The Lion of Judah is one of oldest symbols in Judaism, representing strength, Jewish sovereignty, and God's protection.

This has always been an important icon for the Jewish people, and has recently taken on even more significance, with many choosing to show off the Lion as a way to support Israel and stand up against the threats made to Jews around the world.

Discover special Lion of Judah gifts by Israeli artists to show your Jewish and Israel pride - and see our top 10 favorites below:

1. Jerusalem Lions Silver-Plated Ram’s Shofar

This magnificent shofar really encapsulates the line "the Lion has roared - who will not fear?" (Amos 3:8), depicting two lions along with the crown of the Kingdom of Judah and the word "Jerusalem" in the silver plating. This beautiful ram's horn shofar makes for an excellent piece of Jewish art and Judaica that you'll be proud to display year-round.

2.Am Yisrael Chai Lion of Judah Black Glossy Mug

Don't miss this fabulous designer coffee mug, brimming with Jewish pride and displaying the words "Am Yisrael Chai" in Hebrew letters, along with the translation "the people of Israel live" below in English. The Lion of Judah roars with a colorful mane, bearing his fangs as the protector of the Jewish people, and a symbol of the Jewish spirit. This mug comes in a glossy black finish and is a great way to start your day by paying homage to Jewish strength and resilience!

3. Standing Silver-Plated Lion of Judah

This lovely silver-plated statue fits neatly on any desk, mantel, or even as a table setting the next time you host a holiday meal. It depicts a highly detailed Lion of Judah with a large, flowing mane, and is lined with felt at the bottom to avoid scratching whatever surface it's on. A wonderful Biblical gift for any home!

4. Regal Bronze Lion of Judah Men's T-Shirt

This stylish t-shirt features the Lion of Judah in a bronze-type seal, complete with a crown with a Star of David, a majestic mane, and the word “Judah” on it, referring to the ancient Biblical kingdom. This shirt is made from 100% ring-spun cotton for a comfortable and durable fit. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, you can show off the Lion of Judah in style.

This design is also available as a hoodie.

5. 14K Gold Star of David Pendant with Lion of Judah & Western Wall

King David, the first king of the line of Judah, moved the capital of the kingdom to Jerusalem where it would remain thereafter. This Star of David pendant, with its Western Wall motif and Lion of Judah symbol, encapsulates all of this Jewish history into one stunning design. Available in your choice of 14K yellow gold or white gold, this beautiful necklace would make a great gift for a bat mitzvah, an anniversary, or any other special occasion for that special someone who feels connected to their Jewish roots.

6. Roaring Israeli Lion Men's White T-Shirt

Another wearable Lion of Judah gift is this bestselling Jewish shirt, an exclusive design of Judaica Webstore. It boldly displays the verse from the Biblical Book of Amos in Hebrew "aryeh sha'ag, mi lo irah" (a lion roared, who will not fear), with a blue Star of David in the middle. Alongside the powerful line is an artistic depiction of a majestic, roaring Lion of Judah. This exciting design comes in 100% cotton for a breathable wear and a range of sizes for the perfect fit.

7. Sterling Silver & 9K Gold Star of David Lion of Judah Necklace

Surprise a special loved one with this sterling silver Star of David necklace, featuring a detailed and magnificent 9K gold Lion of Judah. The hand-crafted pendant is brimming with Jewish symbolism and is a strong message of Jewish pride. It would make an unforgettable gift for a bar mitzvah, graduation, birthday, or just because.

8. Lion of Judah Hand Painted Kudu Shofar

Here's a Jewish shofar like you've never seen before! This one-of-a-kind kudu shofar is painted with a white background and a Lion of Judah at the front, with an intricate lace design towards the base. Expertly crafted right in Israel, this Lion of Judah shofar would make for an incredible decoration in any home.

9. 14K Gold & Blue Enamel Men's Lion of Judah Diamond Signet Ring

This exquisite men's ring is made from 14K yellow gold with a highly detailed shoulder with a swirling pattern. Above that is a circle of white diamond side stones surrounding the majestic center: a gold Lion of Judah set with blue enamel. This finely crafted ring from Israeli design house Anbinder is a Jewish gift that's packed with meaning, style, and luxury.

10. Limited Edition Handmade Lion of Judah Ceramic Plaque

Handmade in Tel Aviv by the artisans at family-run studio Art in Clay, this lovely plaque depicts the Lion of Judah sitting on the ancient stone walls of Jerusalem underneath a pomegranate tree, holding an emblem of the Menorah used in the Holy Temple. In the blue sky above are the words "Yerushalayim / Jerusalem" in Hebrew and English, while the bottom of the plaque says "Gur Aryeh Yehudah" ("lion cub Yehuda"). This incredible plaque can be hung on a wall or placed in its accompaying stand, for a Jewish home decor piece like no other!

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