Kabbalah Jewelry comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, and price ranges. From amulets that ward off the 'evil eye' to rings that summon divine protection, and from insightful Biblical verse necklaces to bracelets that enumerate the Divine Attributes, kabbalah jewelry pieces are powerful, meaningful, and sensationally stylish.

At Judaica Webstore, all of our spectacular Kabbalah Jewelry pieces are crafted by leading Israeli jewelers and designers. Whether you're looking for something to add to your own collection or are shopping for a gift for someone special, we've put together this list of the top kabbalah jewelry from Israel to help you find the perfect piece!

And if you want to know more about kabbalah and the meaning behind kabbalah jewelry, check out our What Is Kabbalah blog post.



1. Red String Silver Bracelet with Multiple Jewish Charms

Wear your Jewish identity with pride and ward off the 'evil eye' with this beautiful Red String Silver Bracelet with Multiple Jewish Charms. Featuring the iconic Kabbalistic red string that is said to protect against misfortune, this eye-catching bracelet is adorned with four classic Jewish charms and amulets: a Star of David, Chai symbol, Hamsa, and an Evil Eye. A wonderful fusion of faith and fashion, this beautiful bracelet is perfect for your everyday wear or would make a meaningful gift for someone special.





2. Sterling Silver & Red Enamel Kabbalah Ring with Priestly Blessing

Carry a symbol of divine protection with you wherever you go with this remarkable Kabbalah Ring with Priestly Blessing. An enchanting design by Marina Jewelry, one of Israel's leading designers of affordable Jewish jewelry, the exterior of this sterling silver ring is decorated with red enamel while the interior is engraved with the first line of the Priestly Blessing. In Kabbalah, red is considered a symbol of protection against the evil eye. A stunning piece of Jewish jewelry that is steeped in mysticism and symbolism, you will cherish this ring for many years to come!





3. Sterling Silver Merkaba Star of David Necklace

Take your Jewish faith to a higher level with this unique Sterling Silver Merkaba Star of David Necklace. Made by Ha'ari Jewelry, one of Israel's leading Judaica jewelers, this exclusive design is composed of interlocking pyramids to form a Star of David as you've never seen before. Known to Kabbalists as a Merkaba, this special Star of David is said to release powerful spiritual energy and is a symbol of reaching a higher consciousness. Whether for yourself or someone you love, this magnificent necklace will enhance the wearer's faith no matter what the occasion.





4. Handcrafted Darkened Silver Adjustable Ring with 72 Mystical Names

Carry the Divine with you wherever you go with this stunning Handcrafted Darkened 925 Sterling Silver Ring. The inside of this unique adjustable ring displays the 72 mystical names of God - each one representing a Divine attribute - while the outside is adorned with 3 different Divine names: Mahash (representing health), Saal (representing plenty), and Elad (representing protection). Both deeply meaningful and stylish, this ring makes an outstanding gift for a special loved one.






5. Silver & Gold Disk Kabbalah Necklace with Chrysoberyl & 72 Holy Names

Want to wear a powerful symbol of your Jewish faith wherever you go? Check out this gorgeous necklace from Israel! Made of a mix of silver and gold, this beautiful circular necklace displays a charming chrysoberyl stone at its center, cased in a gold Star of David. Displayed around the central design are the 72 Holy Names for God, each one symbolizing one of the 72 Divine attributes. A powerful amulet that is said to draw in positive energy, this necklace is sure to become an instantly cherished piece of your collection!





6. Silver & Gold Five Metals Tikkun Chava Kabbalah Ring with Traveler's Prayer

Gift a special person in your life with a powerful symbol of Jewish identity with this Five Metals Tikkun Chava Kabbalah Ring. Handcrafted from a unique combination of 5 metals (gold, silver, copper, tin, and lead) that are said by Kabbalah to harness potent spiritual energies, this truly spectacular ring brings together a number of enchanting kabbalistic motifs that symbolize Tikkun (repair) and Divine protection. Rich in meaning and unparalleled in beauty, this ring makes a majestic gift for someone you love!





7. Five Metals Tikkun Chava Necklace

For a gorgeous and truly unique gift, check out this Five Metals Tikkun Chava Necklace (Eve's Tikkun). Composed of five different metals (gold, silver, copper, tin, and lead) that are believed to harness powerful spiritual forces, this exclusive design displays three different stars - an eight-pointed star, a six-pointed star, and a five-pointed star - corresponding to the gematria of Chava (Eve). The design formed by the three stars represents the 'tikkun' (repair) of Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden. Holding this powerful Jewish amulet close to the heart releases the power of balance and redemption in the soul, making this a fantastically meaningful gift for a special woman in your life.




8. Personalized Sterling Silver Kabbalistic Tree of Life Initials Necklace

If you're searching for a stunning, personalized piece of Jewish jewelry for a loved one in honor of a special occasion, then this Sterling Silver Kabbalistic Tree of Life Name Necklace is the one for you! Unique to Judaica Webstore, this exclusive design displays the Kabbalistic Tree of Life that symbolizes the different aspects and levels of God, existence, and the human psyche. Incorporated into the design is space for up to three personalized initials of your nearest and dearest in your choice of Hebrew or English. Meaningful, stylish, and totally unique to the wearer, this necklace is a must-have gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion.




9. Silver and Gold Uriel Key Necklace

Gift someone you love with the key to life! A fabulous fusion of silver and gold, this key necklace is full of mystical Jewish symbolism. Displaying a captivating chrysoberyl stone at the center of a gold Star of David, the design is dedicated to the archangel Uriel, whose energies are said to spur improvement and growth. A quote from Psalm 121: "Song of Accents, I will lift my eyes to the mountains" is engraved along the body of the key. Rich in Kabbalistic significance and exceptional in beauty, this necklace is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for someone special.





10. Silver and Gold Circle of Life Tree Necklace with Emerald

Take your faith with you wherever you go with this exquisite circular disc necklace from Israel! Made of a mix of silver and gold, this unique pendant displays a Tree of Life design and is engraved with the quote from Psalm 1: "For he shall be as a tree planted by the water". An elegant emerald stone at the center of the design symbolizes purity and harmony. A powerful symbol of Jewish identity from Ha'ari Jewelry, leading Israeli jewelers of Jewish and Kabbalistic pieces, this impeccable necklace is sure to dazzle and guide you for many years to come.





11. Gold and Silver Hamsa Necklace with Priestly Blessing

Keep the 'evil eye' at bay with this awe-inspiring amulet from Israel! A combination of silver and gold, this double Hamsa design is both magnificently meaningful and sensationally stylish. The silver Hamsa is wonderfully adorned with a terrific turquoise gemstone and is engraved with the inspiring words of the Priestly Blessing. The gold Hamsa, meanwhile, features an intricate Middle Eastern pattern and the Biblical verse "Ben Porat Yosef Alei Ayin" (“Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine by a fountain"), part of Jacob's blessing to Joseph. Abundant in Jewish meaning and elegant in style, this captivating necklace makes a fabulous gift that is both stylish and spiritual.




12. 18K Gold and Sterling Silver Atlantis Ring

Be guided by blessing and protection wherever you go with this phenomenal ring by one of Israel's leading jewelers, Ha'ari Jewelry. A flawless fusion of 18K gold and 925 sterling silver, this remarkable ring is based on a 19th-century discovery at Egypt's Valley of the Kings, the origins of which are thought to date by 4,000 years to the lost city of Atlantis. The special shapes and lines featured in the design of this ring are an ancient formula that transmits positive energy and provides protection to the wearer. A unique combination of ancient mysticism and modern, contemporary design, you will never tire of wearing this meaningful and trendy ring.




13. Sterling Silver King Solomon Seal Ring

Connect yourself with Israel's Biblical King Solomon with this sensational sterling silver ring. The splendid signet ring displays the intricate and mystical King Solomon's Seal as well as his name in an ancient Hebrew script. The Seal of King Solomon is composed of various ancient letters, names of angels, and verses surrounding a star design, and is thought to provide its wearer with protection, wisdom, and success. Steeped in Biblical history and mystical meaning, this special signet ring is a great way to connect with Judaism's Biblical wisdom, and also makes a meaningful gift for someone close to your heart.





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