Eilat Stone JewelryFound in the ancient copper mines of King Solomon in southern Israel, the beautiful Eilat Stone gets its beautiful greenish blue color, sometimes with red streaks, through several secondary copper minerals. Being that the stones are found near King Solomon's mines, the stone is also know as the King Solomon Stone, and is Israel's national stone, as it is only found in the area of Eilat, the most southern point in Israel. Eilat Stone jewelry is a gorgeous piece of jewelry and a way to keep Israel close to your heart.


Eilat Stone CharmsOne of the most popular ways of showing one's personality and loves is through a snake chain charm bracelet. Eilat Stone charms are the perfect addition to your bracelet. These stunning stones make great beads and charms, adorned with different traditional symbols of Judaism like the menorah and Star of David, and cut to perfection into beautiful shapes as seen with this Chai charm. Many of these charms were made by the famous and talented Marina Jewelry, who often uses Eilat Stone in her many jewelry creations.

❤︎ We love this heart charm and this Priestly Blessing bead.


Eilat Stone Earrings Eilat Stone earrings are an elegant option when it comes to jewelry from Israel. The green blue stone is combined with intricate silver designs that pairs nicely with any outfit for a fancy occasion or to dress up your day to day outfit. From big and bold like these art deco earrings and these tear drop earrings to subtle earring options such as these Eilat Stone and Marcasite studs, there is something for everyone in our selection of Eilat Stone earrings. The most incredible part is that no two sets of earrings are the same, being that each stone is one of a kind.

❤︎ We love these eye shaped ones and these circle ones.

Men's Jewelry

Men's Jewelry Men's jewelry with Eilat Stone is a favorite. Cufflinks, rings, and necklaces like this mezuzah one, are adorned with the stone gives classic men's jewelry a fresh new look. The stone's color makes any Eilat Stone men's jewelry a remarkable gift to give for a special occasion, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or maybe a fresh pair of cufflinks like these for a promotion. The stone is said to bring good vibes to those that wear it, so anyone would appreciate a little bit of luck on their side.

❤︎ We love this Chai necklace and these cufflinks.


Eilat Stone NecklacesWith nearly 100 Eilat Stone necklaces, it is almost impossible to choose just one! Available in gold and silver options, these necklaces are available with some incredible designs, whether your looking for something with a Jewish background like a Star of David, Jerusalem, or mezuzah, or just simply something beautiful like this crowned pendent, there are dozens of options for each. A beautiful addition to one's jewelry collection, these necklaces can be worn every day like this clove necklace or for a special occasion.

❤︎ We love this Star of David necklace and this Hamsa necklace.