice. Get one for your loved one with their name or nickname, for the most unforgettable gift right from the Holy Land.







9. Sterling Silver Hebrew Name Bracelet

While Hebrew name necklaces have been popular for years, a more contemporary and unique take on personalized jewelry is the Hebrew name bracelet. Order a custom-made one from Jerusalem in a beautiful Hebrew block script for your fashion-forward daughter, niece, sister, or granddaughter, and help her show off her Jewish pride for years to come. (And as always, we can translate any English name into Hebrew as well.)






10. Gold-Plated Laser-Cut Football English/Hebrew Name Necklace

This fun take on the classic name necklace is sure to excite the young sports fan in your life. The 24K gold-plated pendant is shaped like a football, with intricate detailing of the seams, and can be laser-cut with a name of your choosing in either Hebrew or English. This stylish and beautifully crafted piece makes for a great gift for a football fan of any gender, combining both your child's favorite hobby and their Jewish pride.






11. Marina Jewelry Shema Yisrael Sterling Silver Necklace

This modern, sterling silver pendant necklace from Israeli designer Marina Jewelry is engraved with the traditional Jewish declaration of faith, "Shema Yisrael," in Hebrew on one side and English on the other: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is One." The delicately crafted pendant comes with a silver chain in your choice of length, and will be an inspiring and meaningful gift for a lucky recipient of any age.






12. Sterling Silver Blue Star of David & Chai Pendant Necklace

If you're looking for an affordable, kid-friendly design to help your child or grandchild express their Jewish identity with pride, look no further than this blue and silver Star of David necklace from Marina Jewelry! The sterling silver star is set with vibrant blue enamel and a polished Chai in the middle, for a stylish combination of two classic Jewish symbols that any child or teen will love wearing.






13. Marina Jewelry Silver Menorah Necklace

Did you know that the seven-branched menorah was the original symbol of Judaism and the Jewish people, going all the way back to the times of the Temple? It’s also had a modern resurgence as a Jewish motif and is part of the Israeli state emblem, and is becoming ever more popular as a powerful representation of Jewish identity. Help your kid connect with our ancient roots and show their Jewish pride with this beautiful sterling silver menorah necklace straight from the Land of Israel!

Read more about the history of the 7-branched menorah here!




14. Sterling Silver Star of David Pendant Necklace

Another stunning piece from the acclaimed Israeli artisans at Marina Jewelry is this simple yet timeless sterling silver pendant featuring an interlocked Star of David and a polished finish. Help your young loved one wear their Jewish identity and heritage with pride, with this elegant piece from the Land of Israel that is sure to be treasured for years to come - a perfect blend of traditional faith and contemporary fashion.






15. Sterling Silver Hamsa Necklace With Star of David

Combine two of Judaism’s most poignant symbols with this stylish, unisex sterling silver necklace! It features a polished Star of David, in your choice of silver or gold, set inside a sterling silver Hamsa, the traditional Jewish symbol for luck and protection. A choice of silver chain lengths is also available, so it's sure to fit any age and wearing preference. This unique and meaningful piece is sure to stand out and bring joy and pride to the lucky wearer!







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