Mezuzahs are essentially what identifies a Jewish home. While the word "mezuzah" is generally associated with the case, it actually refers to the scroll inside, the most important part of the mezuzah. The scroll contains parts of the book of Deuteronomy, which is actually the prayer of Shema Yisrael, symbolic of the Jewish connection to God. You can read more about the tradition of the mezuzah here!

Mezuzah cases, though, are the artistic part of the mezuzah as a whole. Meant to keep the scroll safe, Jewish artists have been creating beautiful cases for centuries, putting them on synagogues, Jewish institutions, and their own homes around the world. When choosing a case, make sure you have a kosher mezuzah scroll, meaning the words are not smudged or missing, and that the letters are all intact - and check out our guide to kosher mezuzah scrolls so you can decide which type of scroll is the right for you. Mezuzahs should also be checked twice every seven years by a rabbi to make sure they are in good condition.

We have many artistic mezuzah cases from Israeli designers - check out some of our favorites below!

Children's Mezuzahs

Children's mezuzahs are brightly colored and the perfect addition to your child's or grandchild's room to imbue their lives with Jewish tradition from a young age. Adorable trains, fluttering butterflies, smiling animals, and nightime scenes adorn these lovely mezuzah cases, which you can pick out together as a family or give to your little one their first piece of Judaica. The mezuzah given to a child is so meaningful and might even be something they one day pass down to children of their own!

❤︎ We love this Noah's Ark mezuzah and this dogs mezuzah.

Marc Chagall Mezuzahs

Marc Chagall mezuzahs are so incredibly meaningful and special. These limited-edition mezuzahs feature artwork of some of Marc Chagall's most popular Jewish pieces like the 12 Tribes from the stained glass windows of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, the painting of King David from the Knesset building, and one depicting the giving of the 10 Commandments. As for the 12 Tribes, each mezuzah features the tribe's traditional symbol, like Naftali with a deer. At the bottom of each beautiful case is Chagall's signature. Perfect for putting in your living room or dining room areas, these beloved Marc Chagall mezuzah cases are true pieces of art!

❤︎ We love this Levi mezuzah and this King David mezuzah.

Modern Mezuzahs

If you are the kind of person who loves a contemporary look, our modern mezuzahs are just for you. These modern mezuzahs add a unique flair to your home decor, whether you want something ever so subtle like this chic monochrome mezuzah or something bold that will stand out like this embroidered mezuzah. Contemporary designer Ofek Wertman's modern mezuzahs take inspiration from pop-art and the Israeli art scene to present colorful depictions of Zionist leaders or fun themes like cats or robots.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate mezuzah and this triangular rainbow mezuzah.

Outdoor Mezuzahs

Outdoor mezuzahs are the ones that are placed on the doorpost of your front door and may be used to show off a Jewish home. Jerusalem Stone mezuzahs help express your love for the Holy City, while bright and colorful mezuzah cases, like this stylish striped case, show your fun and stylish side. Dorit Judaica's mezuzahs, meanwhile, are decorated with chic cutouts or beautiful florals. An outdoor mezuzah is generally made of materials that can withstand the weather, but if you live in an apartment building you can choose something a bit more elegant that you don't have to worry about.

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem Stone mezuzah and this minimalistic aluminum mezuzah.

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