Hats are possibly the most useful clothing item in Israel, as it is hot and sunny for most of the year. It is not unusal to hear that a trip organized by a school, the army, or even work requires something to block out the sun but this has lead to a huge variety of hats. Our selection of Israeli hats feature the IDF emblem, have the word "Jerusalem" written across the front, and even head scarves. For your next trip to the beach, take along an Israel hat and have the feeling of sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv while feeling stylish and keeping safe.

Head Scarves

Head Scarves are most commonly worn by religious married women, as there is a tradition of covering one's head after marriage so that their hair is special for only their husband to see. In Israel, many girls choose to wear a colorful head scarf instead of a hat on hikes, so you can wear it as part of an outfit or to keep your head safe from the sun. If you do cover your hair with a scarf, check out this white fringe scarf, its classic, classy, and will always look good. Check out the different ways to wrap a scarf and have fun with it!

❤︎  We love this light green scarf.

IDF Hats

IDF hats come in a great variety of styles, some of which look like the hats given to soldiers! Many times, the different units create hats featuring their emblem, which you can copy with the classic IDF insignia, the strong Border Police, and the Israeli Police. There are also hats featuring camouflage and kippas that proudly bear the words "Israeli Army" in both Hebrew and English. The next time you need a hat, show your support for Israel's bravest with any of these IDF hats, especially if you're going on a long hike, then you can get the feel of being in the army.

❤︎  We love this khaki green IDF hat.

Israel & Jerusalem Hats

Show off your love for Israel with Israel and Jerusalem hats! Featuring your favorite place, there are hats and caps for kids and adults alike. Go for the Israeli look with a Kovah Tembel- bucket hat if you want face and neck protection. Of course, there is also the beloved baseball cap available in different colors and designs, including those with a flat peak for a cool look. A great gift for someone who loves Israel, or as a way to announce your upcoming trip, Israel and Jerusalem hats are absolutely the best.

❤︎  We love this Israeli flag cap.