Ofek WertmanTaking after Andy Warhol's iconic style, Ofek Wertman is the pop art king of Tel Aviv.  Creating incredible pieces mainly featuring Israel's modern day leaders and scenes of the Holy Land, the Ofek Wertman Studio has taken it up a notch by adding bold colors and vibrant filters to photographs and images. In addition to brightening up some of Israel's most well known scenes, the studio also used their own illustrations and graffiti to produce their own colorful creations.  One of a kind pieces for one of a kind people, Ofek Wertman's art will add an exciting pop into any room and will probably start a trend among your Israel loving friends.


CoastersNo one likes the rings left on a table from cups, which is why coasters are always the best housewarming present.  Rather than just plain old coasters, you can impress your guests with iconic symbols of Israel! Whether it be modern leaders who helped begin the state of Israel like Theodore Herzl, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Golda Meir and Moshe Dayan or the classic "Ahava" emblem, you'll always have a little feel of Israel close by.

❤︎ We love this pop art historical figures set and this Israeli slang set.


MezuzahsIn a Jewish home, you might find a mezuzah on nearly every doorway. Ofek Wertman's mezuzahs are great for almost every room. Kids and adults alike will love the cute illustrations (especially cat and dog lovers) that decorate each and every mezuzah.  Made from aluminum, these mezuzahs have a metallic shine to them that only add to the fun! Many of his mezuzahs make for the perfect gift for small children, as they will love to see some of their favorite animals on their doorpost.

❤︎ We love this dogs mezuzah and this robot mezuzah.


ClocksIf you're looking for something truly unique, Ofek Wertman's clocks will really blow you away. From simple scenes of Israel through photographs and paintings to mix and match graffiti combinations, Wertman's clocks are incredible. One of his masterpieces include the Kinetic Star of David clock, with layers instead of hands to tell the time. Made from wood or aluminum, you wont mind checking the clock because of the feeling of Israel that comes with it.

❤︎ We love this Star of David kinetic clock and this wooden Western Wall clock.


MagnetsBrighten up your fridge with some fun Israel magnets! Excellent for putting up your favorite pictures, important information and whatever you might need a magnet for, do it with style. Available in packs of four, these are also great as party favors if you want to spread the love.  Showing some of Israel's top leaders with a hodgepodge of graffiti, minimalistic portraits, and the "Ahava" symbol in radiant colors, you're sure to love these magnets since they will stick to your heart.

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TrivetsHot food made with love needs to sit on any of these magnificent trivets! If you have enough trivets in your home, you can also hang these up on the wall, as the backs have a nail hole in them already! Some of his special trivets include paintings from Nachum Gutman, one of Israel's most beloved artists who began painting scenes of Tel Aviv since before 1948. To turn such an ordinary item into an absolute piece of art is something Ofek Wertman has done above and beyond with.

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