Necklaces are a timeless piece of fashion, but there's plenty of other jewelry people love to get. Combine holiday cheer with elegant styles while you shop for someone you love this Hanukkah 2024. Whether you're searching for a modern design Jewish aesthetics or a traditional look that might become an heirloom, you'll find something in this collection of jewelry created in Israel. If nothing jumps out at you here, check out the rest of our Hanukkah jewelry on offer.


1.Hanukkah Gift Box - Customizable Hebrew Name Necklace

There are countless gift items to choose from. If you want to make your present extra memorable this year, consider getting something that is customized for the special woman in your life. Made special in Jerusalem out of sterling silver plated in 24K gold, this necklace uses a timeless font inspired from the one found in Torah scrolls. Traditional and stylish, give a unique gift to a one-of-a kind woman in your life.

Don't worry if you aren't able to type out her name in Hebrew; you can write it in English and we will transform it into Hebrew for you.

This necklace will arrive in a luxury Hanukkah gift box.


2. Hanukkah Woman of Valor Hebrew Pearl Pendant Necklace

Whether you sing this proverb to your wife every Friday night, or just love the message King Solomon put in into this piece of Torah, this pendant makes for a gorgeous Hanukkah gift that will show the special woman in your life how much you appreciate all that she does for you. The pendant features the first line of Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) meaning: "A woman of valor, who can find? Her value is far beyond that of pearls." The message is written in a band of silver with a pearl in the center that is held in by 9K gold.

As a special treat for the holiday, this necklace ships in a special Hanukkah gift box.






3.Diamond-Accented 18K Gold Menorah Pendant Necklace

Hanukkah is all about increasing light into the world, both literally and spiritually, which is exactly what the menorah is there to do. Wear a piece of that light around with this radiant 7-branch menorah necklace, studded with diamonds down the center. The pendant is made of 18K gold, and comes in three great color options: yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold - so you can fit it with any style!

The seven-branch design on the menorah is inspired off of the one used in the Temple in Jerusalem, making it a meaningful piece, not only for this upcoming Hanukkah 2024 but throughout the rest of the year as well.






4.18K Yellow Gold Moveable Dreidel Diamond Pendant

Give a piece of jewelry that still brings out the playful side with a pendant that spins like a real dreidel! It is not only has a gorgeous design on the outside, but the internal mechanism uses eleven different pieces in order to allow the necklace to rotate and move just like a Hanukkah dreidel. Made from 18K gold and studded with shimmering white diamonds, this pendant necklace effortlessly blends modern style with tradition. Each of the four sides shows a bold Hebrew letter as found around a classic Israeli dreidel. Wear Hanukkah cheer close to heart with this stunning gift!






5.14K Gold Star of David Pendant Necklace with Menorah

Few items are as iconic for Hanukkah and Judaism as a whole than the the Star of David and the 7-pronged menorah used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, which happens to be the oldest symbol of Judaism. And, a pendant crafted in Israel with both symbols is ideal for bringing meaning and festivity for the holidays! This entire piece is made from 14K gold, with the menorah overlaid onto a crisscross pattern inside the shimmering Star of David. This design is perfect for Hanukkah and year-round.








6.14K Gold & Silver Menorah with Western Wall Motif Men's Ring

All the Hanukkah miracles were ultimately for the purposes of rededicating the Holy Temple for Jewish worship, so what could be a better gift than this gold and silver ring, expertly decorated with designs inspired from the Temple in Jerusalem? The 14K gold features a 7-branched menorah, used by the Priests in the Temple service, and 'Jerusalem' written in Hebrew below it. The silver band is engraved with the Kotel (Western Wall). The special man in your life will love all the Old City imagery in this perfect, handmade Hanukkah gift!






7. Men's Sterling Silver Menorah Ring

A ring with a menorah is a perfect gift for Hanukkah to offer spiritual balance. While the Hanukkah menorah publicizes the holiday miracle to the outside world and this menorah with the 7 branches is true to the one that was lit in the Temple in Jerusalem adding a more traditional connection to the holiday, and Jewish history as a whole. Made from 925 sterling silver, this sleek design will look great for any man who dons it, easily worn alongside any type of outfit.






8.Silver & Gold Star of David Menorah Men's Necklace

The Star of David is likely the most iconic Jewish symbol, but the 7-pronged menorah now seen on Israel's currency and coat of arms was the original emblem of the Jewish people, based on the menorah in the Holy Temple. This necklace exquisitely combines both, with Judaism's most ancient symbol overlaying a relatively recent one. The silver Star of David, or Magen David, is set in for a 3-D texture, with the gold menorah, framed, overlaying the center. Whether your boyfriend or husband likes dressing up or looking more casual, this handcrafted pendant from Rafael Jewelry will make a great addition to his wardrobe.






9. No Other Land: Silver and Gold Star of David Pendant Necklace for Men

This necklace uses the classic Star of David design, here with interlaced triangles made from 925 sterling silver. On each of the horizontal bars of the star is the line "Ain li aretz acheret" ("I have no other Land") and a relief of Israel at the center in gold. This is a wonderful Hanukkah present for someone looking to connect to the holiday's spirit of freedom and sovereignty.






10. Rafael Jewelry Silver & Gold Menorah Ring with Blue Sapphire

Bring out Hanukkah's good looks while giving someone else the same treatment with this jaw-dropping piece of jewelry. This ring is full of Jewish imagery with two Temple-menorahs as depicted in the Torah on the sides portrayed in 14K gold, and a Western Wall inspired engraving in the silver band. A stunning blue sapphire is placed on top surrounded by a gold crown expertly handcrafted by Rafael Jewelry. You husband will love this gift for years to come!






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