Based in Petach Tikva, Dorit Judaica is one the the most popular design houses in Israel. Dorit combines cutting-edge technique and an extraordinary palette with a deep connection to Judaism and spirituality, to create some of the most beautiful and cherished Judaica and Jewish art in Israel and the world! She designs everything from candlesticks and Hanukkah menorahs to trivets and wall decorations, allowing you to add her unique and creative style to any part of your home!

  • Judaica: Dorit creates an extensive arrange of Judaica items which are sure to add sparkle to any home! Her candlesticks and candle lighters feature her trademark laser-cut steel, and are inset with shimmering Swarovski crystals to make them really shine! Dorit's range of shining challah boards are guaranteed to add a special touch to your shabbat or holiday table. Her exquisite mezuzah cases include stainless steel designs as well as intricately painted aluminium casts, featuring stunningly colored geometric patterns and traditional Jewish motifs such as pomegranates and doves re-interpreted as beautiful door-frame decor!
  • Holidays: Dorit's range of original Judaica pieces extends to special festival items too! Whether you seek an ornate chanukiyah (Hanukkah menorah) or an elaborately decorated dreidel, Dorit's gorgeous creations are sure to light up your Hanukkah, or make impressive gifts for a lucky loved one! She has also created an impressive selection of Passover pieces, which includes a range of stunning matzah stands and afikoman bags. Her elegant honey pots will make an enchanting addition to your Rosh Hashanah table, and will make your new year a little bit sweeter!
  • Tableware: Dorit's range of gorgeous tableware pieces are would make beautiful presents for special people, or an exciting treat for your own home! She has created a range of Netilat Yadaim towels which are embroidered with different phrases particular to different times of year. She has also designed a selection of napkin holders and trivets to keep your table organized, and salt-and-pepper sets and small serving dishes to make sure your complete tableware set can be as beautiful as possible!
  • Home Decor: It's traditional to hang amulets or other forms of protection in a home, to keep its inhabitants safe. This is particularly true in spiritual Middle Eastern countries like Israel, where one of the most popular symbols against the Evil Eye is the Hamsa, a hand-shaped talisman that represents the hand of God. Dorit's elaborate and delicate Hamsas are a tasteful way to honor this tradition while adding a flourish of Israeli beauty to your home! Dorit has also created a range of wall-art featuring other blessings and wishes, such as a variety of Blessings for the Home, Shalom (peace) signs and Jerusalem hangings.

One of Israel's most popular artists, Dorit creates evocative pieces which are a stunning blend of tradition and modernity. Any of her pieces would make a gorgeous gift to someone setting up a new home or getting married, or a beautiful addition to your own home!