Hadad BrosThe art of silversmithing was passed down throughout the generations in the Hadad family started by Rabbi Hadad, the Rabbi of the Tripolitan community in Beni Brak, when the community was just beginning. He passed this skill down to his sons who opened Hadad Bros in 1964, and today the company is ran by the third generation of Hadads. Hadad Bros creates stunning pieces of luxury silver Judaica, handcrafted in Israel with influences from Jewish communities around the world, keeping tradition alive and beautiful. They are one of the largest producers of pure silver items in the world.


Shabbat Candlesticks According to Jewish tradition, most women begin lighting Shabbat candles when they get married, but some start at Bat Mitzvah age, and some even earlier. Hadad Bros have styled each of their Shabbat candlesticks with elegance and class, with each one being a magnificent work of art. Candlesticks vary in style, offering different designs for the traditional woman and the modern gal, who might love this set of hourglass candlesticks. Of course there are highly decorative designs as well like this Ela candlestick set and the candlesticks from the Paris collection. Silver candlesticks will always shine bright and glisten for all the years to come.

❤︎ We love these Vilon candlesticks and these modern Galil ones.


PassoverPassover calls for its own set of Judaica like Kiddush cups, Seder plates and the giant cup for Elijah the Prophet.  Seder plates have always been the centerpiece of the Passover table, and with Hadad Bros, you will get something that will truely standout like with this Fantasy Seder Plate. If you really want something decorative, check out this incredibly decorative Seder plate.  As for the cup of Elijah which comes out towards the end of the Seder, Hadad Bros has made a beautiful selection including this filigree option that Elijah the Prophet would love to drink from when he visits your Passover Seder.

❤︎ We love this wavy Seder plate and this floral Elijah cup.

Etrog Boxes

Etrog BoxesOver the holiday of Sukkot, we make a lot of changes to our daily lives including using a lulav and etrog during Shacharit, morning prayers. The etrog is a delicate fruit and many choose to carry it in a special box to keep it safe. These etrog boxes have taken inspiration from cities around the world, like this Milanesi one and this Florence one. While these are incredible decorative, there are also more simple but equally elegant designs like with this Galil etrog boxThese gleaming silver boxes will protect the etrog from unwanted hands and make carrying it around a whole lot easier.

❤︎ We love these Vitrage boxes in a simple and more decorative design.

Honey Dishes

Honey Dishes Honey dishes are the star of the show when it comes to Rosh Hashanah, but you can also use them as a fancy sugar bowl for the rest of the year. There are plenty of options to choose from as well, ranging from modern to tradition, as seen with this Italy honey dish and this Imperium Gates dish, and each one is crafted to perfection, including the lid and matching spoon. During the holidays, everything we use should be special to help uplift the day which is why these honey dishes are so nice. Also, during a couple's first year of marriage, the newlyweds traditionally use honey when saying Motzi instead of salt, so a nice honey dish is a great present.

❤︎ We love this Lugano honey dish and this Bell honey dish.

Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups Kiddush cups are one of the many Judaica components needed for Shabbat. Before eating dinner on Friday night or lunch on Saturday, Kiddush is said over a cup of wine. One of the requirements for cups being used for Kiddush is that it has to be something not used on the norm and this has usually led to people using special cups, some with a stem like this one, and some without like this squarish one. These sterling silver Kiddush cups are an amazing option that will last for years, and will be something that you would maybe want to even pass down to future generations.

❤︎ We love this unique design and this weave Kiddush cup.