Etrog BoxesEtrog boxes are an underrated Sukkot item. Not only do we have to prepare food and a sukkah- hut- for one of the longest Jewish holidays, but we have to go and buy a lulav and etrog, a bouquet-like arrangement of specific leaves and a citron.  Once Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippor are over, the streets of Jerusalem fill with stands selling palm leaves, myrtle, willows and citrons for people to choose from and build their own lulav and etrog. These items are delicate and must be handled with the upmost care. 

The etrog, or citron, is a large yellow citrus fruit is actually one of the original and oldest citrus species. During part of Sukkot prayers, we hold the lulav in one hand and the etrog in the other.  Etrogs cannot be bruised, broken, or have any holes in them to make them Kosher to use during Sukkot prayers. Many etrogs also have a very delicate ball like growth on the top of the fruit, called a pitom, that if it should break off during Sukkot, the etrog is no longer Kosher. To prevent it from breaking, many choose to keep their etrog in a sturdy box with lots of cushioning, often time with wool. The mitzvah is to own something beautiful to celebrate the holiday with, so why not keep it in something beautiful as well.   Etrog boxes make appreciated Bar Mitzvah and wedding presents for those celebrating around the holiday of Sukkot. 

Traditional Wood Etrog Boxes

WoodFor a traditional look, Wood Etrog Box are the best choice. Sturdy and bold, these boxes will keep your etrog safe as you go from place to place or even for just while you're in the house. These etrog boxes are engraved with stunning patterns or hand-painted in Yair Emanuel's classic eye-catching style.  After Sukkot is over, you can leave the box out for everyone to see its beauty, as it makes for a fantastic decorative box that can be also used year round.

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem box and this wood and metal Etrog box.

On the Go Etrog Bags

BagsIf you're constantly going from place to place, an Etrog Bag would be the best option for you. Light and easy to carry, these pull string bags are made by Dorit Judaica and will brighten up your Sukkot holiday with bright colors and fun patterns.  If you are looking for something extra to cushion your etrog when keeping it in a box, these are also perfect for just that.  After Sukkot, many people choose to dry out their etrog and use it as besamim- spices- for Havdallah, and you can reuse the bag by keeping the dried out etrog in this bag with a few cloves for this purpose also, keeping the bag smelling good all year round.

❤︎ We love this stripy pomegranate design and this Pri Etz Hadar bag.

Dazzling Sterling Silver Etrog Boxes

Sterling Silver BoxesIf you are looking for something a bit more elegant, take a look at our sparkling Sterling Silver Etrog Boxes by Hadad Bros and Hazorfim.  Both of these companies are leading silversmiths in Israel and around the world, known for their fabulous handmade silver Judaica that will last a lifetime. All etrog boxes come with a warranty, making sure your etrog box is ensured for years of shine and splendor. These top of the line etrog boxes make for incredible Bar Mitzvah gifts, as boys of this age begin to use their own lulav and etrog.

❤︎ We love this artistic Sukkah etrog box and this oval etrog box with filigree.

Contemporary Etrog Box

ModernOur futuristic Modern Etrog Box is sure to stand out among all other etrog boxes.  The egg-shaped case keeps your etrog snug and standing vertically while most other cases hold the etrog more loosely.  Agayof, the creators of this etrog box, are known for their use of vibrant colors with contemporary styles that create incredible pieces of Judaica loved by those seeking something out of the ordinary. These funky etrog boxes also come in a variety of fun colors, so that you can get one in your favorite color.

❤︎ We love this Agayof Design etrog box and this decorative oval etrog box from Nadav Art.

Classic (Faux) Leather Etrog Boxes

Faux LeatherIt is not always easy to find quality faux leather options when it comes to Judaica, but for an etrog case, look no further! Our Faux Leather Etrog Boxes are classy with the look and feel of real leather! Printed with beautiful designs and the words "Pri Etz Hadar" meaning, "The Fruit of the Majestic Tree", these etrog boxes make for a wonderful Sukkot gift.  Get one for yourself or someone else today and enjoy for a lifetime!

❤︎ We love this dark faux leather box and this Pri Etz Hadar box.

Lulav Bag

Lulav BagIt might not be an etrog box but a sturdy Lulav Bag is also important! Just like you need to keep your etrog in tip-top shape, you need to do the same with your lulav.  Made from faux leather, this lulav bag has the quote from Leviticus where it talks about what to do over Sukkot, "You shall take the fruit of majestic trees, branches of palm trees, boughs of leafy trees, and willows of the brook".  Keep your lulav safe from bugs, animals, and little hands with a great lulav bag!

❤︎ We love this faux leather lulav bag.