In 1999, Iris of Iris Design opened the doors of her studio, where she combined her passion of textile design, graphic design and jewelry. Often inspired by nature and the Mediterranean Sea, Iris Design features colors and designs that surround us on a day-to-day basis, whether it be flowers or magnificent blues of the sea.  Her inspirational pieces often include a little sparkle and shine to them, with colorful stones and beads along with her signature glazed look which protect all her masterpieces.  On the Judaica Web Store, we offer you the very best of Iris Design's Judaica, wall art and jewelry that will add a little pop of color and a smile into your life.


Iris Design's bangle bracelets are one of a kind and truely incredible. Featured in multiple international fashion magazines, these chunky bracelets are an eye catching piece to complete any outfit with. Adorned with beads and stones and a multitude of colors both inside and out, Iris Design bracelets are truly a piece of wearable art. Her jewelry includes Jewish themes such as the hamsa, Star of David or words from the Woman of Valor prayer said on Friday nights.  A bold statement piece, you can never go wrong including an Iris Design bracelet into your jewelry collection.

Woman of Valor- a title every woman deserves


Many pay little attention to the doorways in their home, but by adding a beautiful mezuzah to it, you're adding style into the unthought of places into your home.  Start any entrance to a room or your house with a pop of color from any of Iris Design's mezuzahs.  Following with her inspiration of the great outdoors, many of these mezuzahs feature scenes of nature depicted in amazing patterns or colors that will remind you of the sky. With flecks of gold, the Shema prayer or just wonderful patterns and designs, these mezuzahs are the perfect addition  to your home.

Rainy days are no longer gloomy with a mezuzah like this


Many Jewish homes include Jewish amulets of protection such as the hamsa. The hamsas from Iris Design are a favorite, with stunning patterns, stones and some even a blessing for the home. If you follow a tradition of the hand facing up or down, you can choose from a beautiful selection of both directions, or just choose the one you love the most. Iris Design also makes hamsas that are perfect for children's rooms, with vibrant colors and smiling faces. These hamsas are a great housewarming gift that will be loved and appreciated by all.

Many blessing of the home hamsas are available in both Hebrew and English


We all know that Chanukah is nothing without a delightful game of dreidel! Iris Design dreidels are full of color, making them enjoyable to watch spin and even more fun to play with. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, these sparking spinning dreidels are a fantastic Chanukah gift to be shared with the whole family. Done in her classic style, these dreidels have a shine to them which protects the dreidel's beautiful symmetrical artwork and keeps it shining throughout the years.  Iris Design dreidels are fun and really bring in the magic of Chanukah.

Spinning rainbows to brighten up a cold winter night