Passover is a wonderful time of year. Families join together around laden tables in immaculate houses to remember our ancestor's exodus from Egypt; long nights are spent over bottles of wine, stacks of matzah, and nostalgic songs and foods that irrevocably send us back decades to our childhoods.

While every family's Seder experience is different, they all share a few core elements: wine, matzah, and of course, the Seder plate.

The Seder's centerpiece, the Seder plate holds the ritual foods used and eaten throughout the night's telling of the Passover story. This includes: Beitza, a hard-boiled egg whose shell has been singed to commemorate the destruction of the Temples; Zeroah, a roasted shank bone to remind us of the Pascal lamb offering; Maror and Hazeret, two types of bitter herb or vegetable eaten to enforce sympathy with the bitterness of the Jews' 400 year slavery; Karpas, a vegetable which is dipped in salt water to symbolize spring and regrowth; and Haroset, a thick, sweet paste made from wine, apples, dates and nuts which looks like the cement the Jews were forced to pour during their slavery.

Choose from our unbeatable range of stunning designer Seder plates, created by some of Israel's most talented Judaica artists! Here's a taster of what we have in store...

Glass Seder Plates

We offer a range of all-glass Seder plates which have been beautifully hand-painted and reflect the fabulously colourful palette for which Israeli artists are renowned! Glass plates will make a distinctly modern and stylish addition to your Seder table.

White glass gives an elegant touch

Designer Metal Seder Plates

If sleek and smooth is more your style, you'll love these modern, metal Seder plates by some of Israel's hottest Judaica artists. This collection hosts a range of gleaming, ultramodern, stylised plates which are guaranteed to look fantastic on your Seder table. Some designs are vibrantly coloured and combine state-of-the-art craftsmanship with ancient Judaic themes. No matter what you choose, you're sure to love it!

Laser cut designs for a sleek Seder


Affordable Judaica

If you're seeking something at a reasonable price point that looks striking and will make beautiful center to your Seder, don't miss this fantastic selection of  Seder plates!  Discover stunning pieces, all under $50.

A bestseller classic


Artistic Seder Plates

If you're looking for something unique and eye-catching, consider something from one of more contemporary, artistic, or eclectic designers. Don't miss spectacular hand-painted designs that are delicately coloured and beautifully crafted on wood and ceramic. They will make a show-stopping centerpiece!

Go for something funky and fun at your Seder



While we're talking about special plates unique to your Passover table...

Matzah Trays

Don't forget to check out our collection of gorgeous matzah trays! These special pieces are pretty and practical: they're beautiful to look at and stop your tablecloth from becoming a giant matzah-crumb sandbox!

Keep the crumbs away with this pretty piece

Serving Dishes and Trays

On Passover, we don't eat anything leavened (something which has been produced with a rising agent, such as yeast), and to avoid coming even close, most Jewish households have an entirely different set of kitchen and dining equipment for use on Passover. Our range of serving dishes and trays from the most talented homeware designers in Israel includes dozens of stunning designs, guaranteed to make your Passover table look truly resplendent!

Keep somethings special for Pesach like this show-stopping bowl

Our diverse range of beautiful Seder plates, matzah trays and serving dishes means that from Seder night right through to the end of Passover, your table will always look fabulous and festive!