Lily Art Lily Art's signature style is easy to spot in a room full of Judaica. Her bright colors and adorable patterns are easy to spot and are sure to brighten up any room because of their natural sparkle. Each piece is handmade and often includes using mixed materials, for an incredibly unique look. Lily Art has you covered with Judaica for Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Passover, and Hanukkah, as well as home decor and mezuzahs for daily use. Many of her items are also perfect for little ones as their first Chanukah menorah or Shabbat candlesticks. Multicolored rainbows and more, Lily Art combines an ancient tradition with a modern flair.

Challah Boards

Lily Art Challah Board Every Shabbat and holiday, the challah board is brought out and used to hold the delicious and fluffy challah. Lily Art has challah boards in her signature colorful style and in her newer designs use stainless steel and glass like this tulip one and this painted rainbow pomegranate board. Many iconic symbols appear on these challah boards like tulips and pomegranates, but there are also a few that feature Jerusalem. There are classic rectangular designs to choose from but also circles and ones in a unique shape like this. These challah boards are guaranteed to put some color on the table.

❤︎ We love this blue tulip challah board and this pomegranate challah board.

Honey Dishes

Lily Art Honey Dish When Rosh Hashanah comes around, so does the honey. Rather than keeping your honey in the jar, place it in a festive apple shaped honey dish! The honey only adds color to these glass dishes and it keeps the occasion for use special. Some come with a lid to keep the honey fresh and spill proof like this multicolored one and others are made as a bowl with a decorative stainless steel tray. Many of these are decorated with bees, apples, or pomegranates, very appropriate for the Jewish new year. Compliments are guaranteed with any of these delightful dishes.

❤︎ We love this four piece honey dish.


Lily Art MezuzahMezuzahs are a precious piece of Judaica. They stand proudly at our front doors, marking our heritage, welcoming up from every trip, and are a reminder of the connection between the Jewish people and Hashem. Lily Art's mezuzahs have a brass or pewter look to them, and are wrapped with a beautiful design and gemstones. Some look like the Israeli flag and others are full of colors and different symbols that are truely a wonder to have on your door like this multicolored look. When buying a mezuzah, keep in mind that these do not come with a scroll inside and need to be bought separately.

❤︎ We love this sunset brass mezuzah and this purple hamsa mezuzah.

Seder Plates

Lily Art Seder Plate A Seder plate is required when participating in the Passover Seder whether in the traditional circle or the modern rectangle. It holds the different food components that come up during the reading of the Haggadah, and each food resembles a different aspect of the Jewish people in Egypt or when they were leaving. These Seder plates will give you all the spring-time feels, as Pesach is the beginning of the spring season and each of these plates are decorated with flowers, bright colors and of course, Lily Art's iconic pomegranate. Get your stunning handmade Pesach Seder Plate now!

❤︎ We love this stainless steel Seder plate.

Wall Art

Lily Art Wall Art Jewish wall art does not need to be average, but rather, can show creativity in many ways. Lily Art's wall art is generally made from glass, but adorned with Jewish symbols that stand out. Pomegranates, home blessings in Hebrew and English, and Hamsas like this are just the beginning to what you will find in her wall art. Each piece has a touch of color to it and is never boring. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from so that your home can have stunning Jewish art that matches the decor.

❤︎ We love this Israeli flag-esque home blessing and these bold pomegranates.