Even the smallest of details can complete a look, which is why a pair of tasteful and elegant earrings can make any outfit absolutely flawless. The Judaica WebStore is proud to boast an extensive range of stunning earrings, designed and crafted by world-class Israeli designers in Israel. Our collection includes earrings made from a variety of precious metals, and adorned with a dazzling array of embellishments, making an impressive gift for a loved one or yourself. Here are some of our most popular styles of earrings:

Gemstone Earrings 

Featuring a selection of precious and semi-precious gemstones such as amethysts, garnets, Eilat stones, freshwater pearls, opals and rubies, our gemstone collection combines perfectly finished stones with beautifully crafted gold, gold plate and sterling silver earrings. These earrings illustrate the exceptional craftsmanship of Israel's premier jewelry designers, and their understanding of how to showcase exquisite, natural stones.

Eilat stones natural have swirls of blue and green hues, making no two stones the same

Silver Earrings

Ranging from traditional symbols such as Jewish Stars of David and Kabbalistic Hamsas to completely original shapes and motifs, the sterling silver earrings in our collection are beautifully hand-crafted examples of fine silver work from some of the most innovative designers in the world. This selection includes a range of textures and finishes, and many include stunning semi-precious stones or other beautiful embellishments.

Many of the silver earrings are the perfect size for a young girl's first pair

Swarovski Earrings

Beautiful Swarovski stones are a dazzling choice for those who love a little bling! Finely cut with numerous faces to reflect light at many angles, these elegant earrings shine like diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Swarovski earrings come in a variety of colors and settings, allowing for endless opportunities to adorn any of the stunning options.  Let the inner you shine just as brightly as these stones.

Look beautiful and feel beautiful in Swarovski

We are sure that somewhere among this unique selection of incredible earrings, you'll find the perfect pair to match your taste and budget. Any of these beautiful sets would make an exceptional addition to a jewelry box, while exuding taste and class.