Hosting meals during Rosh Hashanah can be stressful between all of the prep, cooking, cleaning, and coordinating. On top of all of that, you want to make sure your guests have a memorable meal and a meaningful holiday experience, surrounded by family and friends. Decking out your dinner table with festive Rosh Hashanah tableware, Judaica, and décor will impress your guests and set the mood for a joyful and sweet meal.

We've compiled a list of the décor and tableware that is essential for Rosh Hashanah 2023 - beautiful and festive items to set your holiday table right, that also make great Rosh Hashanah gifts for the avid hostess in your life. Just don't wait too long to order—many of our items are specially made to order, and everything ships from Israel, so make sure to order early so you can get all your holiday essentials before Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on September 25!


1. Round Rosh Hashanah Seder Plate

While "Seder plate" might make you think of Passover, Rosh Hashanah Seders have been their own tradition in Sephardic communities for centuries, and have gained popularity in Israel and in American Jewish communities of all stripes more recently. If it's your custom - or if you want to try something new this year - this gorgeous round glass Rosh Hashanah Seder plate is sure to bring meaning to your table! It contains labeled spaces for each of the simamim (symbolic foods, including pomegranate seeds, fish, and an apple in honey), along with "Shanah Tova" ("Good Year") inside an apple design in the center, and various Hebrew words of blessing along the outer rim.





2. Yair Emanuel Stainless Steel Pomegranate Kiddush Cup

Kiddush cups aren't only for Shabbat! Kiddush is made several times throughout Rosh Hashanah, and so any host needs a suitable Kiddush cup. And this beautiful stainless steel Kiddush cup designed by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel is the perfect way to bring festive joy while sanctifying the holiday! The cup features a timeless sleek silhouette, elegant hammered finish, and a beautiful gold-accented pomegranate tree design along the stem and matching saucer for some stunning Rosh Hashanah imagery.






3. Pomegranate Raw Silk Challah Cover

One iconic Rosh Hashanah item that every table needs is a round challah to represent the "head" of the new year - so you'll need a challah cover for it! Designed by Yair Emanuel in his Jerusalem studio, this simple-yet-stunning challah cover is made out of elegant raw silk and features a vibrant pomegranate motif, bringing a pop of color and symbolism to your holiday table. While pomegranates are often associated with Rosh Hashanah, this challah cover can also be used year-round: the embroidery says "Shabbat VeYom Tov " ("Shabbat and Holiday"), plus it's too pretty to only use for a few days per year!





4. Dorit Judaica Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish (Choice of Designs)

Designed by seventh-generation Israeli religious artist Dorit Klein, this golden stainless steel honey dish comes with a glass bowl to minimize stickiness and maximize style. The laser-cut dish is available in three different motifs, so you can choose the one that suits your aesthetic best, and dip your apples and challah in honey in style. Regardless of which design you pick, this honey dish will surely sweeten your Rosh Hashanah celebrations.









5. Silk Table Runner with Pomegranates (Choice of Colors)

Another stunning selection from Yair Emanuel's Rosh Hashanah collection is this embroidered silk table runner adorned with pomegranates set against a cream background. It comes in a choice of sizes and colors, so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your dining room to match your Rosh Hashanah 2023 aesthetic and for every holiday and shabbat the rest of the year.








6. Glass Rosh Hashanah Seder Plate

Made of glass, this delicate Rosh Hashanah Seder plate is decorated with a chic blue pomegranate design and boasts labelled indentations in Hebrew and English for each of the eight symbolic foods associated with the holiday: beets, leeks, black-eyed peas, apples & honey, gourd, pomegranate, dates, and a fish head. This vibrant plate is sure to be the center of your celebration and a highlight of family Rosh Hashanah meals for years to come!






7. Jerusalem Shofar Silver-Plated Candlesticks

On Rosh Hashanah, like Shabbat and other holidays, candles are lit to welcome in the chag (holiday). This silver-plated candlestick set features two shofars and a base that are decorated with intricate depictions of the Old City of Jerusalem and its famous stones and architecture, with gorgeous craftsmanship and brilliant touches of gold. Considering how symbolic and special the shofar is during Rosh Hashanah, these candlesticks are a perfect addition to your Rosh Hashanah Judaica collection.






8. Jordana Klein Colorful Glass Challah Tray

Designed by Israeli artist Jordana Klein in her Jerusalem studio, this large glass challah tray features an artistic blend of colors surrounding a loaf of challah and holiday candles. This tray is perfect for hosts and young couples who are still building their Judaica collection. In addition to providing a durable and beautiful place for the challah at your Rosh Hashanah table, this gorgeous tray can also be used on Shabbat, as well as displayed as a work of art in your home year-round.






9. Dorit Judaica Pomegranate Honey Dish Set

If you want bold and bright Judaica that is also rich with traditional symbols and meaning, Dorit Judaica's Rosh Hashanah collection is for you! One of our favorites from her collection is this glass honey dish, which also comes with a decorated serving plate and a honey spoon. This stunning plate features a mandala-like design, incorporating a pomegranate motif as well as elegant Hebrew writing that reads Yehi Ratzon Milfanecha Shetechadesh Aleinu Shana Tova u'Metuka - "May it be Your will to renew a sweet New Year for us."






10. White Shabbat and Holiday Tablecloth

This lovely white tablecloth comes in an array of sizes and is perfect for Rosh Hashanah celebrations and Shabbat alike. Made in Israel, the tablecloth is decorated with various designs, including the Star of David, a Kiddush cup surrounded by Shabbat candlesticks, a floral motif and the Hebrew words "Shabbat Kodesh" (Holy Sabbath) and "Moadim Lesimcha" (A Happy Festival). It's also kid-proof: it is machine washable and stain resistant, so it's built to last for years to come!





11. Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Kiddush Fountain

Kiddush fountains are perfect for gatherings where you are expecting plenty of guests, and this colorful Kiddush cup fountain by Yair Emanuel is guaranteed to dazzle everyone at your table! The main Kiddush cup sits proudly at the top of the fountain, surrounded by eight smaller matching cups. Each cup is made from hand-painted and lacquered wood, and features vibrant Jerusalem scenes, for a beautiful connection to the Holy City during your holiday and every time you use it for years to come.






12. Dorit Judaica Laser Cut Pomegranate Honey Dish Set

We just can't get enough of Dorit Judaica's beautiful, pomegranate-themed pieces effortlessly blending Jewish tradition with modern Israeli style - and this colorful Rosh Hashanah dish set is another must-have! Designed from laser-cut metal and tempered glass, this unique piece is comprised of four dishes that sit inside vibrant, red-pink pomegranates - perfect to use as honey dishes to pass around to your guests or for your favorite symbolic Rosh Hashanah foods.






13. Gold Pomegranates Silk Table Runner

Tie your holiday table all together with a colorful yet elegant holiday motif, with this raw silk pomegranate table runner. An original piece by one of Israel's leading artists, Yair Emanuel, this vibrant table runner features a unique paneled design along with delicately embroidered pomegranates. Choose the right size for your table, and wow your family and guests with its eye-catching and festive look this Rosh Hashanah 2023 and for many holidays to come!






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