Garnet Jewish Jewelry

Garnets are not only January's birthstone, but also an ancient stone, supposedly used on the Hoshen, the Priestly breastplate worn by the Head Priest. Garnets are perfect for Jewish jewelry, as it is used for pomegranate jewelry- sometimes representing the gem-like seeds, Hoshen jewelry, and according to Kabbalah, the color red keeps the Evil Eye away so it is used in some Kabbalah inspired pieces. Top artists have made some of the most incredible jewelry featuring this precious red stone that are meaningful and inspiring, and look just as beautiful as they did in ancient jewelry. We invite you to take a look at all the gorgeous garnet Jewish jewelry we have and some of our favorite designs, great for any January baby or really anyone in general for when you need a special something.

Gold Garnet Jewelry

Gold Garnet Jewelry

Gold settings and red garnets are the perfect combination. 14K, 9K, gold plated, and gold filled jewelry can be found in this selection, all featuring this red gemstone. Aside for the popular pomegranate jewelry like this open pomegranate pendent, there are plenty of Hamsas to choose from. Solid gold, outlined and filigree decorated Hamsas are all gorgeous and feature the garnet as the eye inside. Kabbalah has also inspired two gold key pendents, in both a simple design and one decorated with a garnet representing inner success. Gold and garnet jewelry is a piece of luxury jewelry not to be missed out on.

❤︎ We love this filigree Hamsa and this green garnet bracelet.

Garnet Rings

Garnet Rings

Rings add that subtle flare to any outfit. Although many include some blessing of some sort like this seven blessings wedding ring and this Ana Bekoach ring, there are plenty of fashionable rings designed by Israeli jewelry designers. Shablool has created a three circles ring and a three squares rings that are done in classic Israeli style, and there is also a Jerusalem inspired garnet ring for someone who feels as though their heart is in East. Stacking rings have become increasingly popular recently, and there are plenty to choose from whether you want one thin garnet ring to mix and match with your other favorite ring or want an already made set with two or three.

❤︎ We love this eight stone ring and this swirl ring.

Pomegranate Jewelry

Pomegranate Jewelry

Garnets are the perfect addition to pomegranate jewelry as the gemstones represent the red glittering seeds of a pomegranate. Pomegranate jewelry is already a favorite in Jewish jewelry so just adding a few garnets will turn ordinary pomegranate jewelry into extraordinary, like with this open pomegranate bead. Artistically creative pomegranate jewelry also includes inspiration from Jerusalem, versus of love like Ani Ledodi, and even from ancient symbolism that pomegranates are the symbol for fertility due to their numerous amounts of seeds. For something really stunning, a filigree pomegranate pendent will combine ancient technique with a modern look.

❤︎ We love this open pomegranate charm and this decorative pomegranate ring.

Scripture Jewelry

Woman of Valor Jewelry

The different phrases of scripture create beautifully meaningful jewelry featuring the words of Woman of Valor, the Priestly Blessing, Shema Yisrael and more. Kabbalah's spiritual poems look gorgeous on jewelry and are totally in style, like this Ana Bekoach stacking ring and a Ben Porat Yosef tear-drop necklace. Studio Golan also has gorgeous scripture necklaces with ornate pendents like this gold Star of David necklace, stunning stacking rings, and leather bracelets that will mean a lot to anyone who wears it. Spinning wheel necklaces and spinning rings are growing in popularity and are a fun thing to have in your jewelry box for whenever you want something unique.

❤︎ We love this Woman of Valor ring and this double disk Priestly Blessing necklace.

 Biblical Jewelry

Garnet Biblical Jewelry

Biblical jewelry includes Hoshen inspired jewelry which is the first piece of decorative accessories thought to have garnet in it. Although the Hoshen was worn only by the Head Priest, Hoshen jewelry can be worn by anyone, and this necklace is sure to be a wonderful gift for anyone. There are also Jerusalem themed rings with a Western Wall motif and the mighty Lion of David that will always remind you of your favorite city. Biblical jewelry includes ancient fruits mentioned in the Torah such as pomegranates which are perfect for featuring your favorite quotes like Woman of Valor and a modern twist of the Hoshen.

❤︎ We love this Hoshen ring and this Gam Ki Elech necklace.