Just like matzah, wine and Haggadahs, Seder plates are an essential part of any Passover celebration. While most Seder plates will feature the word Pesach or include places for the six traditional foods that are displayed during the meal, no two plates are alike. Many Israeli artists use Seder plates as an opportunity to unleash their creative abilities, while others prefer to stick to more traditional motifs.

Choosing a Seder plate is an important decision. Seder plates are often used for years and years, and can even become family heirlooms. While Seder plates aren't usually used outside of Passover, whichever plate you select can also be displayed as a gorgeous piece of home décor and a year-round reminder of our rich traditions.

With more than 70 options to choose from, we offer Seder plates for every aesthetic and budget. Here are a few of our favorites that encompass the endless opportunities to add a personal touch to your Seder, making it meaningful for you and your loved ones.


For anyone who loves mixing modernity with tradition: Barbara Shaw Illustrated Seder Plate

Barbara Shaw is an Israeli artist known for fusing the ancient with the contemporary to create beautiful designs, and this Seder plate is no exception. This eclectic handmade porcelain Seder plate features the word Pesach in Hebrew surrounded by an amazing illustrated collage of joyful Passover related themes.





For budget-shoppers: Large Nickel Seder Plate With Grapes Design

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for something plain or boring! This large Seder Plate, adorned with an exquisite grapes motif, is both stunning and affordable. Made from nickel, the plate features six shallow settings elegantly embossed with the Hebrew names for each of the Seder's symbolic foods.





For anyone missing Jerusalem: Armenian Ceramic Seder Plate

This handmade Armenian ceramic Seder plate is the perfect way to bring both a burst of color and a touch of Jerusalem's dynamic culture to your table. Carefully decorated with classic Armenian floral designs, this Seder plate also comes with bowls for the six symbolic foods, with the name of each item in both Hebrew and English.





For those who want to dazzle their guests: Dorit Judaica Round Pomegranate Seder Plate

Designed by the renowned Israeli designer Dorit Judaica, this stainless steel Seder plate is decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystals and a leafy motif. This Seder plate is a sophisticated and exquisite addition to any table.





For history buffs: Pithom and Ramses Ceramic Seder Plate

If you want to incorporate more recent Jewish history into your Passover celebration, this unique ceramic Seder plate is for you. Part of the Israel Museum's collection, this plate is engraved with the folk embroidery found in Jewish crafts in 18th century Southern Germany, while Pithom and Ramses, the main cities of ancient Egypt, are depicted as European cities with towers.




For art lovers: Jordana Klein Glass Passover Plate

This festive and modern Seder plate, designed by Jerusalemite Jordana Klein, features one-of-a-kind imagery set on tempered glass. This Seder plate is so striking that it can be displayed as a decorative art piece well after the end of Passover.





For minimalists: Laura Cowan Dune Mixed Metals Seder Plate 

ֿMade of three different vibrant metals, this modern Seder plate is an original design by the Tel Avivian artist Laura Cowan. Don't be mistaken: this sleek plate is rich in meaning, as it was inspired by the landscape of the Egyptian desert that our ancestors' trekked through during their journey to freedom.





For anyone eager to welcome spring: Dorit Judaica Pomegranates Seder Plate

Evoke Passover's Israeli nickname, Chag Ha'Aviv (the spring festival), with this marvelous glass Seder plate! Designed by Dorit Judaica, it boasts a gorgeous pomegranate pattern along with six bowls, each one surrounded by a yellow stripe adorned with the Hebrew name of the ritual food to be placed inside.





For those seeking luxury: Agayof Three-Leveled Seder Plate

This Seder plate features three circular levels for round pieces of Matzah set under a designer Seder plate with six polished bowls for the Seder's symbolic foods. Surrounding the bowls is the Hebrew verse, "Tizkor Et Yom Tzeitcha Me'Eretz Mitzrayim Kol Yemei Chayecha" (Remember the day you left the Land of Egypt all the days of your life). Designed by Agayof, a Jerusalem family business known for its luxurious creations, this plate is available in blue, gray, teal, purple, or gold.



If you're looking for even more options, make sure to check out our full selection of Seder plates. Happy Passover and Chag Sameach from the Judaica Webstore team!