Whether it be for a Bar Mitzvah, birthday or anniversary, if a man in your life has a deep appreciation for Judaism and its customs, then we have the perfect list of gift ideas for him. Overtime, these Judaica pieces might get worn down or simply old, and giving them something brand new will give a return them to a level of high appreciation for the practice, as well as being able to use something bought just for them by someone they love. Let us take a look...


A tallit is given to a man at the time of his Bar Mitzvah or wedding depending on his family's tradition, but as the years go by, this once white tallit might have lost its beauty. If you are considering buying a new tallit, check out one of Israel's favorite tallit makers, Talitnia and their incredible selection of traditional tallitot. If he prefers something more artistic, there are wonderful modern tallitot that are bursting with color and are incredibly unique. Make your gift extra special and add in tallit clips or a tallit bag.

♥️ We love this Bnei Or multicolored tallit and this traditional blue and gold striped tallit.

Kiddush Cup

Choosing the right Kiddush cup for someone can be difficult because you want one that fits their personality. For the traditional guy, you might go for a shining sterling silver cup but for someone who loves life in color, you might get them something from the anodized aluminum selection. Maybe he the kinda guy who loves having a full house, whether it is with his family or guest, then a wine fountain would be an amazing gift and would save on spills. We also carry Kiddush cups for children, so if your little guy wants to partake in this tradition, he can do it on his own.

♥️ We love this Engraved Spiral Crystal Kiddush Cup by Caesarea Arts

Torah Pointer

This is a gift he can use when he gets the honor of reading the Torah, something that doesn't happen often, but when he does, he can think of you. Torah pointers are one of the best Bar Mitzvah gifts and there are so many options to choose from modern anodized aluminum, traditional silver, or stunning metal options that will always be loved.

♥️ We love this Delicate Jerusalem Torah pointer and this Yair Emanuel three rings Torah pointer

Etrog Box

Sukkot might be once a year but having a good etrog box is important. The etrog, or citron, is delicate, and cannot be harmed in anyway. While it might be unnecessary, it is a thoughtful gift that will last for years. If he is a classy guy, one of our designer Etrog boxes made from sterling silver might be the perfect fit for him. There are also beautiful wood etrog boxes with stunning engravings and paintings as the design. The choice is ultimately up to you! We also have a beautiful lulav case to keep his lulav safe walking to and from services.

♥️ We love this Jerusalem Etrog box and this futuristic Agayof Design Etrog Box


While a shofar isn't a typical piece of Judaica, it is an incredibly important one. A shofar has become one of the most iconic symbols of Judaism and is one of the oldest instruments, as it was used in the times of the Temple. Having a shofar is a lot of responsibility but it can also be a way to help out in the community by learning to blow it. We are proud of our selection of ram's horn shofars, Yemenite Kudu shofars, and decorated shofars. Don't forget a shofar stand to display your new shofar on!

♥️ We love this natural finish kudu shofar and this Jerusalem themed shofar stand.