Did you know the Land of Israel has its own unique gemstone found nowhere else on earth?

Called Eilat Stone or sometimes King Solomon Stone, it’s naturally found near Israel’s southernmost city, Eilat, and is the official national stone of Israel. It comes in a range of rich blue and green hues, and some of Israel’s top jewelers incorporate it into stunning jewelry pieces. Every Eilat Stone has its own unique cut, color, and weight, so every piece of jewelry with this stunning gem is truly one-of-a-kind. You can read more about this beautiful stone in our Special Stones of Israel blog post.

And you can take home a piece of the Land of Israel yourself with our range of gorgeous Eilat Stone jewelry featuring this incredible gemstone! If you need help picking the perfect one for yourself or a loved one, check out our 15 favorite handpicked pieces below:


1. Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Eilat Stone Chai Necklace

Crafted by famous Israeli designer Rafael Jewelry in your choice of elegant sterling silver or eye-catching 14K yellow gold, this stunning, luxurious necklace features the iconic Hebrew symbol Chai, which means "life," set with polished Eilat Stone. Wear your Jewish values with pride and have an instant connection to a piece of the Land of Israel wherever you go!

2. 14K Gold Star of David Pendant with Eilat Stone

Get Judaism’s most famous symbol set in Israel’s most famous gemstone, with this elegant Star of David necklace. The 14K yellow gold pendant is set with polished cuts of Eilat Stone inside an interlocking Star of David, and comes with a deluxe gold chain in your choice of length. A masterful blend of ancient tradition, natural beauty, and contemporary art, you’ll be proud to show it off for years to come.

3. Eilat Stone Necklace with Sterling Silver Ani Ledodi

This romantic necklace features a piece of iridescent, genuine Eilat Stone adorned in the center with a silver rendering of the Hebrew words Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li ("I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"). This Biblical verse is the ultimate Jewish love line and comes from King Solomon’s wisdom in the Song of Songs. The necklace is the perfect expression of love for the most special person in your life - man or woman.

4. Old Jerusalem Eilat Stone and Silver Circle Necklace

Carry the Holy City close to your heart wherever you go with this special necklace that incorporates Jerusalem into its dazzling design. Surrounding a gorgeous Eilat Stone at the center is an engraved illustration of Jerusalem's architecture, all set on a sterling silver circle. You or your loved one will proudly connect to the Land of Israel on a deep level with this stunning piece!

5. 14K Gold and Eilat Stone Israel Map Pendant with Chai

Wear your love for Israel along with an actual piece of the Land of Israel every day, with this magnificent Israel Chai pendant! It's crafted out of 14K gold and a splendid cut of real Eilat Stone, and embellished with the Hebrew word Chai in the middle meaning "life" or "alive." This necklace makes a wonderful gift for any supporter of Israel and a unique way to wear the sentiment "Am Yisrael Chai" - the People of Israel Live!

6. 14K Yellow Gold Elegant Chai Pendant with Eilat Stone

It's time to wear your Jewish pride in a stylish new way! This elegant Chai necklace combines 14K gold and original Eilat Stone into a luxurious pendant in the shape of the iconic Hebrew word Chai. While "Chai" can be translated to mean life, living, or alive, it is also used as a symbol of Jewish pride, strength, and longevity - a wonderful emblem for today's times, and made right in Israel, too.


7. Sterling Silver Filigree and Eilat Stone Hamsa Necklace

Crafted from sterling silver in a chic filigree design, this stunning necklace is shaped like a Hamsa, the traditional Jewish symbol for Divine protection against the evil eye, and is set in the center with an Eilat Stone eye design. Both stylish and meaningful, it combines traditional motifs with the modern craftsmanship of Israel’s renowned jewelers at Rafael, and you will love wearing it every chance you get for many years to come.

8. Eilat Stone and Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings

Beautifully complement your favorite ensemble with these intricate and elegant earrings! Made from sterling silver and adorned with a refined design, each earring is set with a square cut of Eilat Stone in addition to an Eilat Stone teardrop elegantly suspended from it. A beautiful connection to the Land of Israel, in a sophisticated design that never goes out of style!

9. 14K Gold Eilat Stone Hamsa Pendant with Diamond

Skillfully crafted from 14K yellow gold, this Hamsa necklace is set with elegant Eilat Stone along with a gleaming diamond in the middle, inside an eye shape that is traditionally used to ward off the "evil eye." This luxurious piece from Jerusalem Designer Studio is a gorgeous and contemporary way to wear one of Judaism's oldest symbols.

10. 14K Gold with Eilat Stone Mezuzah Pendant

This gorgeous pendant is shaped like a mezuzah, and is a wonderful way to wear a piece of Israel along with a reminder of Jewish tradition and Divine protection. A deluxe bestseller from Jerusalem Designer Studio, it's made of elegant 14K gold and authentic Eilat Stone, with a gold Hebrew letter Shin representing one of God's Divine names just like on a mezuzah. Combining traditional imagery with contemporary style and modern craftsmanship, this necklace is sure to become a favorite accessory for any occasion!

11. Convex Eilat Stone and Sterling Silver Necklace

This beautiful necklace is a lovely display of authentic, gleaming Eilat Stone sitting prominently in an exquisitely styled sterling silver border, in a curved circular shape. A masterful blend of natural beauty from the Land of Israel and the artistic craftsmanship of Israel’s best artisan designers, it makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

12. Sterling Silver Ring with Eilat Stone Design

Add the natural beauty of the Land of Israel to your personal jewelry collection with this unique ring from Rafael Jewelry. Skillfully handcrafted, the ring features a polished 925 sterling silver band adorned with a design of four indentations set with beautiful cuts of blue-green Eilat Stone, the national stone of Israel. Designed and made in Jerusalem, this ring will make a terrific gift that will be appreciated for many years to come.


13. Silver and Eilat Stone Men's Lion of Judah Necklace

Dazzle the special man in your life with this stunning Lion of Judah necklace! It features a polished cut of Eilat Stone set in a sterling silver frame and decorated on top with an intricately carved, sterling silver Lion of Judah emblem, representing the Biblical Tribe of Judah and the City of Jerusalem. Both beautiful and meaningful, it makes for an eye-catching display of one’s heritage and Jewish pride.

14. Old Jerusalem Eilat Stone Ring with Silver and Gold

This stunning Eilat Stone ring features a Jerusalem motif that you’ll be proud to display for an instant connection to the Land of Israel. Crafted from sterling silver, the ring boasts an Old Jerusalem stone wall design and is set on top with a polished cut of Eilat Stone surrounded by a gold-filled border. And since every Eilat Stone is unique, this piece is truly one-of-a-kind!

15. 14K Gold Men's Star of David Pendant with Chai on Eilat Stone

A special gift for the proud Jewish man, this magnificent 14K gold pendant combines multiple Jewish and Israeli symbols: a classic Star of David, an elegant Hebrew Chai, and beautiful Israeli Eilat Stone. It also comes with a stylish figaro gold chain in a choice of length for the perfect fit. Get it for yourself or a special man in your life as an unforgettable gift straight from Israel!

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