Jewish weddings are full of love and the ceremony itself is rich in tradition. The Jewish wedding ceremony mostly happens under a wedding canopy, or Chuppah in Hebrew.  the saying of seven blessings, handing over the ring and of course, breaking the glass.  Judaism has their own special wedding contract called a Ketubah, which most people turn into a piece of art.  Jewish weddings require a lot of extra special items, and to keep you right on track with that, we made this Jewish Wedding Buying Guide to help you out.


The wedding ceremony takes place under the chuppah, which stands at the end of the aisle the bride and groom walk down. Traditionally, the chuppah is made up of a tallit, but can also be a beautiful tapestry, and the chuppah represents the Jewish home that is being created at the wedding. Often times, the chuppah is attached to poles and help up by close family and friends, marking that a Jewish home is not made up of things, but rather made up of people that love each other.

❤︎ We love this painted Jerusalem Chuppah.

Kiddush Cup

While under the chuppah, there are two times where wine is drunk by both the bride and groom, meaning you need a Kiddush cup for the occasion. This Kiddush cup can be continued to be used for the rest of the marriage or kept special for future generation's weddings.  Under the Chuppah, there are two times where the blessing over wine is said, which means a gorgeous Kiddush cup is needed. From traditional designs with a modern twist, to an elegant sterling silver Kiddush cup from one of Israel's top silversmiths or something handmade. Any Kiddush cup you choose will be perfect for the occasion.

❤︎ We love this classic Kiddush cup and this futuristic concept Kiddush cup. 

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are one of the most important parts of any wedding, especially Jewish weddings. According to some, the ring must have a smooth finish on the inside and be made of something of value, like gold or silver.  The Judaica Web Store has a gorgeous selection of Jewish weddings rings for both men and women, with a smooth finish, adorned with diamonds and gems or with the Jewish love quote "I am my beloved, as my beloved is to me" wrapped around the band.  All made in Israel, you will not only carry a symbol of love for one another at all times, but also a symbol of love for the Jewish homeland.

❤︎ We love this wavy diamond ring and this blue enamel ring.


The Ketubah is the Jewish marriage contract that states the obligations of the husband to the wife and is signed by the groom and two witnesses. However, this is no ordinary marriage contract as many have a ketubah that is a piece of art and hung on the wall. Some say the ketubah is hung on the wall to remind the couple of their commitment and dedication to one another. Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative Judaism have different versions of what should be written on the ketubah and artist have been sure to make beautiful designs for each and every one.

❤︎ We love this Star Ketubah and this modern round Ketubah.


While under the chuppah, the groom will need to wear a kippah as the wedding ceremony is considered a religious one. A symbol reminding us of G-d's presence, the groom might choose to wear a new white kippah as a symbol of purity. The Judaica Web Store in general has a fantastic selection of kippahs, but also of solid white and embroidered kippahs on a white background in a variety of materials.  If your wedding has a color theme, there are also plenty of colored kippahs to choose from that will blend in perfectly.  No matter which you choose, the Judaica Web Store is here for all your wedding needs.

❤︎ We love this white poly silk kippah and this white satin Jerusalem kippah. 


When it comes to the tallit and Jewish weddings, there are many traditions that are followed. Often times, a groom will recieve a new tallit at his wedding to wear throughout the many Shabbatot and holidays during the marriage, as well as under the chuppah. During the Chuppah, some have the tradition that both the groom and bride should be wrapped in it during the ceremony, to be connected as one soul.  Choose from dozens of beautiful tallits at the Judaica Web Store. Crisp whites with colorful stripes or colorful silk, there are plenty of tallits that will match his style and personality.

❤︎ We love this white and gold tallit and this traditional blue and white one

Aside for preparing for your wedding day, you can also prepare a gift registry with the Judaica Web Store! Check out our Wedding Gift Guide for inspiration and Mazal Tov on your upcoming wedding!