Handmade Leather SandalsThe ever popular Camel Sandals have good reason for being so famous and you'll understand why by owning a pair.  The handmade leather sandals, also known as "Jesus sandals" combine biblical and modern designs to create light, durable and most important, comfortable sandals that will quickly become your favorite part of summer. All sandal uppers are made from 100% leather, while the bottoms are made from rubber to guarantee the best product available.  Israelis love hiking as soon as the weather gets nice and its not unusual to see a few people doing a light hike in any of these sandals. So, what are you waiting for? Get the internationally renowned Camel Sandals and your feet will thank you.

Men's Sandals

Men's SandalsMost Camel Sandals are unisex, which really opens up options for men's sandals. Named after some of Israel's greatest leaders and most famous places, these sandals will have you walking in the steps of your ancestors, as Camel Sandals works to incorporate ancient designs into their modern works for those of you that really want to feel like Moses. These sturdy sandals mold to your feet for optimal comfort while still allowing you to partake in your daily activities.  Most sandals come in the classic brown or black leather, but there are still plenty of colorful options if you are looking for something a bit different.

❤︎ We love these Red Sea sandals and these Arava sandals.

Women's Sandals

Women's SandalsA struggle many women seem to have is finding a stylish sandal that wont break the bank and is also easy on the feet.  Well, look no further as Camel sandals for women are the answer! Over 200 options available in different styles such as strappy, minimalistic, classic, platform and lace ups to name a few, these sandals are also available in an abundance of colors besides for the classic brown and black. These sandals will last for a long time, so no matter where you end up on your summer vacations, don't forget your Camel Sandals. You will not regret it.

❤︎ We love the Eden sandals and the Avital sandals.

Kids' Sandals

Kid's SandalsKids really know how to put things to the test when it comes to testing longevity. There's no taking it easy when it comes to kid's clothing and shoes but these kid's sandals will be able to keep up with your kid's active lifestyle.  Most sandals come with buckles and backings so that their feet are kept snug and safe while they play. Going to the playground, riding bikes and just running around, you'll be impressed at how well these sandals last.  All kids' sandals are made in unisex designs and will be loved by any boy or girl who wears them.

❤︎ We love the Asa sandals and the colorful Atara sandals.