Tableware Jewish Tableware is a fantastic addition to your home, whether you're just starting a new chapter of your life in a new place or just wanting to switch things up. The Judaica Web Store carries a fantastic selection of salt and pepper shakers, serving dishes and bowls for serving, trivets, napkin holders and more, all of which will bring a little Israeli flavor to your table.  Also fantastic for a housewarming or wedding gift, these pieces of tableware are made by Israel's top artists ensuring quality and come with an amazing price.  Enjoy shopping for all your tableware needs from Israel!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper ShakersSalt and pepper shakers from Israel are available in multiple materials with Jewish and Israeli motifs as well as amazing patterns and designs. The choice is yours to choose between brightly colored ceramic sets, hand painted wooden shakers that fit into one another, metal contemporary designs or a classic look with laser cut-outs adorning the side. Perfect for daily use or Shabbat and holidays, salt and pepper shakers will always be something you need at every meal, allowing you to choose multiple shakers for different occasions if you like more than one.

❤︎  We love these ceramic shakers with pomegranates and these multi-colored shakers from Yair Emanuel.


Trivets Trivets are always needed for Shabbat meals, as every Jewish mother cooks up a storm for Shabbat and the holidays. Before you bring out the food, let your table be decorated with a multitude of color and style with any of the trivets from the Judaica Web Store. Our selection ranges from classic designs that include Armenian Ceramic, pomegranate designs or those that say "Shabbat Shalom" and "Hot and Tasty" to fun and brightly colored images of the iconic AHAVA symbol, prints representing Jerusalem or Jewish history and even food such as falafel, watermelon or holiday themed Matzah.  Have some fun and choose something unique!

❤︎  We love this Shabbat Shalom trivet and this colorful Armenian Ceramic trivet.

Napkin Holders

Napkin HoldersImpress your guests with a gorgeous napkin holder from Israel! Something generally over looked, napkin holders can add to your table in a subtle way while keeping the napkins handy which is always useful especially at large meals. Here you can also find magnificent Yair Emanuel napkin rings done in his classic style, as well as plenty of his other napkin holder designs. Mainly space efficient designs featuring pomegranates, Jerusalem and even David's Harp are perfect for keeping your napkins in reach while taking up minimal space. Plus, when you're not using them, they stand on their own as magnificent pieces of art.

❤︎  We love this red pomegranate napkin holder and this Jerusalem highlights holder in a Hamsa shape.


Cutlery While the food at your meal is the centerpiece, who says you can't jazz it up with some artistic cutlery? Compliment your dishes with stunning serving pieces from metal or olive wood from Israel.  If you go away for a weekend or holiday, these are a great gift to give to your host, as they are useful for serving almost any dish. The metal pieces are available in a modern look with Jewish symbols while the olive wood cutlery offers a more rustic look, so whatever you are going for, we have it all!

❤︎  We love these dove salad servers and these olive wood salad servers.


CoastersThe best part about coasters is that they can be as whimsical as you want them to be! From Barbara Shaw's colorful and cute Israel related coasters, to the Israel Museum's images from ancient history to pop art Israeli leaders and everything else you can imagine, these coasters are fun to have around to entertain. If you're looking for something a bit more simplistic, we also carry coasters in solid colors, Armenian Ceramic and hand-painted wood. Israel themed coasters are the greatest gift to give to add a fun touch of Israel into your home.

❤︎  We love the Birds of Israel coaster set and the Pop Art Historical Figures set.

Serving Dishes

Serving Dishes and TraysServing dishes and trays are always important when you enjoy hosting people. Great for challah or making your food dishes look a bit more elegant and organized, these are also great for newly weds. Fruit bowls, candy dishes, challah trays and more, we carry a huge selection of serving dishes made in Israel by some of the finest artists. Funky laser-cut outs and gorgeous hand-painted items will look amazing on your table and even better with some delicious food inside.  With dozens of options, you're bound to find the one you love.

❤︎  We love the laser cut birds bowl and Hazorfim's Bolero tray.