Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish practice of using mysticism to interpret and understand the Torah. The root of the word comes from the Hebrew verb 'to receive', and its esoteric teachings aim to decipher the relationship between an omnipresent and omnipotent God and the mortal world in which we live. Kabbalah's archaic teachings include different names for God and myriad shielding amulets and verses that can protect from the Evil Eye and its influences. Kabbalah-themed jewelry is incredibly popular in Israel, and Israeli designers are producing stunning pieces for this unique genre. Here's a summary of popular Kabbalistic verses and shapes used by Israel's top designers in their incredible Kabbalah-inspired collections:

Tzfat, the City of Kabbalah

Kabbalah Bracelets

According to Kabbalistic lore, wearing a red string bracelet around the wrist is powerful protection against the evil eye. Many of our beautiful Kabbalah bracelets are based on this idea, and include additional Kabbalistic symbols for luck such as a Hamsa or fish. Other bracelets in this range feature tablets with mystic three-letter combinations representing attributes of God, for example ה-ה-ע to bring the wearer love, and מ-ה-ש for healing and protection from disease. Other bracelets include words from Ana BeKoach, an ancient Kabbalistic poem said to contain 72 different names for God, and high levels of spiritual energy and connection. Our bracelets are made from a range of interesting, high quality materials, including rope, silk, string, leather, sterling silver and gold plate and are interspersed with stones like turquoises, which according to Kabbalistic beliefs have powerful energies and protective properties of their own.

A popular style with red leather and "Shema Yisrael" engraved on a silver bead


Kabbalah Rings

Our selection of exceptional Kabbalah rings are expertly crafted from a range of materials including gold, sterling silver and leather, and feature elaborate metalwork, innovative textures and beautiful designs. The immaculate detailing means that these rings are truly wearable works of art. Many of these rings are engraved with Kabbalistic phrases which act like talismans, bringing the wearer the inscribed blessings. The inscriptions include Ana BeKoach, different three-lettered names for God and the infamous Shema Yisrael prayer. Beautiful semi-precious gemstones, each offering their own spiritual and energetic properties, make these unique rings even more covetable.

Inscribed with the mystical names of God, this ring offers healing and protection


Kabbalah Necklaces

Our comprehensive collection of Kabbalah necklaces offers a diverse choice of styles, ranging from plain engraving on simple circles to elaborate metalwork on intricately detailed Hamsas. This collection features several unusual pieces which are extraordinary in their originality, Kabbalistic meaning and outstanding quality. For example, in Kaballah, keys represent monetary success and prosperity, and the rare 'Tikkun Chava' combination of eight, six and five point stars is emblematic of Eve's repentance for the original sin in the Garden of Eden. We also offer several adaptations and replicas of Jewish jewelry artifacts, which have been produced and authenticated by the Israel Museum. There are also more traditional necklace pendants such as hearts and dog-tags, made more spiritual by the addition of Kabbalistic words and ideas.

The Key to Success


Five Metal Jewelry

The Kabbalah teaches that if certain metals are brought together at precisely the right moment, huge amounts of spiritual energy can be bound together, bringing positivity and good fortune to the wearer of this mystical combination. The five metals required for this potent combination are gold, silver, copper, lead and tin: they can be combined only when the moon is under Jupiter's influence to successfully harness the energies and bring the wearer Divine blessing and protection.

This five metals necklace beautifully connects into a unique piece


Merkaba Jewelry

A merkaba is a complex and powerful shape formed of two interlocking triagular-based pyramids, or tetrahedrons. According to Kabbalah, one tetrahedron points down while spinning counterclockwise, drawing energy from the Earth; the other spins clockwise and points up towards the heavens, channeling energy from the universe down to our world. The merkaba is believed to connect human beings to our inner selves, to our own powerful energy, and to the higher realm. Using these merkaba pendants during meditation will help you connect with the shape's unique spiritual powers.

A simple but stunning Star of David Merkaba Neckalce


Judaica WebStore boasts one of the most extensive selections of exclusive Kabbalah jewelry in the world, combining exceptional craftsmanship and Israeli ingenuity with the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah's teachings. Any of these beautiful pieces would make a rare and significant gift for someone who means a lot to you.