While Israel's nickname as the Land of Milk and Honey has Biblical roots, the phrase definitely still applies today. Farmers across Israel today continue to use the land's vast resources and ancient beekeeping techniques to carry on the tradition of making the land flow with honey.

Israelis enjoy honey year-round in tea, cookies, cakes, baklava, and other local delicacies, but like Jewish communities everywhere, Israelis enjoy locally made honey even more around Rosh Hashanah. Honey, especially dipped in apples, symbolize our hopes for a sweet new year full of blessings and health.

Just because you're abroad doesn't mean you can't enjoy honey made in Israel! We carry a variety of honey, all of which is produced in the Land of Israel by local farmers from the North to the South of the country who utilize different techniques and flora to create delectable flavors that will sweeten any Rosh Hashanah celebration, anywhere in the world.


Israeli Honey From North to South


Up in the green mountains of the Galilee, stretching from the Kinneret to Lebanon, are Israel's most fertile lands. The Galilee is also known for beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking mountaintops, and gorgeous flora. This region is abundant with flowers and fruit orchards that help produce heavenly honey.

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The vast hills of the Jerusalem Mountains provide the perfect place for hives and honeycombs.  Just like Jerusalem, the honey itself has a light golden tint to it, similar to how the sun reflects off the stone walls of the Old City.  The nectar from the distinct wildflowers in Israel's center create a pure and light honey that everyone will love.

❤︎ We love this natural honey made from wildflowers growing on Jerusalem's hilltops.



Only 100 years ago, people thought the Negev Desert was just arid land where it would be impossible to grow anything. Little did they know that the people of Israel could make the desert bloom with different kinds of plants and wildflowers. Beekeepers come to the south to collect dark and honey with rich complex flavors thanks to the diverse range of plants that are grown by local farmers.

❤︎ We love this pure wildflower honey sourced from Yad Mordechai, a kibbutz near the Gaza border.



Types of Honey


For a classic sweet and pure taste, wildflower honey is just what you need. Wildflowers can be found almost anywhere in Israel and their honey has many amazing benefits. Besides for making life just a bit sweeter, this delicious food is supposed to help aid with digestion, give you an energy boost, and if you don't mind getting a little sticky, honey is said to reduce wrinkles and heal cuts!

❤︎ We love this jar of wildflower honey from Lin's Farms in the center of Israel.

Infused with Fruity Flavors

The versatility of honey in cooking and baking means that it can often be combined with other flavors to create something delicious. Israeli farmers often use fruit or local herbs, like mint, to enhance the flavor of the honey and make it stand out from the rest.

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Date Honey

Enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike, date honey (also known as silan) is a type of honey that is completely plant-based. Rather than coming from bees, dates are turned into a sweet, sticky syrup similar to bee's honey.

❤︎ We love this jar of silan from Lin's Farms, sourced from across Israel.



Rosh Hashanah Honey Gift Ideas

On Rosh Hashanah, it is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey, as well as eat other honey-filled foods, such as cakes, meat glazes, and more. If you want to give your friends and family the gift of a sweet new year, our site offers a variety of honey gifts, all made in Israel. Below are a few ideas to inspire you as you shop. You can also browse all of our honey gifts here!

Honey Gift Box

We carry gift boxes from both Yoffi Gifts and Lin's Farms, providing you with a variety of options. Each type of gift box includes different items, although many include Israeli honey. The Sweet New Year gift box, which includes red wine, extra virgin olive oil, and wildflower honey, is a Rosh Hashanah favorite!

Honey and Honey Dish

A perfect Rosh Hashanah gift from Lin's Farm, this Rosh Hashanah gift set includes a jar of pure wildflower honey, as well as an ornate glass apple-shaped honey dish with a wooden honey wand, making it easier than ever to serve apples and honey to all ages.



A Jar of Honey

Keep it simple and gift a jar of pure wildflower honey from the Land of Israel. The next best thing to visiting Israel is getting a taste of the Holy Land from your own home. While this gift may seem simple, it's a perfect way to give your loved ones something sweet while supporting local Israeli farms.


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