Galilee Silks Tallit

Galilee Silks' tallitot are a true piece of art. Each tallit is carefully handmade from silk or wool, and they even make tallitot for women, something not all other tallit manufactures do. Galilee Silks also prides themselves with hand dying the fabric and using a number of different materials to ensure what you get is the absolute best and that you will be getting a special tallit from Israel to enhance your prayers with. Aside for making classic striped designs, only this time with a wonderful variety of colors, Galilee Silks also takes inspiration from classic Jewish symbols, Jerusalem, peace, and our favorite stories from the Tanach. It doesn't matter how old you are or how often you wear your Galilee Silk tallit, but you will always feel the love that was put into creating this wearable Judaica art from Israel every single time you pray.

Men's Tallitot

Men's Galilee Silks Tallitot

While every tallit was made for men and women alike, here are just a few of the designs created, kept with the modern man in mind. These tallitot take after the traditional tallit, featuring stripes along the middle, but these are not just in black and blue. If a burst of color is what you like, this red striped pattern tallit will make a bold statement wherever you pray as well as this shimmering Damascus silk tallit. Maybe you are a stickler to tradition and prefer a black or blue striped tallit then there is something just for you. Galilee Silks has incorporated silk bands onto wool tallitot, so that lines of silver and black add an elegant shine.  The detail on their silver panel tallit is stunning and would make a fantastic first tallit.

❤︎ We love this blue, black and white tallit.

Women's Tallitot

Women's Galilee Silks Tallitot

In some circles, women also wear a tallit while praying and for those women, they might feel empowered in their prayer with a tallit made by women, just for women. Many of these tallitot were made out of silk or polyester, giving a sheer look and have a wonderful modern look. Rather than having a plain stripe, these have a hand-painted designs along the stripe, as with this sunset tallit, or have a beautiful Tree of Life painted across the front in a bright pink. If its your girl's Bat Mitzvah, she might want something age appropriate with flowers, pink stripes, or a bright purple for something fun and funky. These tallitot are beautiful and will always gain you compliments whenever you wear it.

❤︎ We love this musical multicolored tallit.

Biblical Tallitot

Biblical Galilee Silks Tallitot

As we said before, Galilee Silks takes inspiration from the Torah, the Jewish Bible. Many of these tallitot were made just for women, even giving homage to the Four Mothers. There is the beautiful Tree of Life that has been hand-painting across the front of the tallit with swirling branches and hand-dyed leaves. One of the tallitot features the ancient Seven Species made of wheat, barley, pomegranates, dates, olives, grapes, and figs, and is a great way to bring some of Israel into your prayers on Shabbat and the holidays.

❤︎ We love this Tree of Life tallit.

Star of David Tallitot

Star of David Galilee Silks Tallitot

The Star of David is a Jewish symbol that looks good on every piece of Judaica. From big blue stars to little blue stars decorating a stripe in a unique pattern, these tallitot are a precious way to show your love for religion and your heritage. Of course, there is also a pink striped tallit for women with the triangles of the Star of David cut out for a really different type of look. The Star of David will always be a favorite design among all ages and is something that will be appreciated throughout the years.

❤︎ We love this bordeaux tallit.

Shalom and Jerusalem Tallitot

Jerusalem & Shalom Galilee Silks Tallitot

Two major themes found in Judaism are Jerusalem and peace. Jerusalem has not only Israel's capital city for thousands of years, it is also a symbol of our rich history, and a dream of what will be. For both men and women there are tallitot featuring the outline of the Old City and its ancient walls. As for peace, something we think of and pray for every single day, and is often represented by doves. There is also a multi-striped tallit with hues of blue, inspired by peace and gives off a peaceful feeling.

❤︎ We love this blue Jerusalem tallit.