The Passover Seder plate is an essential and iconic part of any Passover celebration, synonymous with the Seder itself. It is also often a beloved piece of family Judaica, used from year to year and passed on through the generations, and can be displayed as a gorgeous piece of home décor and Jewish pride year-round.

While there are a few traditional styles, no two Seder plates are alike. Many Israeli artists use the Seder plate as an opportunity to unleash their creative abilities and incorporate varied Jewish themes or modern design influences, creating numerous incredible options to beautify your Passover in whatever style you choose.

Our store carries a diverse selection of Passover Seder plates for every taste and budget. If you're having trouble picking out the right one for you and your family, or are looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one, we've compiled the below guide to the top 10 styles from Israeli artists that encompass every style and preference!

And if you want to know more about the Seder plate, its origins, and what to put on it and what all the symbolic foods mean - be sure to check out our Seder Plate Guide blog post.


1.For anyone missing Jerusalem: Armenian Ceramic Passover Seder Plate

This handmade ceramic Seder plate is the perfect way to remember Jerusalem, by incorporating the vibrant craft that the Holy City is famous for known as Armenian ceramics. Bursting with color and carefully decorated with classic Armenian floral designs, this Seder plate also comes with bowls for the six symbolic foods, with the name of each item in both Hebrew and English. And it also makes for a gorgeous display piece when not in use!






2. For anyone who loves Jewish symbolism: Dorit Judaica Pomegranates Seder Plate

Designed by religious Israeli artist Dorit Judaica, this magnificent stainless steel Passover Seder plate adds an extra level of traditional Jewish meaning with its vibrant pomegranate motif, evoking the Biblical fruit that represents love, abundance, and the Land of Israel. It also comes with six glass bowls for conveniently placing each of the symbolic Seder foods. Expertly combining a contemporary style with Jewish tradition, it's sure to be a hit at your holiday table!






3. For those eager to welcome spring: Jordana Klein Spring Flowers Seder Plate

Evoke Passover's Israeli nickname, Chag Ha'Aviv (the Spring Festival), with this marvelous tempered glass Seder plate from Jordana Klein! A true work of art, it's beautifully decorated with a rich, multicolored flower design that'll brighten up your table and wow your guests. It's available in two different sizes, with an option to add glass bowls for a mess-free way of displaying all six traditional Seder foods.






4. For stylish traditionalists: Stylish Passover Seder Plate With Floral Design

Made of bamboo melamine this classic look features six dishes that are written in with the Hebrew names for each of the Seder's symbolic foods and English underneath, along with the word Pesach / Passover at the center. Around each bowl and around the whole is a beautiful, blue floral design. White flowers dot the spaces between the cups. Your Passover foods will look stunning against this elegant backdrop, making your Seder truly unforgettable.






5. For vintage lovers and history buffs: Israel Museum Viennese Passover Seder Plate Replica

Israel Museum Judaica replicas are an incredible way of incorporating a piece of Jewish history into your rituals, and this stunning blue and white porcelain Seder plate will add that special touch to your Passover celebrations. It's inspired by a historical Seder plate design from early 20th century Vienna, and features a lovely nature motif adorning its six heart-shaped settings and Star of David in the center, with optional matching dishes. Your purchase will support the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and the piece even comes with a certificate of authenticity and a description of its historical background.






6. For those who appreciate contemporary design: Pomegranate Glass Seder Plate

This beautiful modern Seder plate features an artistic pomegranate design at the perimeter and at the center, with labeled spaces for the six symbolic Passover Seder foods. It's made right in Israel by acclaimed Judaica studio Lily Art, at an affordable price point. The piece is sleek yet traditional, and is sure to wow your guests and add a unique touch of style to your Seder!






7. For anyone who loves both tradition and style: Song of the Sea Passover Seder Plate

Made from cast aluminum, this elegant Seder plate is inscribed with the opening Hebrew verse of the "Song of the Sea" from the Book of Exodus and features six glass bowls for each of the Seder's special foods. It's beautifully crafted in the Land of Israel by acclaimed artist Shraga Landesman, combining Jewish tradition and our ancient texts with modern influences and contemporary design.






8. For luxury lovers: Bier Judaica 925 Sterling Silver Designer Seder Plate

If you're looking for a timeless and luxurious piece of Judaica that your family will treasure for generations, look no further than this custom-made sterling silver Seder plate from high-end Israeli studio Bier Judaica. Shaped like a hexagon, it's embossed with the Hebrew words "Pesach, Matzah, Maror" and features glass bowls adorned with the Hebrew names of the Seder's symbolic foods. A true showcase of the best of Israeli craftsmanship and style, this Passover Seder plate will instantly transform your holiday table and dazzle your guests!






9. For exotic tastes: Arabesque Mandala Seder Plate

Seventh generation Israeli, Dorit Judaica is known for making Jewish tradition come alive through fun designs, and this gorgeous Passover Seder plate is no exception. This elegant piece of Passover Judaica is made from laser-cut metal, and boasts an elaborate, Middle Eastern arabesque mandala design, labeled with each of the Seder's symbolic foods in Hebrew. The colorful style and intricate design will engage guests of all ages and make Passover 2024 come alive for your whole family.






10. For budget shoppers: Traditional Nickel Passover Seder Plate

We've got beautiful style even if you're on a tight budget! Our affordable yet elegant nickel Seder plate is adorned with an ornate floral design and features settings for each of the Seder's symbolic foods labeled in both Hebrew and English, along with the word "Passover" in Hebrew and English as well. This traditional design straight from Israel will beautify your holiday, and also makes a great gift for a college student or young adult having their first Passover on their own.






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