David Fisher David Fisher, a graphic designer, has brought back the traditional style of Jewish art, paper cuts. Paper cuts dates back to the Middle Ages and was frequently designed by Jews, as they would create beautiful pieces of art with blessings and prayers. Fisher's beautiful paper cuts are a splash of tradition in a modern day, but still loved by all. His pieces are done on white paper, and then placed on a colorful background, really making each and every part pop out in the most magnificent way. David Fisher's art will truly impress.

Business Blessings

Business BlessingsJust as home blessings wish well on a family, business blessings wish success on a business. The Doctor's Blessing was written by Maimonides, one of the greatest Jewish sages and well known physicians. There are also beautiful options for lawyers and attorneys in both Hebrew and English. David Fisher's paper cuts are stunning for any office and adds a little pop of color to what is otherwise a serious room. These are not easy professions to become established in, and any of these paper cuts would be a magnificent gift to receive when passing all the complicated exams. 

❤︎ We love this business blessing and this "justice, justice shall you pursue" paper cut for a lawyer.

Home Blessing

Home BlessingHome blessings are the ultimate wedding gift or housewarming gift for anyone. David Fisher incorporates nature into all his pieces, even the Seven Species. Many follow the traditional home blessing with a whole paragraph like this Jerusalem one, while others feature a single line in four squares or like this menorah  blessing with a line from Samuel. Many of David Fisher's pieces come in a variety of background colors so it is easy to match to your decor, once you find a design you absolutely would love to have in your home.

❤︎ We love this Seven Species Hebrew/English Home Blessing and this Priestly Blessing/Home Blessing.

Biblical Art

Biblical ArtBiblical art by David Fisher incorporates some of your favorite stories throughout the Torah. The Tree of Life is one of the more popular symbol in Judaism and is actually part of the story of creation. There are also beautiful Menorah cut outs like this one featuring the Prague menorah, stunning Shema Yisrael, and rainbow Priestly Blessings. Biblical artwork is found in nearly every Jewish home and certainly deserves a spot in yours as well, as they give new appreciation to our long and rich history.

❤︎ We love this colorful Vehi She'amda and this Tree of Life.

Other Blessings

Priestly BlessingIn Judaism, it feels as though there is a blessing for everything but at the same time, everything deserves a blessing. Every Friday night we read the ancient poem of Woman of Valor written by King Solomon and every day in Israel, the Priestly Blessing is said to protect the nation of Israel, as beautifully portrayed in this cut out. Then of course there are blessings for Jerusalem and peace among the rest of the incredible blessings. David Fisher is a leading Israeli artists and these pieces are just so meaningful.

❤︎ We love this Priestly Blessing/Welcome piece and this Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.