The ever-popular Israeli brand Camel Sandals have good reason for being so famous, and you'll understand why by owning one of their classic, comfy pairs. These handmade leather sandals combine Biblical and modern designs to create light, durable, comfortable footwear that will quickly become your favorite part of summer. You'll feel like you're walking in the steps of your ancestors with these amazing, classic designs straight from the Land of Israel!

All sandal uppers and insoles are hand-crafted from 100% genuine, high-quality leather, while the bottoms are made from rubber to guarantee the best product available. Each pair is handmade to order by local Israeli artisans, combining modern craftsmanship with ancient tradition.

With men's and women's and even kids' designs, we have Biblical-style Israeli leather sandals for everyone! And to help you choose the right pair for everyone in your family, we've picked our 10 best styles below:

Men's Sandals

1. Elisha Handmade Leather Sandals

These stylish, "Elisha" handmade leather unisex sandals feature a comfortably smooth base, a beautifully designed leather strap that transverses the mid-foot, and a second adjustable strap that crosses the length of the foot diagonally to the toe ring, for a secure yet relaxing feel. A great look for casual or formal attire! Choose from brown or black leather and connect with the Land of Israel in the most stylish way.

2. Rimon Handmade Leather Sandals

Named "Rimon" or pomegranate, like the indigenous fruit famously grown in Israel, these comfy men's leather sandals represent the best the Land of Israel has to offer! They have a smooth leather insole, while the upper part of the foot is enclosed by an intricately beautiful, handmade leather pattern design for a secure yet comfortable wear. Black and brown leather options are available - or take home both to be able to match any outfit with ease!

3. Oren Handmade Leather Sandals

These striking "Oren" sandals are a summer staple! Their slip-on design and sturdy leather structure makes them perfect for everyday wear. They feature a wide strap across the top of the foot's arch, with a crossed-over section made of broad straps, and a stylish yet masculine ring accessory. These sturdy sandals mold to your feet for optimal comfort while still allowing you to partake in your daily activities, in a choice of elegant black and brown leather colors.

4. Red Sea Handmade Leather Sandals

Take come a classic Israeli style named after Israel's famous and Biblical body of water! These "Red Sea" handmade men's sandals are sleek and easy to wear, featuring a comfortably smooth base with 2 adjustable straps across the midfoot and forefoot. The open back makes it a true summer style, while the rich brown leather color will instantly make you think of Israel and the Red Sea every time you wear them.

Women's Sandals

5. Biblical Handmade Leather Sandals

Inspired by Biblical-era sandal styles, these chic and versatile leather sandals boast sleek ankle and forefoot straps along with a stylish X-shaped pattern and adjustable buckle strap. Both the insole and upper are made from smooth, high-quality leather, with options in classic brown and elegant black colors. A comfortable, high-quality, and fashionable wear at an affordable price!

6. Oasis Handmade Leather Sandals

Our trendy "Oasis" sandals are the Middle Eastern style you need for summer! Available in an array of fun and vibrant leather colors, they feature a comfortably smooth insole and an elegant thick strap crossing the top of the midfoot, while a thin leather strap extends vertically to a toe ring for a secure yet relaxed feel. They make for a great gift from the Land of Israel and an unbeatable accessory to any formal or casual outfit.

7. Shoshana Handmade Women's Leather Sandals

These real leather "Shoshana" sandals will make a gorgeous, summery addition to your favorite outfit! A great accessory to jeans, shorts, or your favorite sundress, they feature a wide central band which secures four lateral leather strips, as well as a double ankle strap which is fully adjustable for a great fit. Showcasing the best in Israeli craftsmanship and style, they make an unforgettable gift for the fashion-forward woman in your life or a key addition to your own wardrobe!

8. Queen Esther Handmade Leather Women's Sandals

Named after the Biblical Queen Esther and inspired by her famed beauty, these women's platform sandals combine comfort, style, and handmade Israeli craftsmanship in the best way! They feature a comfortably smooth elevated base with stylish strap designs securing the midfoot and forefoot, and an adjustable buckle strap to secure the ankle. A beautiful leather design with a durable rubber sole, these sandals provide a light, stylish comfort your feet will absolutely love.

Kids' Sandals

9. Canaan Kids Handmade Leather Sandals

Unisex and great for kids of all ages, these comfy "Canaan" Biblical-style sandals in your choice of brown or black leather feature adjustable leather straps securing the forefoot and ankle along with a smooth leather insole. A wonderful gift for the youngest members of your family, straight from the Land of Israel! Your little ones will love the grown-up feel of wearing stylish, genuine leather, and you'll love the high quality of Israeli craftsmanship at an affordable price.

10. Asa Kids Handmade Leather Sandals

Another fantastic kids style are these fun-yet-elegant "Asa" handmade leather sandals. Great for any occasion and comfy enough for everyday wear, they feature a smooth base and a beautiful crisscross leather design over the top of the foot, with an adjustable leather ankle strap for a secure yet relaxed feel. Choose from classy black or vibrant brown leather colors, and give your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew a special and practical gift from the Land of Israel!

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