DanonIsrael is full of wonderful artists and designers, each with their own unique flair and style. One of the most well known Israeli artists in the fashion industry is Danon, a family owned company that began in 1975. Their jewelry has been showcased around the world but thats not all they make. They also create stunning handcrafted mezuzahs, home decor, keychains, and tableware among other things. Their signature look that is seen with most of their items, is a piece made from silver plated pewter, smoothed out and blackened in just the right places. Really truely unique, you can never go wrong with any of Danon's incredible items.


Danon GiftsDanon has a great selection of little tchotchkes that would make a wonderful gift. Aside for the usual small goodies like bookmarks like this pomegranate one, and magnets, there are also car hangings like this Shema Yisrael one, decorative card holders with blessings, and a special Havdallah spice holder. Many of the gifts feature Jewish themes but some are just adorable like this bookworm bookmark and this desktop compass. These are precious gifts that anyone can appreciate on their own or as part of something bigger.

❤︎ We love this decisions compass and this Hamsa car hanging.

Mezuzah Cases

Danon MezuzahsMezuzahs from Danon are anything but ordinary as they add their signature twist to traditional designs. While many having a shining silvery look, some incorporate gold into it like Shin floral motif and others have a leather string that looks as if it is being bound together. Some look as though they were rolled up while others stick to the beloved traditional look. Danon mezuzahs will never disappoint and will look great in any rom they are put up in.

❤︎ We love this Priestly Blessing mezuzah and this Star of David with crystal mezuzah.


Danon JewelryJewelry is how Danon is so well known around the world. Many of Danon's jewelry pieces have been featured in some of the top jewelry stores, boutiques and design houses across the globe. Each piece is handcrafted with a silver or gold plating, and incorporate turquoise like this fashion bracelet, leather, dazzling stones, and a few Jewish symbols like Hamsas and prayers like the Priestly Blessing. This unique style of jewelry can not be found anywhere else, and anyone who owns a piece of Danon jewelry would love it forever.

❤︎ We love turquoise stone bracelet and this Shema Yisrael chain bracelet.


Danon KeychainsKeychains seem to be underrated but also brighten up someone's day! Danon keychains are absolutely beautiful and manage to make something like a pile of key look good. Choose from Hamsas like this one with Swarovski crystal, key shapes, bottle openers, compasses, Book of Psalms and more! Some might even bring back a childhood memory of yours as one has the famous Little Prince on it. Some look like Israel while others feature blessings, the options are truely incredible. Always know which keys are yours with a stylish Danon keychain.

❤︎ We love this Tefilat HaDerech keychain and this charms key ring set.

Wall Hangings

Danon Wall HangingsJewish wall art seems to be found in nearly every Jewish home, but non compare to Danon's wall decorations. While not necessarily the most obvious thing on the wall, these wall hangings are gorgeous and all done with the silver plated and blackened look. From traditional symbols like Hamsas, pomegranates, and fish, to more contemporary symbols like birds and horseshoes, or any combination of the bunch like with this, these pieces are fun and some even colorful with beads and crystals. Just a fun accessory to add to any room, Danon's wall hangings are also very meaningful and full of blessing.

❤︎ We love this Jewish charms and blessing hanging and this Hamsa wall hanging.