Shabbat has a number of traditions that we partake in every week. We start Shabbat off by lighting the Shabbat candles and before we eat Friday night dinner and Shabbat lunch, we make Kiddush over wine and say Motzi over Challah. We attend morning prayers or Shacharit at synagogue where we pull out of tallit and at the end of Shabbat, we say Havdalah to mark the beginning of a new week. Each Shabbat ritual requires a different piece of Judaica, like Kiddush cups, candlesticks, Siddurim, and more, and because Shabbat is a special and holy day, these Judaica pieces deserve to be something beautiful, something you look forward to using. Get everything you will need for Shabbat and be proud of what Judaica you have. Happy Shabbat shopping!


Shabbat Candlesticks

The way we bring in Shabbat is by lighting the Shabbat candles, which we elevate this action through gorgeous candlesticks. There is a huge selection of candlesticks to choose from that feature your favorite traditional and modern candlesticks, from inspirational classics created by the Israel Museum to contemporary favorites made by your favorite artists. Choose minimalistic design from Laura Cowan and ceMMEnt Design or something bold and colorful from Agayof or Yair Emanuel's flower candlesticks. Artists like Nadav Art combines tradition with today's style, as seen with his Neo and Nava candlesticks, for when you can't decide which style direction to go in. Even if you are away for Shabbat, we have travel sized candlesticks which are full of beauty for their size.  Don't forget to get some beautiful handcrafted Shabbat candles to light!

❤︎ We love Hazorfim's Comino silver candlesticks and Yair Emanuel's textured cylinder candlesticks.

Kiddush Cups

Kiddush Cups

Before eating Friday night dinner or lunch on Saturday, there is the tradition to say Kiddush over wine. The cup used is supposed to be something special which is how we end up with creative Kiddush cups! Choose between stemless and those with a stem, but all options are beautiful. Stunning sterling silver cups are always a favorite but if you want to add some color into your Shabbat, you might consider one of the anodized aluminum ones, such as this modern kiddush cup. Maybe you have kids or grandkids that join you at the table every Shabbat. Let them partake in the Kiddush action with their very own Kiddush cup that say things like Yeled Tov or Yeldah Tova for all the good boys and girls! If you love to invite guests every weekend or have a large family, check out the Kiddush fountains to make passing wine or grape juice around a whole lot easier.

❤︎ We love this anodized aluminum Kiddush cup and this Jerusalem gold highlights Kiddush cup.


Wine from Israel

As we have mentioned, wine comes about a few times over Shabbat, twice for Kiddush, once for Havdalah, and its the weekend so why not enjoy some wine! Many will choose a red wine for Kiddush but in the summer heat, you can always opt for a delicious white wine. The Golan Heights Winery is known around the world for its incredible wines, including Sion Creek Red or something from the illustrious Yarden wines collection. One wine that has been growing in popularity is pomegranate wine and it is not something you will want to miss out on! We offer sweet and semi-dry pomegranate wine that has a true taste of the holy land as pomegranates have been growing in Israel for thousands of years. Enhance your Shabbat every week with a fantastic bottle of Israeli wine for Kiddush and pure enjoyment.

❤︎ We love the Castel Grand Vin and the Gamla Sauvignon Blanc.

Challah Products

Challah Products

Anytime you make Kiddush, you know Motzi follows right after, which means delicious fresh and hot challah. Challah covers and challah boards pair together with the challah itself to represent the dew that protected the manna when the Jews were wandering through the desert. One can match their cover and board with a knife or get a challah board and knife set like this bamboo one, so that all you have to do is choose a favorite cover. Dorit Judaica's patterned and printed covers and boards add a pop of color to your table, as well as Barbara Shaw's bold challah covers. Go for something traditional with Hazorfim's beautiful silver and wood trays or something made out of wood like this board with copper pomegranates.

❤︎ We love this handmade ceramic challah board and this painted silk challah cover.



Shabbat is a holy time, and many take the time go to to synagogue at least for morning prayers or Shacharit. Everyone needs a Siddur to follow the prayers with and a Chumash for the Torah reading, and men need a tallit and kippah. In some circles, women also wear a tallit and kippah and there are plenty of stunning options for them as well, such as this multicolored musical tallit. To carry everything around, one might want a stylish tallit bag. Yair Emanuel has matching tallitot, kippot, and tallit bags for those who want a whole set made up just for them. Kippot and tallitot come in stunning colorful and modern options so that you can have a fresh look every Shabbat.

❤︎ We love this traditional blue and white tallit and this blue Stars of David kippah.


Havdalah Sets

Build your own Havdalah set or pick out one of our designer ones and you're set to end Shabbat with love! Havdalah includes saying a blessing over wine, smelling sweet spice or besamim, and a multi-wicked candle. You can choose a gorgeous Besamim holder like this enameled and jeweled holder, add a unique candle like this Jerusalem candle, and use your own Kiddush cup to create a one of a kind set for your Havdalah experience. You can also choose a special set like this modern Shraga Landesman set or this cylindrical Havdalah set from Yair Emanuel, just make sure you have a pretty candle! Safed Candle Factory makes beautiful pillar Havdalah candle and candles you can put in a candle holder, like this rope-like blue and white candle.

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem motif Havdalah set and this blue pomegranate ceramic set.