Teaching and learning have always been at the core of Judaism, and our huge selection of materials makes Jewish education completely accessible to everyone, regardless of age, level or location! Our extensive selection of educational materials includes books, software, DVD documentaries and games, and is sure to enhance your Jewish learning and understanding of our ancient religion and its traditions. Here are some suggestions on how to use our materials for your learning:

Learn Hebrew

Hebrew is the both the official language of the modern State of Israel, and the ancient language in which our holy texts are written. Whether you're looking to quickly cram some key phrases for an upcoming family holiday to Israel, become fluent ahead of a big change like aliya, or increase your knowledge of Biblical Hebrew or grammar to help you learn Tanach (the Hebrew Bible) more proficiently, our wide range of Hebrew learning books, software, CDs and DVDs includes everything you need to get started. Or maybe if you're a beginner and need to learn the Aleph-Bet, there are plenty of books to choose from that will also teach you the history of the one of the oldest alphabets in the world.

Need a word? With 6,000 entries, you'll be reading and understanding in no time

Learn the Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible (or Tanach) is comprised of three books: Torah (detailing events from the creation of the world right through to the Jew's release from Egyptian slavery and their journey in the wilderness), Nevi'im (or Prophets, delineating Jewish history in the time of Joshua's leadership, life under the judges, kings and prophets, and warnings about the upcoming destruction of Jerusalem and subsequent exile) and Ketuvim (or Writings, containing poetic books like Psalms and Proverbs, the historical account of Chronicles, and stories such as the books of Esther and Daniel). This canon is at the core of Jewish belief and learning: our selection of Bibles and biblical commentaries includes everything you need to start understanding these ancient writings.

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Prepare for Jewish holidays

Jewish culture revolves around celebrations, and the Jewish calendar is packed with different events based in our rich history and heritage.  Every holiday has its own story that is read over the holiday.  To help make you more prepared, we stocked up on several prayer books and holiday books which includes something suitable for every level of knowledge.

Make your Pesach Seder even more fun with a pop-up Haggada!

Learn about Israel

When it comes to Israel, there is plenty to learn. Whether you're interested in politics, modern and ancient history, culture, or even just about Israel in general, we have a wide selection of books that will broaden your knowledge.  Planning an upcoming trip to Israel and need to know the best places to go? Check out our maps and field guides to plan your unique journey through the Promised Land. We also carry an impressive collection of history and documentary DVDs covering a broad range of topics, both contemporary and biblical, and is sure to contain something for everyone

Look inside the lives of some of Israel's leaders as seen through the eyes of Yehuda Avner, an advisor to the prime ministers

Learn about Judaism

There's much more to Judaism than fasts, feasts and chicken soup on Friday nights. Our books about Judaism include a broad array of subjects, covering everything from marriage and dating, self-help and Jewish philosophy to contemporary issues and Jewish law.

Learn and focus on yourself through a combination of meditation, guided imagery, psychology, and kabbalah


The Jews are known as the people of the book for a reason - education has always been a top priority. We're sure our diverse selection of educational materials will offer you the specialist material you're looking for!