When decorating one's home, it is important to fill it with meaningful items which is why so many choose artwork from Israel. Jewish sculptures are just what you need to fill that side table, add some color to your desk or simply as a piece of art on the coffee table. Many Israeli artists such as David Gerstein, Dorit Judaica, and Yair Emanuel, not only create wall art and Judaica but also beautiful free standing sculptures that are the perfect addition to any room. We took the time to let you know about our favorite artists in this selection and we hope you enjoy them as well!

David Gerstein

David Gerstein not only creates pieces featuring Hamsas, he also creates colorful sculptures of favorite hobbies. From biking to dancing and running, Gerstein has turned these activities into art for those who truely love the sport. He also captures scenes from nature that truely bring the outdoors inside.  Birds of every color, fluttering butterflies, and everlasting flowers come to life with his sculptures, and you're sure to love each and everyone. You'll even find expressions of love in so many different artistic variations but all done in Gerstein's colorful signature look.

❤︎ We love this Shalom Al Yisrael Hamsa and this bright rendition of Israel's national bird, the Hoopoe.

Iris Design

Iris Design's signature style uses negative space and a geometric rainbow and it is a favorite modern look. Beautiful and simple, here you can find Jewish themes such as pomegranates, a Hamsa and the Tree of Life among other unique styles. She even has Judaica that can sit as art when not in use! Some of her pieces offer different color options if rainbow isn't so much your thing. For a piece of art that will truely stand out, Iris Design should be your first stop.

❤︎ We love this Dove of Peace and this rainbow Ben-Gurion.

Olive Wood

Olive trees have been growing in Israel for thousands of years, and due to an ancient law still being enacted today, it is illegal to cut down olive trees. So, where does olive wood art come from? Clippings and fallen branches, which makes these beautiful sculptures environmentally friendly and one-of-a-kind.  One of the most popular sculptures is the camel, available in different variations including mother and child, and a kneeling camel, but thats not the only animal they make. Adorable elephants and turtles can be found made out of olive wood, the perfect gift to give to any animal lover.

❤︎ We love this classic olive wood camel

Dorit Judaica

Fill your home with the adorable sculptures from Dorit Judaica! Made from metal, her pieces are brightly colored and don't give off the feeling of being made of metal. From colorful vases filled with flowers to miniature trees, what brings these sculpture together is that they have different blessing incorporated into the design. Dorit Judaica is well known for her Judaica, but she brings an element of spirituality into her art. You can choose from a selection of flowers, each with their own positive attribute written across it such as success and love, or have your own mini "flower garden" by displaying your favorite ones together.

❤︎ We love this Sabra cactus and blessings Hamsa.

Jerusalem Judaica


Jerusalem Judaica is a true expression of "Yiddishkeit" as they base their miniatures off of Judaism and Jerusalem. Jerusalem Judaica sculptures are made of a combination of silver and gold and truly bring in the magic. From sculptures relating to prayer like Torahs and the Priestly Blessing to Torah stories like Noah's Ark. Judaism also has strong ties to music which is why Jerusalem Judaica also makes adorable little musicians like a fiddler and guitarist who will strum away on your shelf. Jerusalem Judaica loves tradition and makes it shine bright.

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem Ball Miniature.