Jewish Wedding RingsJewish wedding rings are an important part of the Jewish wedding ceremony, just as it is with any and all weddings. Actually the ring is a part of the ceremony that was created hundreds of years ago. While the couple stands under the Chuppah- the Jewish wedding canopy- the groom gives the bride a ring and says that with this ring they are married in accordance to the laws of Moshe and Yisrael.  Orthodox Jewish law says that the ring must be smooth and made of gold, but some say only the inside must be smooth, and that there cannot be any stones in the ring. It all depends on your traditions but here at the Judaica Web Store, we have a large variety of rings for whatever you hold to. Stunning rings in silver and gold, adorned with gems and diamonds or made with incredible patterns, there are rings for both men and women to mark this milestone with.

Simple Bands

Smooth RingsIf you plan to have a very simple gold ring, we have plenty of options. Simple does not necessarily mean plain and boring, but rather, there are such gorgeous rings with brushed looks and decorative patterns to keep it classy.  Most rings were made by Ben Jewelry, one of Israel's finest jewelers who comes from a long line of Yemenite jewelry makers, who made jewelry for Yemen's Royal Court.  In 14k gold, these rings are perfect for both men and women, with different designs and an elegance that cannot be matched.

❤︎  We love this brushed gold wedding ring and this textured ring with thin lines.

Diamonds and Gemstones

Gemstone RingsDiamonds, rubies, onyx, sapphires and more, these rings sparkle and shine like no other.  According to Orthodox law, rings with stones in them cannot be used during the ring ceremony under the Chuppa but there is no problem switching it out for one of these glamorous rings afterwards! Plenty of stunning designs that will represent your glamorous life style and hopefully your glamorous marriage.

❤︎  We love this wavy ring with diamonds and this set of stacked rings with gemstones and blessings.

Seven Blessings

Seven BlessingsAt the Chuppah, seven blessings are said as part of the marriage ceremony.  These blessings essentially end the ceremony but are one of the most important parts.  Judaism ties in G-d into everything we do and for this, we are thanking G-d for all he has done to bring these two special people together. These Seven Blessings Rings are made up of seven spinning bands, each with one of the seven blessings said at the Chuppah.  Seven Blessing Rings make for a unique wedding ring that can't be found anywhere else.

❤︎  We love this spinning ring from Haari Jewelry and this 14K gold spinning ring with diamonds.

Ani LeDodi

Ani LedodiThe words "Ani LeDodi v'LeDodi Li" or in English "I am to my beloved, as my beloved is to me" make up the ultimate Jewish love quote.  Coming from the Song of Songs, these Ani LeDodi rings are incredible special. With over 25 different styles available in silver, gold or a combination of the two, many of these rings are good for both men and women. Some rings even have the quote on a separate piece of metal so that it spins for a little hidden fun. You can even get matching rings to really represent the meaning of Ani LeDodi to its fullest.

❤︎  We love this engraved ring and this octagon ring with yellow and white gold.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Wedding RingsMany say that silver rings also comply with the laws of Orthodoxy when it comes to Jewish weddings and so we introduce to you our fabulous selection of silver wedding rings.  Either sterling silver or a gorgeous combination of silver and gold, these are all stunning options, even with a few from the Israel Museum featuring ornamental designs found on artifacts found in the museum.

❤︎  We love this unisex spinning ring and this silver ring with a zircon stone.