Shabbat BooksWhile Shabbat is considered a day of rest, it is also full of different rituals, including going to services at synagogue and prayers said before and after meals on Shabbat. From Friday night to Saturday night, we take a step back from our day to day life and enjoy a day full of spirituality and tradition. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep track of what is happening which is why we made this buying guide! Prayers in Judaism are in Hebrew, and if you don't know Hebrew so well, it can get frustrating following along. However, in Judaism you can pray in which ever language you understand best until you know Hebrew well enough. That is why we are happy to say there is at least one Hebrew-English edition in each section. Discover which special books you need for Shabbat prayers and why they are so important.


Siddur A Shabbat Siddur is what you'll need to get through synagogue services for both Friday night and Saturday morning. Shabbat prayers are longer than those said daily and these Siddurs have everything you'll need inside. Many Siddurs include commentary so that you can have read even more in-depth about what you are saying. Koren, the publisher of these Siddurs is one of Israel's most well known and best-selling publishers, often working with famous rabbis such as Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs to create incredibly meaningful Siddurs.

❤︎ We love the Koren Sacks Siddur for Shabbat and Festivals and the Koren Sacks Siddur - National Jewish Book Awards Finalist.


ChumashEvery Shabbat we read the Parsha of the Week, which tells a different part of biblical Jewish history from the Torah. While someone reads from the actual Torah in synagogue, you can follow along with your very own Chumash. Not only good for while being in synagogue, it is great to have at home, to practice reading or to study on your own. Some of the Chumashim come in a set with a Siddur or are combined in the same book, making it easy to bring with you wherever you might go for Shabbat.

❤︎ We love the Koren Talpiot Shabbat Chumash and this Decorative Shabbat Humash.


BirkonimJust as Kiddush is said before we eat on Shabbat, Birkat HaMazon- Grace After Mealsis said after we eat. Birkonim have everything you need to say Birkat HaMazon on Shabbat, during the week, over holidays, after a Brit or during Sheva Brachot at a wedding. If you are interested in singing Zmirot - Songs about Shabbat - many Birkonim have the words to the different Zmirot and when they should be sung. Saying Birkat HaMazon is just as important as saying Kiddush, making Birkonim an important item to have in your home.

❤︎ We love the Koren Shir Zion Birkon and the Birkon Mesorat Harav.