Jewish CharmsCharm bracelets are something that never go out of style, and in Israel are particularly popular among all ages. A great way to show your personality and the things you find important, charm bracelets are a constantly customizable piece of jewelry. Jewish charms are a great way to show the religion and culture that runs deep in your veins, and has for generations. Whether you're looking for something with a biblical theme, something to show your support of Israel or just because, you're bound to find the perfect beads and charms with us at the Judaica WebStore. If you don't already have a charm bracelet but want to start one, the very first step is having a charm bracelet! Choose from a classic sterling silver snake-chain or an exotic leather option and enjoy decorating!

Personalized Charms

Personalized Charms

While every charm bracelet is personalized with the things you love made into little charms, initial and name charms make it just a bit more special. If you are in a relationship, you can put your loved one's initial in a heart or have your birthstones forever together with this cute interlocked hearts charm.  If you have kids, check out these little boy and girl initial charms. Maybe you and your best friend want some BFF jewelry, in which case you can each get a charm with each other's initial in script or print font to include on your bracelet to remember your best friend. You really can get any of these personalized charms, which will all be the perfect addition to your bracelet but don't forget to let the world know you're truely a star!

❤︎ We love this Hebrew initial charm and this heart name charm.

Beads and Stoppers

Beads and StoppersNot everyone loves hanging charms, but beads are just as fun! Beads come in all shapes and styles and are based off your favorite Israeli and Jewish things, even falafel and sufganiot (jelly donuts). Every Jewish charm bracelet should include at least one spectacular Star of David and maybe even a Hamsa. If you want a whole set of Jewish beads for your bracelet, check out this set of beads featuring all your favorite symbols. Stoppers prevent your beads from sliding around and don't worry about them looking boring. While there are the classic simple silver stoppers, there are also those made from blue and white opal, and some that even have a blessing on it like Shema Yisrael or Ani Ledodi.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate bead and this Chai bead.

Israel Charms

Israel Charms

The best part of having a charm bracelet is being able to being able to switch up the charms, so next time you have an Israel event, you can decorate your bracelet accordingly! Fly a flag of Israel on your wrist or carry a mini Western Wall wherever you go, but you certainly wont forget Jerusalem with this Im Eshkachech charm! There are also charms that perfectly represent Israel and the Old City of Jerusalem for when you dream of being in Israel always. You can also show your pride with matching Israeli flag and US flag or a little Jerusalem menorah that is like the one that once stood on the Temple. Israel charms are a great gift to give to someone who is expecting their first trip to the Holy Land.

❤︎ We love this Masada bead and this ancient coin charm.

Judaica Charms

Judaica CharmsJudaica charms are the cute miniature version of the Judaica we use all year round. Maybe you or someone you know loves reading from the Torah or learning Torah. We have the perfect charm for that! Enjoy a silver or blue enamel Torah scroll, wrapped up in all its glory, also perfect for any Bat Mitzvah girl who might be stepping up to the Bima on her special day. If your favorite holiday is Hanukkah, there is a dreidel charm or a menorah charm that comes in a variety of styles. Eilat Stone backgrounds, a menorah that looks as though its lit and shining bright, or just a simple menorah that reminds you of the one from the Temple period. These Judaica charms and beads are a meaningful addition to your charm bracelet.

❤︎ We love this Kiddush cup bead and this blue enamel mezuzah charm.

Love Charms

Love Charms

These love charms won't make anyone fall in love with you but they do represent that special feeling for someone else or even just yourself. Most of these are heart-shaped because not all Jewish charms need to be Jewish but can remind you of Israel with these Eilat Stone and Israeli flag charms. Robert Indiana is well-known for his LOVE statue, but did you know he made one with the Hebrew word Ahava? You can have his iconic look over the regular word love in silver, gold, and even on a red enamel bead.  Another way to say "I love you" is with the words Ani Ledodi, written in a couple of different languages, or really with just any of these love charms.

❤︎ We love this opal heart and this Ahava charm.

Star of David Charms

Star of David CharmsAs we said before, what would a Jewish charm bracelet be without a Star of David? Our selection of Star of David beads and charms is excellent, whether it be a simple silver star, made of blue opal, or combined with any number of other Jewish symbols. Some of the favorites that include a Star of David on it are shofars, the Tree of Life, Chai, and the Hoshen. Aside for these combined symbols, there are also charms that just show off the Star of David for what it is, the symbol of the Jewish people and Israel. There are those with a Star of David pattern on Eilat Stone and painted enamel pattern and those decorated with sparkling multicolored gemstones. There are so many beautiful options to choose from, it is so difficult to chose just one.

❤︎ We love this interlocked Star of David bead and this multi-colored charm.

Hamsa Charms

Hamsa CharmsHamsa Charms feature one of Judaism's most powerful and ancient symbols. The Hamsa is said to be an amulet of protection against the Evil Eye, keeping the wearer in good tidings and good luck. Eilat Stone is a popular addition to the classic Hamsa, whether it be on a bead or as the background to a hanging charm. Many Hamsas have an eye in the middle, keeping a look out for bad vibes, and so rather than having an eye engraved in these charms, they use cubic zirconia and Lapis Lazuli for some extra sparkle in your style. Hamsas have been seen recently in the fashion world and you can fit right in with any of these.

❤︎ We love this Eilat Stone charm and Hamsa charm with a ruby stone.

Biblical Charms

Biblical CharmsBiblical Charms tell stories from the Torah and looks great on a charm bracelet. The Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden can be found in multiple styles with gemstones, Noah's Ark looks like its packed and ready to go conquer the flood, and the Hoshen glitters and glistens on any bead or charm. Some of these beads and charms also include different Jewish prayers and versus along the side like Shema Yisrael and the Priestly Blessing, but are also just beautiful pieces of Jewish jewelry. Biblical charms are meaningful and are sure to brighten up anyone's Jewish charm bracelet.

❤︎ We love this Tree of Life charm and David's Harp charm.